10 Reasons That Explain Why The Richer You Are, The Longer You Live

They (whoever "they" are) say that money can't buy happiness. Apparently, when people are referring to "they", "they" are probably the people that "they" are talking about. So, basically, society says that money isn't supposed to buy happiness. Ironically, that really isn't so, if you think about it. If you have a lot of money, you can buy yourself a new wardrobe, or even a facelift (if you don't like the way you look). Doing these things causes the opposite sex to be more attracted to you, leading them to want to date you, then (if your personality is equally appealing) you will most likely get married or at least move in together. Most people that are happy live longer.

When you have a lot of excess debt, that will put you in a highly stressful situation. Stress causes early death, so if you are debt-free, you are mostly stress-free, so chances are that you will live longer. You can also buy any house you want, live anywhere you want, and vacation anywhere you want. This leads to less thoughts of suicide, and a longer lifespan. Pets also help improve your lifespan, so you could go and buy just about any animal you want. Who hasn't wanted to own an exotic monkey with its own habitat in their backyard?

10 You Can Buy A Yacht to Sail Away From The Stress

9 You Can Fly Anywhere You Want To Go

If you have the money, you can afford to travel anywhere in the world. You can fly to Tahiti, take a cruise to the South Pacific, or head to Europe to find out about your ancestry. Any of these things would be a great way to get rid of stress (there it is, again!), and to try to live a bit healthier. You could even hire a private chef to cook your food for you, and not have to worry about fast food or eating unhealthy things while on vacation. You also would be able to hire someone to be your personal trainer, which definitely puts more years on your life.

8 You Buy Really Expensive Toys To Keep Your Mind Off Of Bad News

Bad news brings stress, and one of the best ways to avoid stress is to do something to get your mind off of it. You could play a musical instrument; such as a piano, a guitar or a set of drums to bang out all of your frustration. One problem with this, is if you have never learned to play these things, then it might stress you out even more trying to learn. If you end up buying something that doesn't need any lessons to learn (such as a pool table or a toy helicopter), then it could end your stress right away. Less stress is a gateway to living longer.

7 You Can Afford Expensive Clothes (Or Basically, Any Clothes You Want)

6 More Money Means Better Lawyers To Keep You Out Of Trouble

5 You Can Pay For Dental Care Or Just Buy New Teeth

4 You Can Purchase A Robot Or Hire A Maid To Do All Of Your Housework For You

3 Throw Awesome Parties To Attract More Friends

2 You Can Afford To Get The Best Insurance To Keep You Alive Longer

1 Just Freeze Yourself Until You Are Younger Than Everyone Else

Believe it or not, for only $200,000, you can freeze yourself using Cryonics to live longer. This doesn't actually seem like a lot of money to live longer, but it is not something that has been proven just yet. Right now, it is illegal to freeze someone who is legally alive, so if you have the money and your family wants to freeze your entire body (as long as just your brain is dead), they could throw you into a chamber and hope that the science is better in the future so they can bring you back to life. People believe that there is a fountain of youth, as well, so maybe you can find that when your sister brings you back from the dead in your cryogenic state.


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10 Reasons That Explain Why The Richer You Are, The Longer You Live