10 Reasons Older Women Are Better In Bed Than Younger Women

If the mom next door who drops off her kids at school in yoga pants has you wanting to become a peeping tom; if your chemistry teacher has you thinking more about naughty thoughts than chemical reactions; if hearing the term cougar gets your engines revved - you may have a thing for older women. Luckily for you, older women are notoriously good in bed and in fact can be said to be better in bed than their younger counterparts. Here are 10 reasons why older women will having you begging for more in the bedroom and why younger women just might not.

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10 Confidence

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When women hit 40, they come to the realization that they really don't care what others think. They've perfected their look, their style and their way of being, which gives them tremendous confidence. Women in their 20s and 30s are often still trying to gain other's approval and aren't as confident with their bodies or their skills in the bedroom. They may be timid to try new things, worried that they won't do it right, whereas older women know that life is short and even if you fail at a sex act, it can still be fun. Confident women definitely translate to more fun in the bedroom. Think of Samantha on Sex and the City and how she knows she is the hottest lady of any age.

9 They Take Charge

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When a woman knows what she wants, she also knows how to ask for it. Older women don't have time to mess around, if something isn't working for her, she'll tell you. If you aren't anywhere close to getting her in her zen place, she'll change gears for you. Older women also enjoy being on top and letting you lay back while she takes charge of her pleasure and yours. Because younger women lack the confidence to go for what they want, getting on top may only happen if you swing her around and get her there. Younger women don't tend to be leaders in the bedroom or outside of it, so if you are looking for a lady to let you lay back and tell you what to do, an older women is definitely it.

8 Experience

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With age comes experience and with experience comes perfected techniques, knowledge of how to make a man squeal like a baby piglet and just generally a good time. Ask yourself if you'd rather have the doctor who just graduated from medical school or the one who has performed your surgery hundreds of times? While sex isn't a medical procedure, knowing what one is doing because of lots of practice is definitely an advantage. Like a fine wine, women just get better with age.

7 Knowledge

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With all these years of sexual experience, older women definitely get extra points for knowledge. Whether they've had one partner or 40, older women know their bodies, men's bodies and how to pleasure both. While the young ladies may know about sexting and selfies, older women know about tantric sex and the basket weave. Don't know what a basket weave is? Date an older woman and you might just happily find out.

6 They Know What They Want

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Women over 40 know exactly what they want. With all this knowledge and experience, having been sexual beings for at least twenty years, they know what exactly makes them tick, scream and writhe. This means she knows exactly how to pleasure herself and how to show you to do it to her. More pleasure for her will definitely mean more pleasure for you. Younger women, on the other hand, are still in that learning phase and many may still be figuring out how to have the big-o. While it might be fun being a teacher, being a student definitely has its advantages. As with most youth, younger women think they know everything they need to know about sex and are sometimes taken aback when you want to do something new that she didn't realize could be done. Older women have been there, done that and either tried it or vetoed it. Either way, she gets what she wants and so do you.

5 Less Expectations

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One of the biggest advantages to sleeping with an older women is that they have less expectations for the relationship. If she is waiting for her prince charming to come, she'll let you know before you even step out on your first date. Younger women don't make their expectations clear, allowing their heart to get involved when it comes to sex, rather than just letting their bodies do the work. A booty call to a 20-something may end up in a stalking situation, whereas an older lady just doesn't have time for that kind of nonsense. They can easily distinguish between a relationship for sex and one that might go somewhere and they don't confuse the two. Many younger women partake in sexual relationships in the hope of getting a ring put on it, and find they are usually pretty disappointed when their neediness gets met with him finding a new back door lover.

4 Peak

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While men typically reach their sexual peak in their teens and young 20s, women don't usually reach it until their 30s and 40s. This means you won't hear "I've got a headache" from an older lady because she knows that good sex is known to get rid of that headache. Biologically, women over 30 have higher hormone levels, which increases her need for sex, which means you'll definitely get lucky more often and with more vigour. On top of that, many older women have figured out how to reduce their stress and after years of caregiving, have learned to take care of themselves. One of those ways could be sex, as a smart older lady knows that any release is a good release.

3 They Know The Importance

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As women age, they really refine what is important to them in their life. They get rid of the baggage of their 20s and focus on what makes them happy. Many women will devout themselves to reading, fine wine, friendships that don't make them crazy and to having regular nooky sessions, whether they do it alone or with a partner. Older women make sex a priority in their life, whereas younger women have other priorities and see sex as something to do, usually to get her man of the hour off her back.

2 Independent

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After age 30, most women are completely independent. They've advanced in their careers, drive their own cars and don't really need parents or a man to depend on. Being independent in life also means she'll be independent in the bedroom. If she wants you, you'll know it. There won't be all of those games that younger women play. Hard to get isn't a phrase in an older lady's vocabulary. She'll either shoot you down and you'll be a better man for it, or she'll let you in and either way you won't waste any time wining and dining a woman who has no interest in taking you back to her love den.

1 Comfort With Their Body

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Women in their 20s obsess over every little wrinkle, pock mark and spot of cellulite. They spend hours getting ready for a date and even during the act will wonder if her ass looks fat. This sort of mindset isn't very sexy for her or for you. Older women, on the other hand, have grown comfortable with their bodies and even if she is 10lbs overweight, she won't let that ruin a good time. Many women have body hate issues even though they look fabulous and your constant reassurance can get old and have you wanting to move on. Older women don't need reassurance and they don't worry about their hair getting out of place or their makeup running while in the bedroom. They just live in the moment.

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