10 Reasons Men Have Life Much Easier Than Women

It's not a secret that men and women are very different beings. We think differently, look differently, act differently and get treated differently. For some reason, each sex always thinks the grass is greener on the other side - women think men have it easier and men believe women to have it easier.

Numerous people have debated this topic countless times, and each being has a different opinion. Some believe women have it easier because they get can get away with speeding tickets or because it is easier for them to get into nightclubs. However, in the grand scheme of it all, there is no denying that men have it easier.

Although men have a certain pressure on them to provide and become a success, women have so many more pressures, including those men have. It is harder for a woman to break certain boundaries than it is for a man, and although society is becoming more open in regards to each sex, there are still certain things that just make life easier when you are a man.

The following is a compilation of ten reasons why men have it easier than women. If you still don’t agree that men have it easier, then maybe you should spend the day being a woman.


10 Men Stand Up to Pee

Men will never know the struggle of squatting over a dirty toilet at a gas station somewhere off the highway. Men are lucky enough to be able to pee anywhere; the world is pretty much their urinal. This is something that women actually envy about men, even though we won't admit it. To women, public bathrooms are often times a scary place and there is not one woman in the world that will deny thinking at one point or another “I wish I could pee standing up.” The only benefit about having to squat when you pee is the killer workout you get just by going to the bathroom!

9 It Takes Men Less Time to Get Ready


There is so much that goes into a woman’s physical appearance. Even the most natural women still need to do a lot of upkeep. Before going out on the town, most ladies tend to take significantly longer than men when it comes to getting ready. For men, all they need to do is shower, put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of shoes and they are off. Women on the other hand need to shower, blow dry their hair, straighten their hair, shave their legs, exfoliate, do their makeup and then get to picking an outfit. I don’t think men realize how much really goes into getting ready as a woman and if they did, maybe they would appreciate it more.

8 Men Can Pack Lighter

Have you ever gone on a trip with a man and realize that you literally packed 35 pounds more than him? Women have so much to pack, between our makeup, blow-dryer, straightener, heals, flats and outfit options, it is no surprise that women often pay that overweight luggage fee at the airport. Men have the luxury of being able to go on a trip for a week with just a carry on. All they need are a couple of shorts, a pair of shoes, a few t-shirts and some boxers. Men also have the luxury of being able to pack in less than 20 minutes, where women need to compile lists to be sure not to forget anything.

7 Men Have Less Expenses ie. Wax, Hair, Nails


Men are much lower maintenance and much less costly individuals, in general of course. Every few weeks women must get a manicure, pedicure, redo their roots, fix their eyelash extensions, do their eyebrows and some other things men don’t need to know about. Let's face it, it's expensive being a woman, which is why when a guy pays for the date, it is appreciated - chances are the girl has already dished out a couple of bucks before the date even began. Men on the other hand go for a haircut every few weeks and that’s pretty much it.

6 Men Have No Makeup to Take Off at Night

Not only do women need to apply makeup, at the end of the night they need to take the time to take it off. Men don’t realize that when a girl doesn’t take off their makeup they risk anything from an eye infection to irritated skin. Women also need to invest in good skin products and makeup removers, which can be fairly costly. The entire concept of having to apply and remove make up in a foreign thing to men and they don’t realize how easy they have it when it comes to looking good, they just roll out of bed sexy, so unfair!

5 Men Can Walk Around Topless


People see men walking around without shirts all the time and no one seems to bat an eye. However, if a woman were to walk around the city streets topless, people around her would most likely freak out. This is a topic that has been debated in numerous feminist forums and some believe that this is an example of sexism. As a woman, I do believe we should all be treated equally, however, I don’t think woman should be able to walk around topless for the sole purpose that it would be a distraction to drivers and would most likely cause numerous accidents.

4 Men Don’t Wear Bras

Men will never know the incredible feeling of taking your bra off at the end of the day, it is the one time of the day were time stands still and everything feels like it is going to be okay. The reason why it feels so good to take your bra off at the end of the day is because they are so damn uncomfortable. Yes, we as women get used to it, however, after a long day of being in a bra, you begin to get a little annoyed. The one thing worse than bras are strapless bras, there is seriously nothing more uncomfortable then a strapless bra.


3 Men Have Less Pressure to Look Good


Lets face it, when you walk down the street there are many more beautiful girls with ugly guys than ugly guys with beautiful girls. That is because most women don’t put as much emphasis on looks as men do. The media puts a lot of weight on both men and women looking good. However, there is no denying that there is a lot more pressure put on women. Women not only have pressure from society to look a certain way, they feel this pressure from men and even from other women.

2 Men Don’t Have to Go Through Pregnancy & Childbirth

Yea, yea, it’s the “greatest gift in the world” and all, but come on. It is so unfair that while women can’t drink and get fat, men are just chilling, going on with their normal day. For nine months, women have the blessing of carrying their child and having it grow inside them and then they have the honor of pushing these future brats out of their, well you know. Childbirth and pregnancy are both scary things to think of and the fact that absolutely nothing happens to men is annoying; most of the time they don’t truly realize what is happening until the baby is born.

1 Men Don’t Have Periods


Yes, I went there. This is, to me, the worst and most annoying part about being a woman. Let me break it down for all you men out there, having your period feels like you are being stabbed in the guts over and over, you get extremely bloated and you feel like your head might explode. Think I am done? Think again. During this incredibly irritating time, women also become raging psychopaths, moments of deep despair occur and women find themselves being highly emotional. Not to mention you are bleeding for 24 hours for a couple days. Pretty much the best things about being a man, is not getting your period.


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