10 Rehab Facilities For The Rich And Famous

At first glance, attaining celebrity status seems like a dream come true, a whirlwind of fame, fortune and more attention and pampering than you could ever imagine. But the stats on the devastating effects stardom have on many people cast a dark shadow on the world of pop icon status. Maybe some would have become abusers of substances as common people but there's no doubt the road to recovery would be much less glamorous without a fat bank account to pay for rehab.

These posh rehab centers have varying rates of success and most have amenities that sound more like offerings of lavish hotels and spas. The next time you indulge in recreational substances, keep in mind that where you may end up recovering will likely be much cheaper, with no cool people and no perks beyond a twin bed in a small room.

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10 Betty Ford Clinic

Via: billionaireaddresses.wordpress.com

Long before celebrity addiction was freely reported in the media, former First Lady Betty Ford established this Rancho Mirage, California clinic in 1982 after fighting her own battles with prescription drug dependence. Known more for a "tough love" approach than spas or tennis courts, this clinic, situated on 20 acres, surrounded by serene mountains, stresses self reliance and everyone has daily chores to perform. The Betty Ford clinic has one of the highest success rates for both celebrity and non-celebrity clients through inpatient, outpatient and day treatment programs. Notable graduates include Drew Barrymore, Bobby BrownAlice Cooper, Robert Downey, Jr., Kelsey Grammer, David Hasselhoff, Billy JoelStevie Nicks, Ozzie Osbourne, Elizabeth Taylor and Keith Urban. Price tag: Between $6400 and $66,000 depending on program type and length.

9 Caron Foundation

Via: Boca Raton, Florida

Located far from the West Coast where many celebrities make their home, the most famous of Caron's 10 centers, including 9 in the US and one in Bermuda, is in Wernersville, Pennsylvania and includes an onsite fitness center and gymnasium and dining facilities overseen by an executive chef. Offering a range of services from medical detoxification from drugs and alcohol to residential assessment and relapse treatment, Caron helped Steven Tyler, Liza Minnelli and former Miss USA Tara Conner get back on paths to recovery. Cost: $350 a day or around $8500 for a 28-day stay.

8 Cirque Lodge

Via: www.cirquelodge.com

With a view of the world famous venue of the Sundance Film Festival in Sundance, Utah, Cirque Lodge pampers its patients with Jacuzzi tubs, a ski chalet, fireplaces and even has a helicopter to take guests on a tour of the mountains to break the monotony of indoor luxury. New arrivals have to check all electronic devices at the door so they can concentrate on rehabilitation without the distraction of cell phones, notepads and laptops. Expensive jewelry is also prohibited. Former lodge patients include Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Mendes and Mary-Kate Olsen. Costing more than many people earn in a year, 30 days of treatment at Cirque Lode can easily exceed $50K.

7 Crossroads

Via: www.thefix.com

Founded by hard core rocker and guitar virtuoso Eric Clapton, Crossroads houses patients in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean ( Antigua) where the only distractions are endless beaches and spellbinding sunrises and sunsets and guests enjoy spas, acupuncture, private tennis lessons, and meals prepared by gourmet chefs. Rehab programs span conventional and holistic approaches such as yoga and meditation. Famous people who've found help at Crossroads include Colin Farrell, Billy Joel, Britney Spears and Whitney Houston. Program prices range from around $28,000 for 28 days and $36,000 for a six-week stay.

6 Hazelden

Via: www.startribune.com

Older than the Betty Ford Clinic, Hazelden started discreetly helping famous people recover from addiction back in the '50s at its Center City, Minnesota facility. Using a no-frills approach, the most indulgent amenity is spiritual counseling. Other luxury services include a swimming pool, fitness center, cafe, store, lounge areas, meditation room and lecture hall. Patients who don't prefer to heal in the frozen tundra can access outpatient services in various American cities, including New York City. Celebrities who've sought help from Hazelden include Chris Farley, James Frey, Calvin Klein and Robin Williams. The normal cost for outpatient addiction treatment is $10,000 and residential alcohol and drug rehab ranges between $20,000 to $32,000 depending on individual patient needs.

5 The Meadows

Via: www.zimbio.com

Covering every malady from mood and anxiety disorders and grief to sex, alcohol and drug addiction, The Meadows, with facilities in both Arizona and Texas, offers top-of-the-line rehab surroundings including breathtaking fountains, serene expanses of private beaches, tranquil outdoor surroundings that enhance yoga and Tai Chi therapy, and menus designed by an executive chef to improve physical as well as mental health. Most famous celebrity guests at The Meadows include Kate Moss and Tiger Woods. It costs around $1000 a day or about $34,000 for 35 days.

4 Passages

Via: www.stopheroin.net

This posh rehab center is a celebrity favorite although their success rate is not very impressive, with many famous people returning for treatment when they relapse. Stressing such homeopathic treatments such as massage, yoga and reflexology, this Malibu, California facility can only accommodate 12 clients at once in the 15,000+ square foot house. They also offer a media room, gym, private marble baths and a chef's kitchen, all for a hefty price tag of around $40K a month, which doesn't deter those in need from putting their names on a wait-list. Stephen Baldwin, Andy Dick, Mel Gibson, David Hasselhoff and Natasha Lyonne have all been guests at Passages.

3 Promises

Via: www.rehabs.com

Concentrating on getting sober through seaside relaxation, Promises sells itself as offering a stress-free vacation environment with programs in life coaching, anger management and even equine and art therapy. Clients are free to come and go at their leisure at the facility's Malibu and Los Angeles, California locations that offer gourmet meals, phone and Internet access, swimming pools and Jacuzzi, tennis courts and a garden and other meditation areas for silent reflection. At around $38,000 a month, celebs who've chosen Promises over a lavish vacation include Tim Allen, Ben Affleck, Andy Dick, Matthew Perry, Diana Ross, Charlie Sheen, Christian Slater and Britney Spears.

2 Silver Hills Hospital

Via: www.shorelinemagazine.com

Becoming one with nature is part of the Silver Hills Hospital program. The oldest and one of the most famous celebrity rehab centers, Silver Hills was founded in 1931 in New Canaan, Connecticut and has helped many famous people get back on healthy tracks including Billy Joel,  Darrell Hammond, Ben Affleck, Mariah Carey and Nick Nolte. The hospital is situated in the heart of over 60 acres of rolling hills, offers upscale amenities such as fitness and meditation classes, a gym, tennis courts, basketball court, an indoor swimming pool, billiards, ping-pong, yoga, massage, acupuncture, and Pilates, and the tab for services averages about $30,000 a month.

1 Wonderland

Via: www.rehabs.com

Often compared to a fairytale palace, Wonderland is nestled in the picturesque Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, California. Famous for oversized, high ceiling rooms with comfy, cozy featherbeds, other cushy accommodations include minimalist furniture, trails, exotic flora, gourmet meals, beauty and spa services, a gym, Wi-Fi, and two swimming pools. Their program selections include an option where a professional from the center shadows celebrities during their work days to ensure they stay on the straight and narrow. Notable celebrities who've wandered through Wonderland include  Mike Tyson, Christian Slater, Pat O'Brien, Michael Jackson. To overcome problems at Wonderland has a hefty monthly price tag of around $60K per month.

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