10 Outlandish Toddler And Baby Items From Posh Tots

Every parent is entitled to indulge when spending money on their little ones. The Posh Tots website certainly makes it easy to get the most unique and highest quality items for children. Owner Andrea Edmunds, founded Posh Tots in 2000. After searching tirelessly for unique and special items for her own children and being disappointed to only find generic items, Edmunds decided to start her own company. She, and her company, have been featured in magazines, national publications and many television shows. Her passion for the perfect and most exclusive pieces becomes evident upon looking at the main page of the Posh Tots website. Edmunds' photo shows a playful and whimsical side, and her company lives up to the idealistic dream world suitable for any child. Posh Tots makes these items accessible for the everyday mom and dad.

At Posh Tots, even though celebrities like, Beyoncé and Jay-Z and members of the Royal family own similar items to those on the site, it is also intended for every parent. Celebrities are known for going overboard on purchases for themselves and their children, however, if you are searching for that special something, you are inevitably going to discover it here. From pirate ships and cradles to doll prams and a fantasy bedroom coach, Posh Tots has novelty items to fulfill your most outlandish dream nursery desires. Although, these items are not necessities, they are certainly what will set your child's nursery, playground and accessories apart from anyone else. Below is a list of 10 of the most outlandish items Posh Tots has to offer.


10 Silver Cross Doll Pram $1,000


This baby pink and white, doll pram is most likely to make any little girl proud to stroll her dolls around the neighborhood. This is an accessory that many little girls on the block will beg to have for their dolls. It comes complete with a change bag, doll pillow and cover set. The pram is handcrafted, like it's larger counter part and has intricate detailing. It glides on a hand sprung frame. There is a beautiful rose hardware detail on the side of the pram. If your family has a small enough dog, there is no doubt that they will be given a ride in this most stylish mode of transportation.

9  9.  Jaylen Round Baby Bedding $1,190


It's no secret that celebrities tend to purchase high-end items for their children. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are no different. They incorporated a crib like this, Addison Floral Round Iron Canopy Crib, from the Posh Tots site into Blue Ivy's nursery. The detail in the bedding is inspired. With options in color, coverlet, bedding, tie backs, canopy linens and sheets, parents are able to pick out exactly what they want for their little prince or princess. A designer room isn't complete without the perfect bedding. This elegant and classic bedding is unquestionably an item that all of your friends would be envious of.

8  8.  Nautical High Chair $1,238

This is an accessory that will stay in your kitchen for months to come. Investing in a fashionable high chair for your little one will keep your kitchen or dining room looking chic and stylish. This nautical high chair is perfect for those who love navy blue and for obvious reasons, nautical themes. There is a toddler table, toy chest and accessories available to continue the theme. Showing like an antique or heirloom piece, with gold detailing, friends are sure to inquire where you found this treasure.

7 Alice in Wonderland French Toy Chest $2,970


Who wouldn't want their daughter's room to be filled with inspiration and whimsy? An Alice in Wonderland toy chest is an easy item to add to any child's playroom or bedroom, no matter what the theme. It is hand painted and %100 handcrafted from birch and alder woods. The light distressing gives this piece a vintage impression. Sending each toy on an adventure in Wonderland is one way to convince a little one to tidy up their toys before bed. Inspiring dreams of nightly voyages to a far away land, this piece is as beautiful to look at as it is to dream about.

6 Fairest Princess of All Twin  Bed $3,900

From cribs to "grown up" rooms, young girls often want their rooms to be princess inspired. What better way to transition to a big girl bed than transforming a baby room into a princess room with this twin bed? Pinks and purples turn this bed into a paradise fit for young royalty. A wall decal is available to complete the castle look.  This item is a must for a little princess oasis. Undoubtedly, little girls with this set up aren't likely to be looking to cuddle with mommy and daddy at night.

5 Silver Cross Balmoral Pram $4,400


It won't come as a surprise that the Duchess, Kate Middleton, has a Silver Cross pram for her son George. The Royal Family has been photographed over time with different Silver Cross prams. The Balmoral Pram is elegant, timeless and expertly crafted. Each carriage is adorned with a numbered plaque of authenticity with the craftsman's signature. The grey pinstripes are hand painted. Chrome accents and white tires complete this classic look. No matter if you are a celebrity or a suburban mom, you are bound to turn heads with this beautiful pram. Not only will you enjoy this pram for your children, but because of the expert craftsmanship, your family will enjoy it for generations to come.

4 Ornella Flowering Branches Chandelier $5, 639

There is no need to finish shopping for your child's room at the local lighting shop. Why would you when you are able to purchase a beautifully detailed and ornate chandelier like the Ornella? This chandelier comes in custom colors. It is the home for 17 light bulbs, Italian glass in 50 different colors and the base can be finished in: antique gold, antique silver, bronze, milky white, old gold and white. Adding the perfect imaginative touch to the finished room.


3 Dolce Notte Cradle $6,720


Hand crafted in Italy, this cradle is executed with precision. The scroll and leaf detail are intricately placed throughout the base of the cradle. The antique white finish adds to the sophistication of the piece, making it easy to discover each small unique feature. The cradle lightly rocks, providing comfort for the new arrival. With an elegant mosquito net included, you are able to bring your bundle of love outside while you enjoy the warm weather.

2 Gilded Fantasy Bedroom Coach $33,600

A small fortune to pay, however, one of the most unique and outlandish pieces that Posh Tots has to offer. This fantasy coach, which looks as though it came right from a fairy godmother herself, can be built around a twin or full bed. The gold trim and white finish accentuate the extravagant nature of the piece. The steps leading to the bed are elaborate, rich, contoured and feminine. Cinderella's coach turned back into a pumpkin, but not this extraordinary piece. If you speak to the design team they will be able to customize this already lavishly adorned coach. Of course this item is made to order. Your little princess will surely be utterly thrilled to call this carriage her very own bed.

1 Red Beard's Revenge Pirate Ship $52,000


This is no ordinary play ground, as this structure stands at an imposing 12 feet high, 18 feet long and 11 feet deep. Your child's imagination is sure to run wild with this play structure in your backyard. This vessel is handcrafted, with an upper and lower deck. The Captain's quarters boasts enough room for up to four seated adults. Windows and peepholes add up to a total of 17. The leatherette benches can also be used as sleeping bunks. This ship takes the backyard camp out to a whole new level. With a working door and waterproof recycled composite for a roof, mahogany and steam curved poplar planks, this play structure leaves traditional tree forts far behind in the ocean breeze. This is inevitably bound to bring children from all over the neighborhood, who want to discover what it's like to play in a real pirate ship.


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