10 Older Female Celebrities With Rocking Bodies

We have heard it all before: the metabolism slows down as we get older; meaning you need to work out even harder to look good (or look decent, at the very least). It all seems like such a daunting task, but somehow some of Hollywood’s most glamorous actresses have managed to keep up their stunning figures well into their fifties, sixties and even (you guessed it) seventies. Most of the vivacious women on this list are undoubtedly natural beauties, but they also work hard and eat healthy in order to maintain their age-defying bodies. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the most fabulous older female celebrities that Hollywood has to offer, who have all managed to keep up an absolutely rocking body.

10 Michelle Pfeiffer

At age 57, Michelle Pfeiffer is the epitome of someone who ages so gracefully that it must be a crime. The former Catwoman and Dangerous Minds star can still dazzle a crowd with her slender figure and long blonde locks, which is backed up with some pretty amazing talent. How does she do it? Well, Pfeiffer is a vegan who believes in lots of exercise. It really is impossible to believe she is playing a grandmother these days, such as in Dark Shadows, so maybe this vegan thing is worth a shot? To look like Michelle Pfeiffer at 57, it might be worth it.

9 Angela Bassett

The beautiful and talented Angela Bassett may not always get the recognition she deserves, but that hasn’t stopped her from looking like a million bucks at the age of 57. The What’s Love Got to Do with It actress toned up for her iconic role as Tina Turner, but it seems that the muscle tone (with those fabulous shoulders) have kept up with her all these years. Even when playing a witch or a three-breasted woman on American Horror Story, it’s hard not to see the beauty that shines out in all of Bassett’s scenes.

8 Julianne Moore

The talented red-head Julianne Moore, finally nabbed an Oscar for her work in Still Alice, which was long overdue. While she may not have received all the accolades she deserves, the one thing that people do notice about this beautiful redhead is that she somehow keeps up an amazingly slim figure. If you are wondering what her workout routine is, in 2013 Moore told Health Magazine that she does Ashtanga Yoga three times a week and that she does light weights with a trainer. She also watches her diet, but doesn’t mind indulging in a dessert or two once in a while.

7 Sandra Bullock

51 year old, Sandra Bullock’s career has taken many high (Gravity, The Blind Side) and low (All About Steve, Forces of Nature) turns, but the one constant is that the Academy Award winning actress still knows how to work the red carpet. How does she do it? Bullock keeps her age-defying looks by doing a combination of strength training and cardio exercise. The beautiful brunette is known to incorporate Pilates, kickboxing and weight training. Fit and ever still so stunning, the star shows no signs of handing back her crown as one of America’s sweethearts anytime soon.

6 Sigourney Weaver

5 Demi Moore

This question is truly a head-scratcher: how could anyone bring themselves to allegedly cheat on Demi Moore? At 52, the G.I. Jane actress still manages to stun the crowd. Heck, she even stunned the internet by posting a selfie of her bodacious bikini body. That takes guts, but if you have the body to back it up like Moore does, why not? Like some of the others on this list, the former Mrs. Willis works out regularly, doing such activities as yoga and Pilates. She also partakes in a raw vegan diet, which consists of eating organic vegetables, green juices, smoothies and soups. She also eats nuts, greens and seeds that are heated below 118 degrees, which raw vegan devotees believe preserve the vitamins and minerals.

4 Madonna

At age 57, singer and actress Madonna is still going strong, thanks to a body that still allows her to perform at a breathtaking pace. Of course, it really isn’t a surprise that the Material Girl is still in tip top condition; she has a history of dedication to diet and exercise, which includes a macrobiotic diet and exercising about two hours a day. A typical workout includes weights, cardio, yoga and Pilates, with a little spin class thrown in for fun. The Evita star shows no signs of slowing down, and she probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

3 Goldie Hawn

In Death Becomes Her, Goldie Hawn’s character found a potion that gave her everlasting beauty. At age 69, it seems that the still young-looking actress might have found one in real life. Hawn first gained attention as a slightly dressed go-go dancer and cast member of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, where she often jiggled about with different messages painted on her body. She looked good then, but even at 69, Goldie Hawn still knows how to turn heads. Recently seen out and about with her still admirable figure, the First Wives Club star and Oscar winner is as bubbly and fit as ever. She will probably still remain that way at age 79, 89 and even 99. If she did take that potion, pass it along, please.

2 Jessica Lange

Though some people believe that Tootsie star Jessica Lange has had work done, it is impossible to deny that the 66 year-old actress can still manage to wow a crowd when she shows up on the red carpet to one of her many, many awards shows. Perhaps that is why she can play so many sexpot characters on American Horror Story, so convincingly. Not too many people can pull off a powder blue pant suit while singing a David Bowie classic, but Lange is not just anybody, and managed to look quite stunning while she entranced the audience. The graceful aging paid off big in 2014, when Lange was named the face of Marc Jacobs cosmetics, an announcement that got full approval from Twitter.

1 Jane Fonda

It shouldn’t be any secret that Jane Fonda still looks terrific at 77; the Grace and Frankie star has devoted a portion of her life to diet and exercise. The two-time Oscar winner even had a series of aerobic videos that started in the 80s, which sold over seventeen million copies. Fonda took a fifteen year break, but then came back to the game with two more DVDs that were aimed at an older audience. Seeing her walk down the red carpet is enough to make us want to up our exercise game to look half as good in our 70s.

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