10 of the Worst Places to Ever Have Sex

Couple Making Out

There is something thrilling about having sex in exotic locations. However, there are certain boundaries that even the most adventurous lovers should not cross. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you feel as though you need to have that person instantly. However, there is a little thing called self-control, which we should all exercise once in a while. Some public locations are extremely exciting to have sex in, however the following locations are far from ideal. Although many people have had sexual relations in the following locations, that does not make it okay. The following places can lead to dangerous consequences, which may not be worth the risk. These ten locations are by far the worst places to have sex. They are either illegal or disrespectful or just plain stupid. Some of these locations can even lead your lady to downstairs infections, which no one wants.

The next time you are turned on in one of the following locations, think about what can happen. In today's society, our generation is so oblivious when it comes to taking risks that sometimes the risk is far from being greater than the reward. There are plenty of fantastic places to have sex, and only a few bad ones, these next ten are the ones to stay away from.

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10 Parents' bed

The idea of having sex in your parents' bed should be enough to turn anyone off. Your parents' bed is the place where well, your parents have sex. Although you may not find it weird, I am positive your partner will feel uncomfortable rolling around on the bed where your father sleeps. Many rebellious teenagers have had sex on their parents' bed but this is usually paired with teen angst and defiant behavior. No respectable adult thinks it is appropriate or polite to have sex on his or her parents' bed. It's a form of immaturity and shows a lack of respect.

9 At School

School can sometimes get so boring. Those long nights at the library and three hour lectures can lead your mind to dirty places. Although countless people have had sex at school, it is not the most intelligent idea. Sure there are locations on campus that are acceptable to have sex like the dorms but public areas can be very risky. First off, there are cameras in most common areas of schools, which can lead to you unconsciously starring in your very own porno. Secondly, the risk of expulsion is frankly not worth it. Many students have lost scholarships and have been expelled for getting caught doing the deed at school and I can assure you they would all tell you it wasn’t worth it.

8 Grandparents' house

Your grandparents' house should be the least erotic place for you. Everyone associates certain smells with their grandparents' home, all of which are far from being a turn on. There is certain sacredness when it comes to grandparents and their homes and sullying their freshly-pressed sheets can be extremely disrespectful. Many people have done this and felt extremely guilty afterwards. Grandma and grandpa’s is probably the least sexy place to get it on. There is a certain innocence and nostalgic feeling about being there and to tarnish that is really not recommended. If you are about to have sex at your grandparents, think about how they would feel if they walked in on you, which should be enough for you to stop before it goes too far.

7 At Work

Many of us have experienced the difficult temptation of working with someone who you are sleeping with, or want to be sleeping with. Office relationships are extremely risky and must be approached with caution. Having sex at work sounds extremely hot, but if you are caught by an authority figure it could lead to your termination. Sometimes the risk is much less than the reward and this is a perfect example of such, no matter how great the temptation, just wait until you leave the office or better yet go do the deed somewhere else. The only way that it is somewhat acceptable is if you are sleeping with the boss because he or she won't fire you for it.

6 Train Tracks

Just walking on train tracks can be exhilarating so imagine having sex on them. However, train tracks are hands down one of the stupidest locations to ever have sex. Every Shameless fan recalls the recent episode where Frank and Bianca have sex on train tracks and as she is climaxing the train passes and they barely skim death. In reality it would be much more difficult to get away, especially if the train is coming. The idea that you could die if you aren’t quick enough is enough to make any girl turn around and walk away. A little bit of danger and excitement is one thing, but cheating death to get laid is just not worth it.

5 Public Transportation

Public Transportation is probably one of the most unsanitary places you can find. Not only are busses and subways dirty and smelly but they are also the least private place ever. Yes, having sex in public places can be exciting but there is a limit. There is a fine line between sexy and dirty and public transportation is that line. Many people have been kicked off busses and other forms of transportation for indecent exposure and while that may not be the worst thing, it is pretty embarrassing. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being on a bus while two people have sex…can you say awkward?

4 At a Club

Nightclubs are tricky places. There are gorgeous women parading in skimpy outfits everywhere you look, there is an abundance of alcohol and incredible music blasting. The dark lighting makes everything sexier and it comes as no surprise that numerous people have gotten turned on and had sex in nightclubs. Although many people have done it, doesn’t mean it is acceptable. There is nothing trashier than people having sex in the open at a nightclub, for both men and women. Clubs are dirty, loud and crowded and there is nothing that is positive about having sex at one. This is the kind of location that can lead to having a bad reputation.

3 Pool

Movies promote having sex in pools as one of the most erotic and stimulating locations. However, in reality, sex in a pool is not fun. Water being pushed into a lady's parts is not the best idea. According to many researchers, having sex in a pool and even a Jacuzzi has a high risk of leading to infection. Apparently it is not the water that is the issue, it's the chemicals in the water. Pool water, which contains salt, chlorine and bacteria, can lead to both infection and irritation. This is a perfect example of a bad location to have sex. There is nothing less sexy then getting an infection after doing the deed.

2 In Church

Having sex in a church is extremely risky and something many people have actually done. However, having sex in a church or any other place of worship is seen as extremely disrespectful, however the disrespect hasn’t stopped many from doing it. Although the idea of having sex in a church may seem like a risky and exciting location, in reality it isn’t. Even if you are not religious, church is not a sexy place; the smell, the environment and the pictures of God everywhere don’t exactly set the mood. Not only is church one of the least romantic places to have sex, it can also lead to bad karma. Remember what they say, God sees everything.

1 On a Cop Car

As fun and even funny as having sex on a cop car may seem, it is probably the worst idea ever. Having sex on top of any car can be extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant; having sex on top of a cop car is just plain stupid. Doing the deed on a police car can get you into a lot of trouble including being arrested. I mean having sex in exciting places is fun, but is it really worth having a criminal record over? Policemen are often not entertained when they find a couple of idiots having sex on their car, which usually leads to a large fine or charges. So if you are planning on taking the risk, just know what you can be getting yourself into.

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