10 Of The Most Rebellious Royals

The royal monarchs have always struck a fascination with society; everyone wants to know what goes on behind the walls of their extravagant homes, and more so in their bedrooms. Most people believe that royal families are boring, snooty and high maintenance; although the latter may be true, that does not mean they are immune to a rebellious nature and scandalous lifestyle. With the introduction of E! network's new show The Royals, the fascination with the monarchy has sparked again. Set to premiere this March, the show is already being slammed for its “elaborate” take on what royal life is all about. However, when you look into the history of many royal families, the scandals in the show are not too far off from the scandals they experienced in real life. The rebellious streak of many family members has made its way to the tabloids and usually backed up by photographic evidence. Like every family, the royals too have to deal with that one person who wants to do things their own way; even if their way includes public love affairs, blackmail and even tax invasion. From a Prince who married a topless model, to a Princess who dared to challenge the normalcy of her royal life; here are 10 rebellious royals with stories scandalous enough to make you come back for more.

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10 Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, Duchess of York

The Duchess of York caused herself a great deal of grief after her much publicized separation from Prince Andrew. Throwing on her rebellion cap, Fergie wanted to get away from it all, so she took a little trip with her boyfriend John Bryan (while still married). Needless to say, things took a slight turn when she was photographed sunbathing topless and having her toes sucked by her new man. Behind closed doors this would be okay, however in public for the world to see, well that just ticked our HRH Queen Elizabeth II who reportedly banished Fergie from the Royal household. This was not the last we had seen of rebellious Fergie; she recently tried to make a deal with news organization News of the World, giving them access to Prince Andrew in exchange for cash; rebel rebel.

9 Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

A lover of underwear models and dating scandalous women, the heir next in line to the throne of Denmark was once a playboy, wild child who loved a good party. Known for his bevy of women which included a Danish pop star and a few models, Frederik was no stranger to scandal, hanging out with topless women on his boat and never intending to settle down. He was a favorite with the ladies, although whomever he brought home to mother, Queen Margrethe II, was not good enough. However, his party boy, rebellious ways got old even for him and he has settled down with a wife and a few kids, including a set of twins. Congratulations to the women who could tame this lady killer.

8 Princess Caroline of Monaco

Daughter to actress Grace Kelly, Princess Caroline of Monaco never followed the royal rules; in fact, she probably broke them all. Her rebellious streak began at 21 when she married a “French playboy” who was much older than her. Needless to say, this did not last. She went on to have 3 more highly publicized relationships. This included a French actor who liked to urinate in public, and a married Prince; Prince Ernst of Hanover. When the affair went public he tried to break up with her but she was already pregnant (out of wedlock). Prince Ernst ended up getting a divorce and he and Caroline ended up getting married; although, they are now reportedly estranged. Caroline just can’t seem to kick that rebellious streak.

7 Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

6 Prince Albert II of Monaco

Mr. Scandalous, Prince Albert II of Monaco rocked the world with his bad boy behavior in 2006, when he revealed that he had an illegitimate daughter with a commoner. After denying the child for years, Prince Albert addressed the scandal publicly and announced daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi as his child, and welcomes her presence in his life. This was shocking since only a year before, Albert acknowledged a first illegitimate child in 2005, a son named Alexandre. In addition to two illegitimate children, Albert has been wrapped up in scandal after scandal which does not really apply to the royal way of life. However when you are 56 years-old, you are not really interested in what the public thinks anymore.

5 Prince Harry of Wales

One of the most recognized members of a royal family, Prince Harry of Wales is no stranger to scandal. Two of his most notable scandals include a 2002 disgrace of admitting to smoking marijuana at the age of 16 and being sent to a rehab facility. A few years later in October of 2005, Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi Officer to attend a Halloween party where several photos were taken of him. Harry has also been in bar brawls; a video that showed him referring to someone with a racial slur and that infamous Vegas naked photo debacle. However truth be told, Harry may never be King so maybe he is trying to live it up.

4 Prince Carl Philip of Varmland


Royally known as Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Varmland; the prince broke protocol when he introduced his family to fiancee Sofia Hellqvist, a former glamour model. Now the term glamour model means something slightly different to Europeans; as in lingerie model or a topless model. Not your average royal wife-to-be; in the media she has been called everything from stripper to nude model and is currently working hard to maintain a royal image. However, that image is easily overshadowed by her stint on reality show, Paradise Hotel, where she was stuck in a hotel with 5 men and 4 women to see what scandals could take place. Prince Carl does not seem to be phased by his fiancée’s past and appears to enjoy doing things out of the norm. After all, he would not have that bad boy title if he did not push the limits every once in a while.

3 Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Eugenie of York must get her rebellion from her scandalous mother Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Although radical behavior has been displayed from both her father and her mother, Eugenie has paved her own way when it comes to less than normal royal behavior; this includes regularly ditching her royal guards, partying like a boss and taking secret trips overseas. Eugenie is only 24, so we can chalk it up to being a young adult; we will see what happens when she gets a little bit older and broadens her horizons. However, this is not the standard approach when you are part of a royal family; it has been reported that she is more down to earth then her grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, would like.

2 Princess Stephanie of Monaco


Princess Stephanie has had a trying time; she has 3 kids by three different men, two of whom were said to be her bodyguards at the time (isn't that grounds for dismissal?). Her last child Camille, is not in line of succession to the Monegasque throne because Stephanie refused to marry the father or even name who he is on the birth certificate, which remains blank to this day. Stephanie might look innocent but she has wrapped herself in a rebellious cloth; in addition to having three illegitimate children, she once ran away with a circus ringmaster and elephant trainer and at one point, also decided to leave a beautiful mansion to live in a mobile home with her children and new beau in order to travel with the circus. She was dubbed “trailer park princess”. No words were ever so spot on.

1 Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon


Dubbed as the original royal rebel, Princess Margaret was rebelling against the monarchy beginning in her early 20’s. Getting involved with married men, surprise marriages and a very apparent hedonistic behavior; Margaret did not shy away from anything that may have put a ding in her royal reputation. She lived without fear and with rebellion, simply because she knew that there was a slim chance that she would ever rule. Beginning with an affair with her father’s equerry (a married man), smoking, drinking and partying in public and getting married only to get a divorce and rock the Royal world, Margaret always played by her own rules.

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