10 Of The Most Popular Abs In Hollywood

When it comes to Hollywood bodies, nothing says drool like beautiful chiseled abs. Pair those abs with some dimples, a pair of baby blues or a killer smile and you might just die and go to heaven. Wit

When it comes to Hollywood bodies, nothing says drool like beautiful chiseled abs. Pair those abs with some dimples, a pair of baby blues or a killer smile and you might just die and go to heaven. With so many gorgeous candidates to choose from, this list was difficult to compile. How do you capture all the hotness in one list?! It’s almost impossible, but at least it’s fun to research. This list showcases some of the male celebs not only with the hottest abs, but with the best overall package from abs to smile, face, eyes, hair and overall body tone. Grab a tissue and get ready to drool because these hotties will definitely make you sweat.

10 Pauly D


Pauly D has a killer body, there is no doubt about it. His perfectly sculpted body is only made better by his deep tan and perfectly coiffed hair. Not to mention his beautiful pearly white smile. Pauly D has a great combo of killer abs, stellar pipes and an overall great look. It is clear that this Jersey Shore hottie works his butt off at the gym. Proof that GTL does a body good!

9 Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner may play a werewolf in the Twilight franchise, but there is nothing scary about his sexy bod. Except the fact that most of us could never look like that if we tried. Taylor's got the goods, and his overall boyish charm, good looks and out of this world muscle tone charm the ladies and make the lads jealous. His abs are now his trademark and are part of what helps him keep his job and status. Producers wanted to re-cast him at one point for an actor with more muscle definition. But Taylor showed them by getting buff. Really buff.

8  8. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds appeared shirtless in The Green Lantern and audiences drooled over his amazing bod. Most of us have fallen in love with Reynolds at one moment or another, whether it be because of his killer bod or his killer sense of humor. Reynolds is like a fine wine and only gets better with age. Not only does he have a killer set of abs but he is absolutely gorgeous. He has great skin, beautiful brown eyes and boyish good looks that make you feel like he is your next door neighbour. That is, if your next door neighbor was almost perfect!

7 Cristiano Ronaldo


Whether or not you are a soccer fan, Cristiano Ronaldo can make just about anyone want to tune into a soccer match. Ronaldo has a penchant for going shirtless and driving audiences mad with his gorgeous body. Not only is he perfectly sculpted, but he's actually a pretty great soccer player, too. Handsome and athletic!? Cristiano has been dubbed soccer's "Bete Noir" and "Soccer's Perfect Vilian" because of his boastful ways and over abundance of confidence. But, who can blame him?!

6  6. Bradley Cooper


We've all seen him in the movies, with his perfect smile, happy eyes and the most adorable laugh. Bradley is hilarious in The Hangover trilogy and his acting chops have earned him an academy award nomination. Bradley Cooper is not only uber talented but fit as a fiddle. To top it all off, Bradley has the most adorable smile, beautiful sparkling eyes and hair to die for. All in all, he is one fine specimen.

5 Channing Tatum


Have you seen Magic Mike?! If so, then you understand what I am talking about. Channing Tatum looks absolutely shredded in the movie, where he plays the role of a stripper. If you haven't seen it yet, you probably should. Channing performs numerous hot and heavy strip routines throughout the film. What makes Channing so hot is that, not only is his body rock hard, but he can dance as well! He has some killer moves as showcased in films like Step Up. Channing is so drool worthy!

4 Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey's abs are epic and are definitely a part of his trademark. It's almost like his abs get better and better every movie he stars in. His perfectly chiseled body is so rock hard that you could do laundry on his chest. He is almost always sporting a perfect golden brown tan that offsets his blond hair and blue eyes. His penchant for going shirtless doesn't hurt either. His overall charm and relaxed attitude make him that much hotter. His workout routines include swimming, surfing and playing with his dog! To top it all off, McConaughey proved that he's got some serious acting chops with his recent Academy Award for best actor. Now here's a man who has got the full package!

3  3. Joe Manganiello


Joe Manganiello plays a werefolf on HBO's racy series, True Blood. There must be something about werewolves because he is the second one to grace this list. Look at his body. It should be illegal to have abs like that. Mangiello has played in various television shows like, How I Met Your Mother and ER. He also played opposite Channing Tatum in the drool worthy film Magic Mike. Joe definitely has the whole looks, body and talent combo.

2  2. David Beckham


David Beckham is gorgeous and in many ways, he is the player who made soccer popular in America. His boyish good looks, amazing body, awesome style and wicked tattoos make him drool worthy to men and women everywhere. Girls want to date him and boys want to be him. He is officially an international sex symbol and the cutest father out there. David Beckham definitely deserves a comfortable spot on this list.

1 Zac Efron


Zac Efron exploded onto the scene and into our hearts with High School Musical and it seems like he keeps getting hotter. Have you seen him in the recent comedy, Neighbors?! He is absolutely stunning with his blue eyes, boy next door good looks, perfect skin and teeth and a deep masculine voice that can make a girl weak in the knees. On top of all that, he has a body to die for and abs that are rock hard. Seth Rogen also recently admitted his appreciation for Mr. Efron's good looks and stated that "Zac Efron is incredibly handsome. He's the sexiest motherf***er on the planet". We we obviously won't disagree with that, Seth!

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