10 of the Most Annoying Things About Being in Your Mid-20s

Your twenties are some of the most amazing years of your life. In your twenties you begin to understand life on a deeper level and for most of us, it is when our life truly begins. Although being a 20-some-year-old has a lot of benefits, there are a lot of things that can be extremely annoying about reaching that 25 and over mark.

Your early twenties are a breeze; you are legal to drink around the world, you are probably still in school and you begin to acquire more responsibilities. However, when you turn 25 most people begin to feel like an adult. There is a shift that occurs between early twenties and mid-twenties, most of the people around you are beginning their lives which makes you wonder what the F*** you are doing with your life.

For some hitting that mid-twenties mark is a wake up call, for others it is an excuse to just party even harder. Regardless of where you are at 25, there are certain inalienable truths that you are unable to avoid. The following ten points are probably the most annoying things about reaching your mid-twenties, however, like everything else in life, there is a silver lining.

Many say your twenties are the last truly amazing years of your life, but for some they are the first amazing years. Don’t let anyone, society included, tell you where you should be at what age. Everybody is different and whether you need to do an extra semester of school or whether you need to plan a wedding, you are exactly where you need to be.


10 Getting a real job

By the time you reach your mid-twenties you are expected to have found a “real job.” What I mean by real job is that it is no longer seen as acceptable to work 15 hours a week at Forever 21. Your mid-twenties is when you need to start making actual career choices. I am not saying that the job you get at 25 will be the job you keep until retirement, but you should be looking for jobs that you can grow in and learn from. This is the time to take risks with your future - if you don’t do it now, chances are you probably won't ever.

9 Family asking why you are still single


In your mid-twenties, if you are still single, your family begins to butt into your love life. They start asking why you are single and although family is amazing, they can also be extremely annoying. Your grandmother, aunts and mother will start telling you about these “nice boys” that they know somehow and are almost insulted when you refuse to meet them. Being single in your mid-twenties is actually normal in today's society, however many of our older family members find that hard to believe, especially since most of your friends are paired up. Don’t sweat it, attend all weddings with a plus one and it will give them the illusion that you are in love.

8 Your parents stop paying for things

Once upon a time, when you wanted something, anything, your parents would give you money for it. As you get older, the amount of money your parents give you begins to dwindle down. Reality really hits when you graduate or get a full-time job. That's when it is your turn to take care of yourself. Some people are lucky enough to have trust funds and others and lucky because their parents will still help them when needed. However, for many over the age of 25, paying bills becomes a dreadful reality. This is the time to start saving for the future or you will be living paycheck to paycheck by the time you are in your thirties.

7 You start gaining weight


There was a time when you could eat whatever you wanted, French fries, ice cream, candy. You ate whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted it and for a while you remained the same size. By the time most of us hit 25, our body no longer looks as good as it once did. The reality is by the time you hit your twenties, working out becomes a necessity to most of us. If by 25 you are still eating the same way you did at 16 without working out, chances are you aren’t even close to fitting into your prom dress anymore. It is so important to take care of your eating habits as well as working out regularly, so that your body gets into the habit at a young age.

6 You are no longer one of the “young girls” at the club

There was a time when you are your friends were the “young, hot” girls at the club. Sneaking in with your fake ID’s and talking to men who had no idea how young you actually were. Now, when you walk into a club, you don’t feel young anymore. It's almost as if your time has passed and it is now up to the juniors to take over. This is just the circle of life…embrace it. This doesn’t mean you still can't go out and have a killer time, it just means that there is a new generation making their appearances in the club.

5 Friends are getting engaged


It's as if every time you open Facebook or Instagram, someone else you know is getting engaged. For many (women especially) this can be frustrating, especially if you are single. This is not something you should be alarmed by; in fact this should not affect you at all. Everyone is given different paths in life and for your newly engaged friends this is the time for them to be getting married. This should not annoy you as much as it should make you feel grown up. Seeing that guy who once grabbed your ass at a high school dance engaged is a weird feeling. Seeing your loser ex-boyfriend get engaged and married is even weirder, but you need to remember that your time will come, all you need to do is focus on yourself.

4 Friends are having babies

First comes love, then comes engagements, then the weddings, so naturally the babies come next. Seeing your friends become parents is one of the most bizarre things that will happen to you in your mid-twenties. Their life and your friendship with them changes drastically (sometimes for the better). It is no longer about cocktails and doobies but instead “hanging out” consists of endless rounds of peek-a-boo and extremely smelly diaper changes. However, if you are a true friend, a child is just another person to love. You need to understand that your former partner in crime is now responsible for another human being and you need to help these new parents adjust, because as hard as it may be for you, it is 100 times harder for them.


3 We are expected to be mature


This is one of the most annoying parts about getting older. People actually expect you to act like an adult, when just a few years ago you were fighting with your parents about curfew. The line between young adult and adult is very fine, it is almost as if you wake up one day and suddenly you are expected to view the world like a grown up. “Being young” is no longer an excuse to not have your shit together - at 25 it is not cute to have daily fights with your parents or friends. At this point, you are expected to know how to communicate without reacting like a child, however, some people never seem to learn that.

2 Hangovers

There was once a time where you were able to go out drinking almost every night and not feel the slightest bit of pain the next day. When you reach you mid to late twenties those days are over. You begin to learn what a real hangover is, and you start to hate drinking, but you still do it because, well, it's awesome. Now a late night of drinking is when you are up past 2 am and since you no longer sleep until noon, waking up for work at 7 am after a night of pounding shots is less than an ideal situation.

1 Our conscience kicks in


Remember when you would make-out with whoever you wanted? Remember when you would get wasted and bring havoc to the world around you? Once you reach your mid-twenties those days feel like a distant memory. With age comes responsibility and maturity, for most of us that is. Once you reach this point your conscience begins to kick in and you start to make more thought-out decisions. The younger you are the more you can get away with. For example, a child can get away with more than an 18-year-old can and an 18-year-old can get away with more than a 28-year-old can…these are just the annoying facts of growing up.


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