10 Of The Kindest And Most Unexpected Celebrity Gestures

With so many people making fun of celebrities and how much money they make, sometimes it’s easy to criticize, and we occasionally overlook the fact that they are real people, too. Although there are some famous people out there who (once they make it to the top) “forget” where they came from and don’t treat other people with respect, there are quite a bit of celebrities who have done more than just write out a check to send to their favorite charity. These people have gone above and beyond what is expected of them, and we should at least give them kudos for these random acts of kindness that they have portrayed.

Many of us have heard about Tom Hanks taking pictures with his fans, or Bono and his never-ending search for world peace, but how many of us know about the restaurant Jon Bon Jovi owns? He has his own bistro in New Jersey; where customers only pay what they can afford. Visitors can also volunteer at his restaurant, and can work in the kitchen instead of paying for their meal. Did you know Shia LeBeouf spent his 26th birthday in another country working with kids who were disadvantaged, and Kate Winslet even pulled a 90 year-old woman out of a burning home while on vacation? It’s nice to read about the celebrities who are really making a difference in this world.

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10 Christian Bale


The actor who plays Batman does more than just play a character in a movie; he is also a caring and thoughtful man in real-life. Christian Bale has been noted for his short temper while filming, but he is a pretty down-to-Earth guy, according to several sources. He doesn’t seem to want anyone to “see his softer side”, when he goes out of his way to assist people. In 2012, after a terrible shooting in Colorado, Christian immediately flew there to be by the side of the victims. He did not want a lot of publicity, and there were very few cameras present.

Just a little while later, Christian heard about a young boy who was fighting Leukemia, that was a huge fan of the caped crusader. Christian paid for Four-year-old Jayden Barber and his entire family, to fly out to Los Angeles, along with taking them all to Disneyland. Christian spent the entire day with the child and his family, and surely it is one day that they will not soon forget. Sorry, Christian, the secret’s out. You really are a nice guy.

9 Angelina Jolie


8 Mo'Nique


Actress and comedienne Mo'Nique, is known for making us laugh on the big screen, as well as the smaller screens in our home. It is difficult to read about the horrible abuse that she had incurred when she was younger, but she has not forgotten what she went through. Mo'Nique has given a lot of her earnings to women’s shelters, but one stands out more than the others. Mo’Nique threw a party for My Sister’s House (a company that provides housing for abused women in children), giving the ladies the red-carpet treatment; including clothing and makeup for the event. When the party was over, she gave away scholarships, along with grants to the women who participated in the program from the shelter.

7 Oprah

Apparently Oprah misses giving away cars on her show, so she has now taken to giving away other things via Twitter. When a reader of one of her many magazines, Essence, had mentioned to Oprah about how much she liked a dress that she had been wearing on the front cover, Oprah immediately “Tweeted” back, letting the fan know that she could have it. The nice gesture seemed to have “made” the reader’s day, since the next Tweet states that she had been “sitting alone in sadness” before that had happened.

6 Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has had a lot of controversy over the last few years. He started out his career at a very young age, and he rose in popularity extremely quick. It wasn’t long before he was known for his partying and spending his fortune on fast cars, and most people wouldn’t even know about how he does take time for his fans on occasion. While visiting the Apple store, one of his many teen fans ran into him, while she was with her friend. Justin then proceeded to buy phones for both the fan and her friend.

Justin doesn’t just buy expensive gifts for his fans; he also cares about them, as well. In 2012, Justin found out about six year-old Avalanna Routh; who was a big fan and was dying of brain cancer. She wanted to marry him, so he paid for her and her family to fly out to New York to meet him, and spent the day with her on Valentine’s Day.

5 Tom Cruise

4 Keanu Reeves

Even though the majority of what Keanu Reeves has done involves money, it is not the same thing as just “writing a check to charity.” Keanu donates millions to charities around the world, but refuses to accept recognition for his monetary gifts. He also gave a Harley Davidson motorcycle to everyone in the stunt crew of The Matrix, and also gave away almost $75 million to the sound effects crew on the second and third movies of the trilogy, to make sure that everyone was paid fairly. Keanu has also made sure that certain people are able to appear in his movies and has taken massive pay cuts to ensure that people like Gene Hackman and Al Pacino, have their parts in his movies, as well.

Keanu has a sister who is fighting cancer, and takes care of her on a daily basis. He is also known for having meals with the homeless, and getting to know the people instead of simply giving them money.

3 Dave Grohl

If you are not a fan of the Foo Fighters, you just might be after reading about all of the things Dave Grohl has done for his fans (and the general public). According to Spin magazine, there is an entire page related as to why Dave should have the title, “The nicest guy in rock.” This includes leaving thousands of dollars as gratuity for only one drink at a hotel, chatting with fans after a show, and sitting in as the drummer during a Cage the Elephant concert, when their drummer was unable to perform. Dave loves his fans and wants to make sure that people get their money’s worth when they are attending one of his concerts. While performing in Sweden, Dave fell off of the stage and broke his leg. Instead of being rushed to the hospital (like most people probably would), he had the paramedics put a cast on him, on stage; while he sang and played the guitar. Talk about dedication.

2 George Takei

For the few of you who don’t know who George Takei is, he played Captain Sulu on the original Star Trek series. He is currently an actor, director, writer, activist, and lends his voice to many cartoons that are on television. When he isn’t acting, writing, directing, or isn't on Twitter or Facebook posting funny and uplifting memes for his fans, he is still trying to help people. It is said that he was scheduled to be in a press conference, but one of his very young fans was too sick to be there, so he decided to go two hours early in order to sign a doll for the child.

1 Johnny Depp


It seems like Johnny Depp would be way too busy to spend as much time as he does helping people, but the actor has a heart just as beautiful as his face. He has been known to dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow and go to hospitals to visit sick children. Johnny is also an animal activist; he bought a horse that was going to be put to sleep that was in one of his films. During a mugging, Johnny defended the victims and went out of his way to make sure they were not injured. He even gave the mugger some money to “straighten up his life,” instead of trying to hurt people. When the mugger realized that it was Johnny Depp, he replied, "I ain't stealing from Captain Jack."

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