10 Of The Corniest Proposals Ever Caught On Tape

There are many ways to ask someone to marry you and this Valentine’s Day weekend; there is surely going to be a whole lot of “Oh My Gods,” and “Yes” going on. Today, proposals are a big elaborate ordeal. Seriously, the woman asked will probably be just a little disappointed if she’s not surprised and there isn't a great deal of effort made, so these things take a whole lot of planning. But, there’s a fine line between incredibly romantic and ridiculously corny. Here are ten proposals that walk the fine line.

Some of these proposals, which while big and corny, aren't at all unique and have been done by hundreds of men, in public places with large crowds of people. Several of these proposals took place in New York City landmarks and others, in the Second City. One man even popped the question underground in a location that has a lot of meaning to the couple, but most people would probably find dark and unappealing.

Here’s a tip- Only propose in a public place if you already know what the answer is going to be because who wants to be rejected in front of a large group of people? That would be really embarrassing and probably not end the way you had anticipated it would. But the truth is that is doesn't really matter how corny a proposal is, as long as it’s done from the heart, and there’s a nice piece of overpriced jewelry involved, the person asked will probably say yes, emphatically.

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10 In A Subway Tunnel


“Some people choose the top of a mountain; my fiance chose the bottom of a tunnel.” In 2014, Adam Meagher popped the question to his girlfriend Carolyn Grossman, under the unfinished Second Avenue Subway line in New York City. While most people would find this the least appealing ever place to tour, never mind be proposed to, but for the lifelong New Yorker, it was perfect. Carolyn was completely fooled, thinking the camera crew was there to get footage of the subway stop. Adam even got down on one knee in the mud to ask. Carolyn said, “Oh my God, 100 percent.” She might have entered the tour wearing a hardhat, but she left wearing a ring.

9 A Real Housewife's Daughter


Kara Keogh, the daughter of Jeana Keogh, who was one of the original Real Housewives of Orange County, had a pretty corny proposal, especially since her now husband is NFL linebacker, Kyle Bosworth. He asked her on the beach and after she said yes, something only Mother Nature could arrange happened. She Tweeted the story, “Right after I said ‘Of course’ a giant wave came and crashed over us. If that isn't an affirmation, don't know what is.” Despite the cheesy engagement, the wedding was anything but, with the bride in a beautiful pink Mark Zunino gown.

8 An Engagement on Ice


The ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center is a great place where many people have gotten engaged, much to the joy of an onlooking crowd. The idea is so popular, the rink actually offers three packages. The Silver Package costs $350 and lets skaters bypass the line, have the couple’s favorite song play during the proposal and a rink-side champagne toast. For $500, the Gold Package comes with everything the Silver Package does, but also champagne flutes and a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. And for those who want to go all out and spend $1000, Rockefeller Center will give you a whole bunch of gifts including roses, and a Five-Course Tasting menu at either Rock Center Café or The Sea Grill.

7 Yankee Stadium


As they say, "home plate is where the heart is." There are two ways to get engaged at Yankee Stadium. On non-game days, you can arrange for a private tour and pop the question privately, or on a game day, you can always ask on the left center-field scoreboard (it’s only $10) or on the Pepsi Fan Marquee (for $100), but that’s a whole lot of pressure to say “yes.” Even if the Yankees don’t win, the proposal will. And true fans can even have their wedding and reception at the stadium on the field.

6 Taco Bell


Yes, you can get engaged and even married at Taco Bell. Rob Poetsch, a Taco Bell spokesperson, told HuffPost Weddings the company has “some of the most dedicated and passionate fans, and from time to time, they ask us to host weddings and other special events.” He also said the company is flattered “to be part of [our fans'] lives this way.” They even make special sauce packets that say “Will you marry me?” and “Why say no when you can say yes?” And there’s even a packet that says, “You have chosen wisely,” to spread on a delicious post-proposal taco.

5 In A Hot Air Balloon

To the soundtrack of Imagine Dragons' On Top of The World, Adam pulled out a giant Tiffany & Co box with a pair of red shoes. Each shoe had a post-it note on the bottom, with the first one saying, “Will you marry me?” and the second one saying “Your Answer Here.” Then he took out a Tiffany ring box and popped the question to Anna. She said “yes,” and with a view from a hot air balloon on that beautiful day, they really were on top of the world. Luckily, neither one of them was afraid of heights. That would have been a big “no!”

4 With A Flashmob in Times Square


Paparazzi Proposals is a company that organizes and photographs unique and often cheesy, proposals. One proposal they did involved hiring a flash mob (apparently, there are companies you can hire which organize flash mobs) in Times Square, when Pavlos wanted to propose to his girlfriend Toni, in a once in a lifetime experience. This proposal was incredibly corny for two reasons- the location being one of the corniest places on Earth and seriously, what could be cornier than a flash mob? The flash mob dancers even held up a sign that said “will you marry me.” Of course, she said yes.

3 With A Flip Book

Most people flip out when they’re proposed to, which is why Rodney asked his girlfriend to marry him with the help of a flip book, at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. She told the story to How He Asked,

"Rodney proposed to me at the Lincoln Park Zoo lights festival. It was absolutely freezing but he insisted that we bundle up and go anyways. Right in front of the big light display, he turned to me and told me he needed to give me my Christmas present. I remember thinking “Seriously, right now? Are you crazy?” but he insisted and showed me a flip book. It was perfect because I had to take my gloves off to flip through it and I got the end, he pulled out the real ring and asked for my hand…."

2 As A Musical


Kris and Lauren-Joy met online. On Monday, September 15th, Kriss picked up Lauren-Joy at work with a Town Car, drove her home and told her she had 30 minutes to pack for a night on the town. They drove in style to the restaurant where they had their first date and then to a brand new musical. The musical was about their lives and told their love story through skits, songs and quotes, performed by their friends and family. At the end, Kriss went down on one knee and asked Lauren-Joy to be her wife. Lauren-Joy said “absolutely”!

1 On The Weather Channel

Meteorologist Kim Perez didn’t know the forecast was calling for love on December 28, 2009, when she gave her report live on The Weather Channel. Suddenly, her boyfriend, Police Sargent, Marty Cunningham came to interrupt her and said “We've been talking about this for a long time, and I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Suddenly, the weather map turned into a love-themed graphic, Cunningham got down on one knee and popped the question. Hopefully the happy couple didn't experience any rain on their wedding day.

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