10 Of The Best Lovers In Hollywood

Love is in the air. What makes a great lover you ask? Well, it depends. If you ask a woman that question, you are likely to get the spiel about give and take, emotional intimacy, being totally in the moment, being confident (not overly), playful and so on. If you ask a guy that same question, words like wild, animal, crazy and passionate are often bandied about.

With that being said, Ben Affleck gets kudos from the likes of Star Magazine because he surrounds the bed with flower and gives massages. Rocker Courtney Love gets the nod from Blur bassist Alex James, because she is "wild". And that serial man about town John Mayer calls Jessica Simpson sexual napalm. See what we mean about most guys? It's a 'men are from Mars and women are from Venus' kind of thing. Nonetheless, here are 10 Hollywood celebrities who are reportedly dynamite in the sack. And this according to both their current or former lovers.

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10 Lindsay Lohan

Okay, we know Lindsay Lohan has had her ups and downs. In London to do a stage play last year, she reportedly ran around a department store butt naked, giggling. The word uninhibited comes to mind. A real wild child. According to The Daily Mail, Lindsay penned a list of all of her 36 celebrity lovers while out on a drinking spree with friends. Reportedly, the list included Colin FarrellJustin TimberlakeThat 70's Show star Wilmer Valderrama and British actor, Calum Best. Both Valderrama and Best have vouched for Lohan's passionate performance in the sack. The English critics were not so kind when commenting on her stage performance, using words like "adequate". We think things have improved (a little) for Lindsay. At one point film makers took out incarceration insurance on her, just in case she got locked up while shooting a film.

9 Robert Pattinson

Star Magazine has given Rob Pattinson high marks in the sex department. In fact, they say no one else on their list get higher marks. Why? Well, apparently (pay attention guys), he is focused and in the moment and (wait for it) eager to please. Maybe there's even a post-hook up massage or two thrown in. Meanwhile, his main squeeze, English singer FKA Twigs is on tour and wowing them Down Under, strutting her stuff on stage in a black corset and see-through harem pants. We bet Rob misses her and the outfit. We wonder what's going on with those two behind closed doors? And what of Kristen Stewart? Well, The Mirror has run a juicy story about KStew and a new . . . girlfriend. Watch this space.

8 Charlie Sheen


If you had to make a list of Hollywood A-List lovers, bad boy Charlie Sheen would be right up there. The adult film star, Bree Olson was part of a threesome, one of Charlie's live-in goddesses, about the time he was fired from Two and a Half Men. The former Penthouse Pet has said that Sheen was sexually enticing and a rock star in bed. One look into those big brown eyes will tell you that -- and more. Olson has credited Charlie with being a good influence on her during their time together. Who'd of thunk it? Charlie wasn't exactly broken up when she left his mansion in 2011. He Tweeted something about "accepting applications". Bad boys, rock star lovers just grow older, but not necessarily wiser.

7 Jessica Simpson


6 Tom Cruise


Okay, we know what you are going to say. Tom Cruise? Well, it's not just anybody saying he was an amazing lover. It's Cher. Cher of many marriages, affairs and dalliances with wild rock stars and the like. If there's a sex expert in Hollywood (Lindsay and Charlie aside, maybe), it's got to be Cher. And she has gone very public in saying that her 80's lover was a real Top Gun in the sex department. And this coming from a woman who claims to have bedded the likes of Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando. We get the Presley thing, but Marlon? Tom was in the "Top 5". Apparently no word on who Number One was. We should mention that Cher is some 17 years older than Tom. She was clearly a pioneering Cougar.

5 Angelina Jolie


Remember when she was a wild child? 20-something, having sex in the back of limos with hubby Billy Bob Thornton? And kissing her brother the way she did while cameras clicked away. She was a passionate, some say kinky, lady. Apparently, she is still going strong, or wild, or whatever. According to a man who should know, one Mr. Brad Pitt, she is still a bad, bad girl. Rumors of Brangelina sex dungeons and wild antics behind the waterfall of their pool abound. It's nice to know that the woman who was honored with an honorary damehood by Queen Elizabeth for her humanitarian efforts, is not all work and no foreplay.

4 Steven Tyler


Before his face started looking like a caricature of itself, or worse some say, a demented witch doctor, Tyler was the hunky front man of  rock band Aerosmith. Back then, he had a 70's bad pretty boy kind of vibe about him. The former Idol judge is apparently smoking hot in the sack. Former Aerosmith groupie and an ex-lover of Tyler's, Michelle Overman, says he was the best lover. Not just the best, but absolutely the best. Apparently, Tyler and other ageing rockers lament the day when they didn't even have to make an effort to get hooked up. Groupies were (sometimes literally) standing in line awaiting their big moment. Alas, no more.

3 Gerard Butler

If we tell you you are going to feel sorry for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, would you believe us? No? Well, listen to this. She has gone very public saying that she had a brief hook-up with hunk Gerard Butler. According to our Brandi, the Olympus Has Fallen star was an 11 out of 10 in the sack. Apparently, Butler didn't remember the encounter, at least at first. He finally admitted to Howard Stern that he had slept with her. Maybe he should have stopped there, but he also blurted out that he hadn't even remembered her name afterwards and did not know she was "famous". That's a kind of double"ouch" moment for our blonde reality personality. He did say it was a "one-afternooner" and that she was every guy's favorite, a really wild girl.

2 Courtney Love


Wild, sexy rocker Courtney Love was famously and sexily married to fellow rocker, Kurt Cobain. Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. The couple did it all in great excess, and not necessarily in that order. Since Cobain's death in 1994, she has been paired with a number of men. Now at 50-something, she has cleaned up her act and continues to write and perform. And her sex life? Well, according to Blur bassist Alex James, she is (here's that favorite male word again) wild in bed. Why doesn't that surprise us one little bit? She just has a very, very bad girl thing going on.

1 Ryan Gosling


Star has made it official. Gosling is a sizzlingly hot lover. In fact, he's reportedly amazing in bed. Why? Something to do with being in the moment and laser focus on what's happening. Sounds a bit like hard work to us. The Crazy Stupid Love star has what it takes, we think. A sexy clean cut, boy next door type. Former co- star Emma Stone has also praised him for his kissing technique. And to top it all off, he is apparently a really nice guy. Gosling and partner Eva Mendes have recently welcomed a baby daughter, Esmerelda. Rumors that the two are having problems have been waved away.

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