10 Naughty Christmas Stuffers You Must Get

Christmas is upon us, folks! With it comes the music and festive decorations, as well as the amazing cold that enters your lungs and makes you feel like you're freezing from the inside andout! Needless to say, I love winter.

But during these cold and dark months, it's also the greatest moment to get closer to your partner. It's the season of hugs and kisses, ugly sweaters and the sexy lingerie it hides underneath.

When we think about Christmas, a lot of us think about gifts. An old tradition which is still practiced today is the placing of a stocking over the fireplace - or anywhere convenient - and fill it with multiple small gifts. Usually, I'd receive lipsticks and random toys. But what we've been wondering about, at TheRichest, is what could you possible put in these damn stockings (mine was Donatello from the Ninja Turtles, by the way) to make it more... interesting?

That's why we've come up with a top 10 naughtiest Christmas stuffers you can put in these stockings. From coupons to sex toys, here's a list of ideas that could potentially spice up your Christmas Eve much more than these ugly reindeer sweaters seen just about everywhere this time of the year...

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10 Kinky Lingerie

via www.fashionmodeldirectory.com

This one is more for the ladies, though it usually interests the gentlemen too. Given its small size, a few pairs of bras and panties could fit inside stockings. Lacy, silky, transparent lingerie could considerably spice up your Christmas Eve!

You can choose to buy more conventional undies and go into lingerie shops, or you can always stop by your adult store and see what they have in stock. From crotch-less panties to transparent onesies, you can get your hand on anything that you fancy.

9 Vanilla Bondage Kit

via http://realtraditions.com/

Has your partner read 50 Shades of Grey and has since been wondering about what it would be like to dwell in the light-BDSM world? Or maybe she didn't read it, and she's just into it. Or maybe it's you. Well, I have an interesting idea for you: the Vanilla Bondage Kit by Pure Romance. This ice cream-like box contains soft, vanilla-colored restraints and a blindfold. It's a perfect start-up kit.

When it comes to trying new kinks, why not an invitation for watching new kinds of explicit videos, trying new positions, visiting a swingers' club, etc. Everything is possible, after all.

8 LELO Adult Toys

via www.trbvis.com

Of all the toys in the world, why do I recommend the LELO? Well, these are terribly cute. But that's not it: LELO is a company that really wants their toys to be durable and of great quality. The material will never become nasty and they are always rechargeable, so no need for batteries.

Also, they have toys designed for any possible situation and position, either for women or for couples. Though their prices are higher than most vibrators, LELO's quality is also higher. It's a great kinky gift that will fit into stockings.

7 Homemade Love Coupons 

via pinterest.com

If you've been wondering how you can spice up your intimate life with your partner for Christmas (or anytime else during the year), the Love Coupons are for you! These sexy gifts are given to one person who can use these little cards or papers on the giver any time they want, and receive whatever the coupon says.

Here, we've got as an example a coupon for a full-body massage, but much kinkier ones exist. If the concept interests you, you can buy these in pretty much any adult store, print them freely out of Pinterest, or do your own.

6 The Dice Game

via ebay.com

Have you ever wanted to put your night with your partner in the hands of Chance? Well, it is possible! Light the candles and take off your pair of sexy dices, and get ready for some fun!

The sexy dice game is pretty simple: one dice will tell you which action to do, and the other will specify the body part. There are degrees of kinkiness to these dices, from quite innocent to the hot and heavy.

When it comes to table games, believe or not, but there are plenty of those which take a much more adult turn than Monopoly. A quick Google search will show you all the possibilities, and they are often available to buy from online providers to your local adult store.

5 Kamasutra Kit

via www.drugstore.com

There are many books about sexuality. No matter your preferences, you can find a book that might open your eyes about things that range from BDSM to triolism. And these books are small enough to put into Christmas stockings, too.

But we all know that the real deal when we think about kinky books is a little something class Kamasutra. The product pictured above might be a little too big for a stocking, but it sure makes a nice gift! The Kamasutra Get Away Kit is a small and re-usable bag that contains lubricant, dust, a candle, a cream and a body souffle. It's perfect to bring along with you on a trip, with your copy of the world renown book.

4 Lubricants And Massage Oils

Classic and always welcomed. Lubricants make great gifts for your partner and yourself because they can add a little something to your intimacy. It may only be the smell, but it really does add sensations; make you more sensitive, that sort of thing. Your local drugstore has a small selection, usually, but it's always better to go into an adult store to get more variety. Remember to always use water-based ones!

When it comes to massage oils, the selection is huge. A great massage, with a great oil, can turn you on much more than most would think. Especially if it's done with sensuality and a bit of teasing. Massage oils can be bought in spas, adult stores, and other places too.

3 Candy Undergarment  

via www.amazon.com

You love food? You love being kinky? You'd like to mix both? Well, it is possible with edible undies! Pictured above, you have one of the models: hard necklace candies that we used to eat as children; now put together into a thong. Plus, the box is small enough to fit into any stocking. It's an interesting, kinky gift.

If hard candies isn't your thing, there are other models that dissipate when licked. I recommend a Google search to find exactly what you're looking for, or go to your local adult store.

2 Love Perfume

via www.sunbirdperfume.co

I've seen these in adult stores, mostly, but the Internet is a place where you can purchase love perfumes with a barely a Google search required. These perfumes are thought and designed to put you and your partner in the mood. It plays with the pheromones of your body and the smell makes both of you frisky.

I wouldn't recommend wearing it in public, unless you're looking for a passionate night with a stranger.

1 The FiFi 


We don't often hear about male sex toys, beside the famous flesh light. However, Whizworx LLC has brought us this interesting toy for the gentleman. You see, it's close to a flesh light and yet not. The FiFi is a tube wherein you insert a textured sleeve in which you insert your male member. It comes with 10 disposable sleeves and costs around $10.

The product has nice reviews and seems to be quite enjoyable (almost like the "real" thing, I read) if you use enough lubricant, or it could be painful or difficult to use. And one of the best thing about it seems to be how "un-messy" it is to use. Finally, this makes a great naughty gift in your stocking.

Sources: www.pureromance.comwww.thefrisky.com

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