10 Natural Things You Can Do To Boost Your Libido

Relationships can be contingent on a lot of different factors to run smoothly. You need to be assured that as strong of an emotional connection as there is, there is also a strong physical connection. That is because there is perhaps nothing more critical to a healthy relationship than a healthy sex life.

Sexuality should be a topic of confidence for you and your partner and something that is discussed comfortably. Everyone has different preferences, both in terms of what types of sex they enjoy and frequency.

If you and your partner have libidos that seem not to match up, you owe it to each other to be able to talk about the issue and how it makes you both feel. Some relationships may feel like while there was once a strong physical connection that it has decreased over time. This decrease can happen for a variety of reasons, but can lead to a significant issue in your relationship and in how you view yourself.

Some relationships may be struggling because while there is a physical connection, you are suffering from a lower libido than you would like. It can be frustrating to know you should want to have sex with your partner, but there is no spark.

There are however several natural ways that you can increase your own libido and as a result, hopefully re-ignite a spark in the bedroom without taking any pills or medications that you may feel uncomfortable with. The techniques can range from things you eat, to different ways that you take care of your body. The sexier you feel about yourself, and how you view your partner, the healthier your physical relationship will be.


10 Eat Chocolate

As if we needed another reason to eat chocolate! Chocolate, aside from being delicious and making you happy because it's chocolate, is also known to contain a chemical known as phenylethlamine. Despite not making an appearance on Breaking Bad, I have confirmed that this chemical does in fact exist. The chemical is known to stimulate a sense of excitement as well as overall well-being. Chocolate also contains methylxanthines (ooh sexy!) which is known to make you more sensitive to touch. Plus, how do you give somebody chocolate and not automatically put them in an outstanding mood? And if they reject you, then you still have chocolate! Really, no way to lose with this one.

9 Increase Your Self-Confidence


Nothing is sexier than somebody wanting to be wanted. As you increase your own sense of self, you may find your sexual relationship improve. You can achieve a higher sense of self-confidence through several activities. This is includes but is not limited to working out or doing things to increase your own health, but also can be achieved by focusing on what you are passionate about. Self-confidence can also lead to you feeling more assertive, which can lead to an overall benefit in the bedroom. It is also hopeful that if you are working out or engaging in positive hobbies, your partner may also start to engage with you over the new hobby which can help foster bedroom activity. In contrast, there have been links between depression or stress in your own life and how it can negatively impact the bedroom. The more positive you are feeling about yourself and your relationship, the stronger your sexual bond will be.

8 ONE Glass of Wine

Now, it is very important to remember that it is one glass of wine, and not one bottle! Nothing says romance like making sure you stumble to the toilet before making your way to the bedroom. Not to mention that no matter how spicy of a night you have, a hangover is a sure-fire way to make sure that your libido is in the tank for at least the next 24 hours. One glass of wine on the other hand, helps set the mood and can help ease any tension or awkwardness. Red wine specifically also contains polyphenols which can widen blood vessels, leading to an increased blood flow to areas that are critical for intimacy.

7 Make Sure You Are Well Rested


Call me crazy, but my form of foreplay is not some solid yawn action. A lack of sleep has been shown to lead to a reduced amount of testosterone in males. If you are constantly suffering from a lack of sleep, you may find yourself more irritable and as a result generally less sexy then if you were properly rested. On the flip side, if you are well rested you may find that you have the energy to expend some cardio with your partner. Make sure that you value your sleep, because without proper rest you have the potential of negatively impacting several areas of your life.

6 Eat Oysters (Or Other Aphrodisiacs) 

There are several foods out there that are known aphrodisiacs and will increase your libido. Oysters are one of the more popular aphrodisiacs due to the fact that is one of the more common foods that is contains zinc. Zinc helps regulate testosterone in the body, which is critical or maintaining a healthy libido. For men, zinc can also help increase sperm mobility and overall sperm count. For women, zinc helps regulate estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Plus, oysters are a little bit slippery, so if you are able to successfully get it into your mouth, you land some serious brownie points.

5 Experience Some Adrenaline 


Time to scare yourself into a healthy sex life! Perhaps not exactly, but there has been a link between adrenaline and a healthy sex life. While the adrenaline may only last for the duration of any activity, it can help invigorate you in the bedroom. Similar to keeping things new and exciting in the bedroom, 'living life on the edge' might make you feel more energy and enthusiasm towards your partner and their libido. Professional athletes may often find themselves on the higher end of the libido spectrum due to the extreme amount of adrenaline that they experience on any given week. For example, the Olympics in London, 2012, reportedly gave out 150,000 condoms to the athletes. This eclipsed the 100,000 condoms given by Tokyo in 2008

4 Do Yoga

Nothing says a healthy sex life like being able to relax. The more stress you carry throughout your life, the less energy you will have and less attractive you will feel. Yoga can be incredibly beneficial as it requires the individual to slow down, take a deep breath and relax. Yoga has been known to lead to a clearer mind and promote better blood flow throughout your body, including to the areas below the belt. Combine that with some increased flexibility and a higher level of self-confidence and it can be easier to see the benefits of yoga. If you start to create a link between a good yoga session, and solid intimacy at home, it will only further the increased libido.


3 Be Hands On


Sexual intimacy does not have to be limited to intercourse. The more hands-on you are with your partner, the more comfortable you may feel having things lead to the bed. In some relationships that are struggling, you can often notice other areas of affection that are lacking. This effect can be increased if done spontaneously. You are not going to feel desired by your partner if you cannot remember the last time they kissed you with passion and held you close. Even smaller elements like making sure you hold hands on the couch or getting a nice cuddle on, can do wonders for not only increasing frequency in the bedroom, but making you increase your own sense of confidence and sexuality.

2 Eat Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is an herb whose leaves are often extracted to make different forms of medicine. Gingko can be hugely beneficial as it contains elements that help counteract some effects of antidepressants which many people need to take that harm their libido. Gingko is also known to largely promote blood flow to an individual's brain which can lead to an increased sexual libido. Along with the brain, blood vessels throughout the body should also expand more as a result of the Gingko. Gingko has also been used widely as a cure for impotence in men in contrast to a solution such as Viagra.

1 Stop Smoking


Smoking tobacco comes with several side effects. One of the side effects may be that it can harm your libido. I know we have all seen the classic movie where the gentleman fixes the sheets, and then pulls out a cigarette after some afternoon delight, but if he continues smoking, that cigarette may be coming out less and less. Smoking can also work as a sexual detractor because kissing someone who has recently smoked can be less than desirable. If I am turned off, it is going to make any sexual experience unrewarding, regardless of how often we are able to be intimate.

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