10 Moves She Yearns For More Than The "Missionary"

There are so many intimate techniques and position out there, and with that can come a lot of really awful ones! Lucky for you, we can sift through all the twisted limbs and hone in on some of the best positions for you.  Focus on these ten bad boys if you’re looking to impress or pamper a lady in your life.

Everyone has their own preferences, their own go-to moves that feel comfortable and reliable. Those are great. But it’s also good to mix it up. Trying different positions can bring you closer to your partner, and you also have the opportunity to find a great new move to add to the repertoire. The bigger your catalogue of tried-and-true moves, the fresher your sex will be from night to night.

We’ve compiled a list of ten heavy-hitters that focus on her. Now, there’s no reason for you men to start worrying. They’re sex moves, after all. And since they’re sex moves, they’re bound to feel good for everyone involved. These moves incorporate elements that aren’t always present in a move like the Missionary. Sure, it’s an undeniable classic, but it’s also an overused standard. Try some of these and see if you can’t bring even more satisfaction to your number-one woman.

10 Speed Bump

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Starting things off right with a little stack action. How does this one work?

The woman lies down (best bet for this one is probably the bed) on her stomach. The man enters her from behind. Then you get after it. All the skin on skin contact means things will heat up quickly, but no one will last long in this position.

9 Manhandle Her


Maybe you both decide to hop in the shower at the same time. Or maybe you can’t get enough of each other as you start prepping your dinner-time meal. Either way, if you’re looking for some standup action, manhandling her is a great way to take care of your woman in all the right ways.

8 Against the Wall

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No sense in excluding this one when she’ll like it just as much! For this position you’re both standing up. Instead of going back-to-front, the two of you are facing each other. It’s another great move for surprising her with some “anytime” passion.

7 Edge of The Bed

Word on the street is this position will get her well on her way to euphoria.

The man sits on the edge of a bed to start. Your feet should be on the floor. Then the woman can climb onto you, sitting on your lap as you enter her. The bed is a good place for this because she’ll be able to rest her feet behind you. It works best when you grab her hands to steady her. Feel free to support her with your hands in whatever way makes you both feel secure in the position.

6 The Spider

It’s really more like “the crab” but that doesn’t sound very appealing at all, does it? We didn’t think so.

5 The Butterfly AKA the Face Sitter

What’s a list about “her pleasure” without some tips on going down? This position takes a classic oral move and twists it on its head. Kind of. YOU are the one lying down on the bed. She gets to climb on top of you, putting her knees to either side of your head. The you get to go after it.

4 Spooning

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3 Leg Up

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2 Doggy-Style

1 Cowgirl

The rodeo queen, if you know what we mean.

This position is another all-star move, for many of the same reasons that Doggy-Style is great.

The woman can really control things from up on top. Speed, penetration depth, and even (to some degree) the penetration angle. It’s the triple-threat.

Add to that the easy accessibility for the man or the woman, and all of a sudden you have a sex position that can do no wrong. If you’ve never tried it, it’s definitely worth giving this move some airtime the next time things turn sexy for you. Don’t forget the lube!


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