10 Most Popular Body-Changing Trends In Fitness

Fitness is a status symbol now more than ever. Doing specific exercises or going to a specific gym can say a lot about you. The integration of athletic wear into our causal wardrobes has also had a hu

10 Barre

9 Core Fusion

8 Spin

7 SurfSET

6 Chaise Fitness

5 Kangoo

4 Pilates

3 Aerial

2 Boxing

1 ClassPass

ClassPass is technically not an exercise, but an app and website that is changing the fitness world. It’s currently available in over 30 cities (and growing). For $79-$100 per month (depending on where you live), which is often less than the cost of an upscale gym in most places, you can go to any studio in the ClassPass network up to three times in 30 days. With hundreds of options in many cities, you never run out of classes to take and new fitness trends to experience.

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10 Most Popular Body-Changing Trends In Fitness