10 Most Famous Celebs To Speak Out Against Gay Marriage

With more and more openly gay celebrities gracing the stages at the annual award ceremonies, it seems that the old fashioned views of the likes of Walt Disney and Charlton Heston are buried along with them. This is not the case, however, and many in the Hollywood elite still like to steal the limelight by occasionally shocking their interviewers with some anti-gay sentiments.

Not all of the celebrities on this list are explicitly “anti-gay”, but they have all at some point made it clear that they are opposed to the marriage of two people of the same sex. There are many lists out there that claim to have done the same thing, but they usually confuse homophobia with right-wing views on marriage: the two are not necessarily synonymous.

Nevertheless, opposing gay marriage is considered controversial due to the large numbers of people it affects, with an estimated 6% of the population identifying as LGBT. Since the passing of the federal gay marriage law in the USA, the issue has once again been thrust to the forefront of political debate. This list is certainly not exhaustive – there are many other celebrities who have shocked the world with vitriolic comments directed towards gay people - but the celebrities on this list are the most prominent to openly oppose, what many people consider, a legitimate form of love deserving of legal recognition.


10 Donald Trump

This should come as no surprise to anyone, as the darling of the right-wing has long made it clear that he is a Republican through and through. A rather confusing aspect of Donald Trump’s position is that he has been heard defending the gay-marriage laws of the USA (note that defense of a law is not defense of a principle). Indeed, Trump jumped to the defense of a judge who sentenced a man for refusing to issue a gay marriage license, noting that “gay marriage is the law of the land.”

Still, he maintains a stereotypical right-wing view on the matter, and has in the past said that gay marriage should not be allowed.

9 Donny Osmond


Puppy love: one of the most beautiful things on the planet. It is something that everyone should experience early on in their lives; it is something that surely needs a top 10 hit song written about it...unless it’s puppy love between two consenting adults of the same sex.

While not anti gay, Donny Osmond, like his brothers, is clearly not an advocate of equal rights for gay people. He even explains his position on his website as the issue is clearly so dear to him. Apparently, his religion does not allow gays to marry; therefore, he cannot condone gay marriage. Thinking for himself and making up his own mind, it appears, is not something Donny is very good at.

8 Phil Robertson

The star of Duck Dynasty, a show that shadows the Robertson family while they run their business that makes duck calls, Phil Robertson was actually recently responsible for the suspension of the show following some rather controversial remarks about gay people. His show probably won’t suffer a significant drop in viewership – homosexuals are not renowned for their love of redneck republicans – but it has cost the Robertson’s a significant amount of advertising revenue.

His company, Duck Commander, creates duck calling devices to lure the unsuspecting animals from their nests in order to be shot. Apparently, homosexuality is a sin, whereas tricking mother ducks into a storm of gunfire is not.

7 Adam Baldwin


There are two things that Adam Baldwin hates: incest and gay marriage. And apparently, one leads to the other. Well, you learn something new every day. You see, if we allow gay marriage, according to Baldwin, then fathers will start to marry their sons for tax breaks.

It might be possible that thoughts of the most grievous and repulsive kind have already made their way through Baldwin’s grey matter, or maybe he is just someone who doesn’t understand that most people are immune to the lure of their own close family members.

6 Trace Adkins

A country and western star against gay marriage? No; surely that can't be possible. Well, you better believe it, because Trace Adkins has made it perfectly clear where he stands on the issue. The lifetime member of the “Son of Confederate Veterans” association and NRA cardholder stated in a concert, when referring to gay marriage, that “ ain't right, you know.” Clearly the 3-times divorcee has some issues when it comes to same sex relations.

5 Stephen Baldwin


Once described by Sarah Palin as her “favorite Baldwin brother”, Stephen Baldwin is not exactly anti gay union – he agrees civil unions should be allowed – but he just thinks that gays should not be allowed to be married in “his” church. One must wonder what “his” church is, because the church is supposed to belong to all members, but it is clear that he is not keen on the idea of gay marriage licenses being granted.

Fair enough, Stephen, not everybody agrees with gay marriage. But his statements on the issue do make one wonder: if other churches wanted to grant same-sex marriage licenses, would he be OK with that?

4 Jeremy Irons

Another actor who has compared same-sex relations to incest, Jeremy Irons has, at least somewhat, backtracked on his comments regarding gay marriage. He was quoted asking the question “could a father not marry his son?”, when quizzed on his views on the issue. Despite being reminded that there are laws against incest, he then claimed that incest laws are there to prevent breeding – and men cannot breed.

Well, Sherlock Holmes has hit the nail on the head again. Men certainly cannot breed with other men, Jeremy, but surely a fine actor like yourself cannot agree with Adam Baldwin? This infatuation with incest among the Hollywood elite must stop soon.


3 Jon Voight


Only 30% of people born between 1928 and 1945 support gay marriage, suggested by a recent poll by PEW. The results of the poll seem to reflect rather perfectly the stance of Angelina Jolie’s father, Jon Voight. Once a crusader for the Marxist left, he has since reconsidered his positions and backed a number of republican US politicians, including: Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and John McCain.

His views on gay marriage are not the only thing that Voight has made the headlines for: he has also ardently defended Israeli foreign policy and accused other celebrities, including his former Coming Home co-star Jane Fonda, of supporting those who yearn for the destruction of the middle-eastern nation. Perhaps he is still seething from his Golden Raspberry win for surprisingly popular monster-horror film Anaconda.

2 Jane Pitt

Jane Pitt, mother to Brad and mother-in-law to Angelina. Surely she must sympathize with gay marriage? After all, her granddaughter Shiloh is beginning to experiment with her own rather androgynous sense of style. Surely she must be a supportive grandmother?Well, not exactly. Other than the fact that she recently bought her granddaughter a fairy costume, much to the annoyance of Angelina, she has also expressed rather homophobic views on Twitter.

Brad Pitt, half of Hollywood’s most famous couple, was rather disappointed at his mother’s rants. It is well-known that he was brought up in a Christian household, but never did anyone suspect how strict it was. Not only are gays, according to his mother, not entitled to marry, but they are also barred from heaven should they even try to tie the knot.

1 Kirk Cameron

And finally we get to Kirk Cameron. The once fresh faced star of sitcom Growing Pains has really grown up since the 1980’s, you know, when he was famous for acting and not chat show evangelism (thanks, in part, to Piers Morgan).

Jibes aside, Cameron is one of the most prominent anti-gay celebrities in the USA. His views range from opposing the granting of abortions, to the view that the existence of Coca Cola cans is convincing proof of the existence of god.



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