10 Male Celebs Who Waited Until Marriage

How often do you hear a man say he plans on holding on to his virginity until he meets 'Mrs. Right'? What about if he doesn't plan on doing the deed until his wedding night? Practically unheard of, right? Now what if the man in question  is a celebrity? Not only is he adored by women all around the world, he's also incredibly rich, incredibly handsome and can have any woman he desires. Even more unlikely that he would chose to remain a virgin.

But before you write this story off in disbelief, the 10 big name celebs on this list have either waited to lose their virginity until they've tied the knot or have pledged abstinence at one point in their life - whether they've honoured this pledge is anyone's guess.

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10 Kevin Jonas

The eldest Jonas Brother waited until his 2009 marriage to hairdresser Danielle Deleasa to lose the big V. He was 22-years-old. Kevin first made headlines back in 2008 when he opened up to USA Today about his choice to wear a purity ring: "It's a personal decision. It's another way for us to be different," he said. "Some people are like 'Whoa'  - taken aback. Why is the world so freaked out that we have standards?" The wedding night however, proved to be a bit of a letdown for the pop star. "Sex was not worth the wait," he told Bliss Magazine UK. "After we did it, I was kind of like, that's it?" I wouldn't want to be in in Kevin's shoes after his wife read that article…

9 A.C. Green 

Ex-NBA player, A.C. Green has been very vocal regarding his views on abstinence before marriage. The former Los Angeles Lakers' forward was so committed to waiting, that even the mischievous efforts of his teammates held no appeal. According to fellow Laker, Michael Cooper, one of their teammates even went so far as to send a woman to his hotel room. "But he came downstairs the next morning with a big smile on his face and told us he was going to have to start quoting the bible to us," Cooper told Sports Illustrated. Green remained celibate until his 2002 wedding. He was 38-years-old. "Remaining celibate was the best decision for me to have a level of self-confidence to reach career goals on and off the court," the retired baller said in an interview with Jet in 2003.

8 Donny Osmond

Former teen idol Donny Osmond is a jack-of-all-trades: singer, dancer, radio personality, talk show host - he's done it all. Raised as a strict Mormon, Donny experienced real life puppy love when he married wife Debbie back in 1978. Despite being a huge star, Osmond admits he was as pure as the driven snow until his marriage at the age of 20 and is now the father to five sons. "I was a virgin when I got married and I would hope that my children, based on my beliefs and what I have taught them would follow suit," he told The Guardian back in 2001.

7 Kirk Cameron 

You would never have guessed that the teen who played smart aleck Mike Seaver on the hit 80s comedy Growing Pains was a devout Christian who believed in celibacy. Cameron was so devout, that according to reports, he had his onscreen girlfriend Julie McCullough fired from the show after news surfaced that she had posed for Playboy a few years prior. Kirk waited until his wedding to co-star Chelsea Noble at age 20, to lose his virginity and 23 years later, doesn't regret his decision. "Sex within marriage is the only kind that's truly fun and exciting, the kind that lasts for a lifetime. I'm glad I waited."

6 Tim Tebow 

Former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow made headlines back in 2009 when during a press conference he told a room full of journalists that he was saving himself for marriage. "I think you're all stunned right now," the evangelical Christian exclaimed to the stunned audience. "You can't even ask a question…I was ready for that question but I don't think you all were." Despite his celibacy, Tim's personal life is anything but chaste. Over the last few years, the 26-year-old has been linked to some of Hollywood's hottest ladies including 10,000 B.C. star, Camila Belle, Glee's Dianna Agron and country crooner, Taylor Swift.

5 Zac Hanson

The youngest Hanson brother chose shock jock Howard Stern's radio program to reveal that he remained a virgin until marriage. "It's not a religious thing like somebody has something over you. It's just…it's a personal thing" he told the outspoken host. "No you're nice boys. You're not out there banging anything and everything that walks, and I respect that," Stern replied. "But you could bang a few things. As long as it's not my kids!" Zac met wife Kate Tucker at a Macy's model competition in 2001. They married in 2006 when Zac was 20-years-old and are the proud parents to three children - two boys and a girl.

4 Taylor Lautner

When Twilight fever took hold back in 2008, teenage girls around the planet declared themselves 'Team Jacob.'  But did you know that the hunky actor revealed in 2009 that he planned on remaining celibate until marriage? In an interview with movies.ie he stated that he was a practicing Catholic who was "waiting for the right girl." It's no wonder that the twenty-two-year-old embraces the Twilight films. The story, written by conservative Mormon Stephanie Meyers centres around a young couple who practice abstinence before marriage. And unlike other big name celebs his age, the former People's  'Sexiest Man Alive' keeps his private life private.

3 Terrence Howard

Back in 2007, Hustle and Flow actor Terrence Howard had some pretty choice words to say on the topic of abstinence, telling Elle magazine: "If a relationship is built on sexuality, it won't last long. Now I'm completely chaste through a relationship unless I get married. I don't believe in premarital sex." Howard candidly continued: "It's enabled me to date three or four women at the same time because as long as I wasn't having sex with them, I could just walk away." With these views, it's no wonder that in 2013, 45-year old Terrence married his fourth wife, restaurant owner Mira Cristine Pak after only one month of dating.

2 Kellan Lutz

Another Twilight heartthrob who made this list is Kellan Lutz who played sexy vampire Emmett Cullen in the trilogy. While promoting Breaking Dawn - Part 1 back in 2011, the actor told snakkle.com that he's thrilled that the film promotes abstinence: "For me, it’s a reality check for society to step back and be like, ‘You can wait for marriage.’ I love marriage. I love the whole concept. I’m old-school, and I really want to get married someday and have a family someday. It’s really cool to be a part of something that makes society look at marriage again and see the values of it.”

1 Lenny Kravitz 

A rock star, especially one who radiates sexual charisma like Lenny Kravitz is any woman's fantasy.  Romantically linked to some of the world's most stunning women, including Aussie beauty Nicole Kidman, Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima and Johnny Depp's baby mama, Vanessa Paradis, in 2008, Kravitz's revelation - that he'd been celibate for the last three years, was a stunner. "It's just a promise I made until I get married," he told Maxim. "Where I'm at in life, the women have got to come with something else, not just the body, but the mind and the spirit. It usually trips them out, but that's the way it's going to be. I'm looking at the big picture."

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