10 Male Celebs Who Just Can't Stop Cheating

Virtually everybody who has ever been in a committed relationship knows that keeping it together can be really hard work. You have to find the time in your schedule to have quality interactions with each other. If you have children, you’ve got to come up with the best ways to have fulfilling family time, and to raise your kids to be decent individuals. You have to try to understand one another, meet each other’s needs as best you can, and find a way to laugh through it all (or most of it, anyway). Yes, relationships can be beautiful, and they teach you a lot about yourself. However, some people are just not cut out for commitment, and that includes celebrities.

To be “fair”, there are a few celebrities who get into relationships and at least try to stay faithful. However, these celebs are also known for their cheating behavior, and for finding it difficult to focus on one woman or man at a time. Maybe they have short attention spans. Maybe they haven’t quite come to terms with what it means to be monogamous. Or, maybe these celebrities are just so irresistible that people just can’t stay away from them. Here are 10 celebrities who can’t seem to stop cheating.


10 Jesse James

Jesse James used to be the CEO of the Austin Speed Shop, and is known for customizing vehicles, getting lots of tattoos and cheating on women. He was once married to actress Sandra Bullock, and the two planned on adopting a son, but James’ cheating ways put a damper on the couple’s aspirations for a family. After Bullock and James ended their marriage, Sandra went on to adopt her son Louis. Jesse James moved on to a relationship with the Queen of Tats Kat Von D, and the two got engaged. However, James still hadn’t learned how to stay faithful. According to Von D, James cheated on her several times, with several women. Maybe Jesse should just stay single.

9 Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods was exposed as a cheater in 2010, and his wife Elin Nordegren, was quite unhappy about it. We’re pretty sure you can recall the news coverage about Elin attacking Woods with a golf club while he was in his car. The golf star confessed to cheating with about 120 women and went to rehab to treat his sex addiction. Even though Woods was willing to get treatment, it didn’t save his marriage to Nordegren. Tiger went on to date fellow athlete Lindsey Vonn, but there were rumors suggesting that Woods hadn’t learned how to be faithful. Vonn and Woods have since ended their relationship.

8 Jude Law

The actor with the boyish good looks is obviously popular with the ladies. Jude Law was once married to Sadie Frost, but the couple separated in 2003 after rumors swirled that Jude was cheating. However, Law didn’t confirm or deny that he was unfaithful to his wife. Jude then moved on to a relationship with actress Sienna Miller, and the two got engaged. While Miller assumed that she and Law were getting ready to tie the knot, Jude was having an affair with Daisy Wright, his children’s nanny. Wright sold the story of her affair with Jude to a British tabloid, and Law publicly apologized to Sienna for his indiscretions. However, at the time, Miller wasn’t wiling to forgive Law.

7 Eric Benet


Many people often wonder how singer Eric Benet could cheat on his then-wife Halle Berry, who some consider to be one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. Benet checked himself into rehab for cheating on Berry repeatedly, with at least 10 women. It has even been reported that at least two of these women were close friends of Halle’s. However, Eric Benet still denies that he has a sex addiction. After this experience, Halle Berry stated in an interview with Oprah, that she’d never get married again. Apparently, stunning actor Olivier Martinez changed her mind. Martinez and Berry have a son together, and Halle also has a daughter from her relationship with model Gabriel Aubry.

6 Dennis Quaid

Handsome actor Dennis Quaid was once married to Meg Ryan, who was once thought of as America’s Sweetheart. Ryan had an affair with Russell Crowe, and many people think this is what ended her marriage to Quaid. However, it was revealed that Dennis had been cheating on Meg for years. Maybe Ryan’s tryst with Crowe was a form of revenge. Fans of these stars started to believe that maybe the rumors about Dennis Quaid’s chronic infidelity were true when he got remarried. His new relationship didn’t work out either, allegedly because he couldn’t stay faithful to his new wife.

5 Jack Nicholson


Legendary actor Jack Nicholson is known for his roles in well-known films like Chinatown, As Good As It Gets and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Nicholson is also known for being pretty popular with the ladies. He was only married once, to a woman named Sandra Knight, in the 1960s. The marriage lasted four years and they had a daughter. Susan Anspach has stated that Jack Nicholson is her son’s father, but the actor says this is very unlikely. Jack Nicholson then had an on-again, off-again relationship with actress Anjelica Houston. During this time, he fathered a child with Winnie Hollman, a Danish model. Nicholson also has two children with Rebecca Broussard, and was in a relationship with Broussard in the 1990s. Allegedly, there were several trysts in between these romantic situations as well. Even though the actor is in his 70s now, he’s still a lover of women and has the admiration of many.

4 David Duchovny

David Duchovny was married to fellow actor Tea Leoni, for quite some time. David checked himself into rehab for a sex addiction after he and Leoni separated. It was then revealed that David had probably been cheating on his wife for years before deciding to get help. It was also reported that David Duchovny has had a problem with commitment for quite some time, and cheated on several of his girlfriends in the 1990s, as he started to grow in popularity for his role on the hit science fiction show X-Files. Duchovny also gained popularity again for playing a writer with commitment issues in the show Californication.


3 David Letterman

One of the most popular late night talk show hosts in the country revealed in 2009, on his show, that he’d been unfaithful to his wife. Letterman stated that he was having an affair with one of the women who worked on his show. One of the reasons that David Letterman decided to confess on the air is because the boyfriend of one of his staff members threatened extortion. The man may have had a case, since it was believed that Letterman had cheated with more than one woman. David Letterman and his wife are still together, which could mean that the retired talk show host has changed his ways. Of course, it could also mean that his wife doesn’t want the hassle of a divorce.

2 Ashton Kutcher

Hot actor Ashton Kutcher is best known for his role on That 70s Show, and he most recently took Charlie Sheen’s place on the sitcom Two And a Half Men. Kutcher was also married to actress Demi Moore at one time, but the two ended their relationship (reportedly) because of Ashton’s cheating ways. Allegedly, the two had an open relationship, but were only able to “have fun” with someone else in the presence of their spouse. Kutcher allegedly started enjoying himself without Demi, which caused their marriage to go downhill. Several women have stated that they’ve slept with Kutcher. One woman said she slept with Ashton in the home he and Demi shared. We’re hoping he’s calmed down considerably since his engagement to That 70s Show co-star, Mila Kunis.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger


Austrian actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the envy of many men when he tied the knot with Maria Shriver. The two seemed like the model couple; Arnold continued to star in movies and got into politics in California, and Maria, who is a member of the Kennedy family, worked as a newscaster, wrote books and participated in a number of charitable causes. However, Schwarzenegger had been unfaithful to Shriver for quite some time, and on several occasions. The point of no return was when Arnold, who had been sleeping with the family’s housekeeper, fathered a child with the woman. This resulted in some unfavorable media attention, and led Maria to file for divorce.



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