10 Kids Who Were Adopted Into The Biggest Fame And Fortunes

The adopted children of celebrities are arguably some of the luckiest people on the planet. Many of which come into the world in dire circumstances, from the humblest of beginnings, with a hopelessly slim to none chance of ever elevating from their socio-economic birth origins. By and large, all adopted children are quite fortunate to receive a second and more promising chance at acceptance, and the love of a nurturing family, but when an adopted child is taken in by a celebrity, it's practically as lucky as a winning lottery ticket. Here are 10 celebrity children who've won the figurative adoption lottery.

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10 Nancy Leigh and Adelaide Marie Hope -  $23 million


In 2009, Katherine Heigl and husband, Josh Kelley adopted their first child, Nancy Leigh, nicknamed Naleigh for short, from an orphanage in South Korea at the age of 9 months. In 2012, the couple adopted for a second time, this time domestically, and welcomed a newborn baby girl named Adelaide Marie Hope. Katherine revealed on The Jay Leno Show, that they had originally intended to adopt from Asia again, but the international adoption process was becoming increasingly difficult and the wait list was too long, so they opted for domestic adoption instead. The actress tells People magazine that she and her husband had discussed adoption since before they began dating, and are also looking forward to someday, having biological children. The couple have a combined net worth of approximately $23 million.

9 Roan, Laird, and Quinn Stone - $55 million


In an interview with AARP magazine, Sharon Stone candidly discusses very personal matters, including surviving a brain hemorrhage, her multiple miscarriages, and her decision to adopt. Sharon shares that after 36 hours of labor, her baby didn't survive and at the same time, her adoption attorney had called with positive news. Sharon believes the perfect timing was a godsend. The actress who states that she had always hoped for a large family has adopted 3 boys; Roan in 2000, Laird in 2005 and Quinn in 2006. Sharon is worth an estimated $55 million.

8 Gemma Rose - Kristin Davis's child $60 million


Sex and the City star Kristin Davis, adopted Gemma Rose through domestic adoption in 2011, when she was a new born infant. Kristin told People magazine that adoption was something she'd been looking forward to for a long time, and being a mother is the most rewarding thing she's accomplished in her life. While on Anderson Live, Kristin told Anderson Cooper that she initially intended to adopt internationally, as she felt the need around the world was so prevalent. The actress also opened up about how lengthy and overwhelming the domestic adoption process was, especially in her case because of her single mother status, noting that adoption agencies usually prefer traditional "white picket fence" families. Kristin is worth an estimated $60 million.

7 Claudia Rose -  $80 million

In 1993, Michelle Pfeiffer adopted Claudia Rose, shortly before giving birth to a biological son. The actress has gone to great lengths to keep her family out of the public eye, and very little information can be found about her children. The actress candidly opened up in an interview with parade.com about how difficult parenting truly is, and is quoted as saying, "Being a parent is the hardest thing in the world. Sometimes I feel like I have to go back to work to get some rest, and we work a minimum 12-hour day making a movie! None of that is nearly as exhausting as parenthood—the psychological toll it takes on you because these lives are in your hands. I take it very seriously. Just when you think you’ve got your kids figured out, they change on you." Michelle has an estimated $80 million net worth.

6 Jackson Theron -  $85 million


In 2012, Charlize Theron adopted a new born baby named Jackson, after a lengthy 2-year domestic adoption process. Early reports claimed Charlize had adopted the infant from South Africa, however, the actress cleared up that Jackson is in fact, American born. She recounts on The Ellen Degeneres Show of the day she brought her son home to meet her dogs, and how they instantly fell in love with the baby boy, something that surprised her considering how standoffish they usually are towards strangers. The actress states that when Jackson arrived, "it felt how it was supposed to feel. it felt right." Charlize is worth an estimated $85 million.

5 Oscar and Ava Jackman - $100 million


After suffering two miscarriages, Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborah-Lee decided they would adopt once they discovered they couldn't conceive naturally. Hugh was emotionally candid about the ordeal on The Katie Couric Show in 2012, stating that he would never forget the miscarriages, and it's best to discuss such things, even though they're commonly kept private. The couple adopted Oscar Maximilian in 2000, and Ava Eliot in 2005 when they were both infants. People magazine reports that when meeting with the adoption official, they were asked which race of child they were hoping for, and they selected mixed-race, where upon the adoption agent asked them not to feel any obligation to do so, being as mixed-race children are the hardest to find families for, and are frequently turned away from the agency as a result. This solidified their decision to adopt Oscar who is of mixed race. The couple are worth an estimated $100 million.

4 Louis Bardo Bullock - $125 million


After the much publicized divorce of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, it was revealed that the couple was undergoing a four year adoption process. Their prayers were answered in 2010, when they adopted a 3 month-old named Louis Bardo, from New Orleans. In the midst of the adoption process however, Jesse was accused of infidelity and their marriage fell apart, causing Sandra to finalize the adoption process as a single mother. The Oscar winning actress appeared on The View, becoming emotional when discussing her son, saying she had no idea what love was before adopting Louis. Recent reports have stated that Sandra is looking forward to adopting a second child in the near future, this time, a little sister for Louis. Sandra has an estimated net worth of $125 million

3 Jolie-Pitt Klan - $385 million


Maddox, Pax and Zahara, the adopted brothers and sister of Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox, joined the Jolie Pitt Klan shortly before the biological 3 Jolie-Pitts were born. A then single Angelina Jolie, adopted Rath Vibol in 2002 from a Cambodian orphanage when he was 7 months old, and later changed his name to Maddox. In 2005, Brad and Angelina adopted a 6 month-old named Yemsrach from Ethiopia, and later changed her name to Zahara Marley. Upon arriving to the states, baby Zahara was hospitalized for malnutrition and dehydration. In 2007, the couple decided to adopt their third child, Pham Quang Sang, this time from Vietnam, whose name was later changed to Pax Thien. All three children were born in extreme poverty, and now enjoy a luxurious life, often accompanying their two mega-star parents around the world. Brad and Angelina, who recently got married, have a combined net worth of $385 million.

2 Connor and Isabella Cruise - $470 million


Isabella and Connor were adopted by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, in 1993 and 1995. The dailymail reported that, while unknowingly pregnant with their biological child in 2001, Tom suddenly surprised Nicole with divorce papers after 10 years of marriage, which lead her to beg him not to leave her. The pregnancy unfortunately resulted in a miscarriage, and in the midst of their divorce, Nicole admits that her adopted children chose to live with Tom. The actress also admitted in 2007, that Isabella and Connor had stopped calling her mom, and instead, call her by her name, which she hates and "tells them off for it." But according to gattonstar.com, Connor has been quoted as saying, "I love my mum. I don't care what people say. I know that me and mum are solid. I love her a lot. My family means everything. Yeah, I love my music, but the family comes before everything else." Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are worth an estimated $470 million.

1 David Banda and Mercy James - $700 million


6 years following the birth of her second biological child, Madonna decided to adopt 1-year-old David Banda, in 2006. She'd also attempted to adopt Mercy James in the same year, but faced a lengthy legal opposition, and the adoption wouldn't be finalized until the child was 3, in 2009. The delay in adoption was caused by both of the children's biological fathers trying to intervene. Both children were adopted from an orphanage in Malawi, undoubtedly escaping the ravenous poverty of their hometown. They frequently accompany their adoptive mother and siblings back to Malawi for visits. Madonna is worth an estimated $700 million.

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