10 Jobs That Make Any Woman More Desirable

There are several qualities that might make a certain woman desirable to you. Perhaps it's something about her appearance or her personality that draws you closer to her. It is critical to desire your partner, and a healthy sex life is crucial to making sure that both partners are satisfied.

No matter what the reasons are for why you are with your partner, there are certain professions out there that just add an extra "oomph" to the overall sex appeal. Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure the stereotype is not the football captain dating the McDonald's employee. The head cheerleader on the other hand, makes for a much more likely picture, at least when you look at how the relationship is portrayed in cinema.

There are different reasons that may go into why a certain profession is sexy. For some, it may be the appeal of an older lady such as a professor. Others may aspire to go after someone famous, if only partially to be able to have access to the high life and some awesome selfies. Other women may be desirable not for what they do, but for what they represent. If you are dating someone who is in college, their life might be less stressful and as a result, they may be less stressed and more open to just hanging out. This might be the perfect situation for you and if it is, can only add to their desirability.

Regardless of what you envision your "dream girl" doing for a living, these are just some of the many jobs that make an already attractive woman, even more desirable. That does not mean you are always going to get these girls, in fact, some of the women on the list are some of the hardest to approach. Yet maybe that is part of their appeal too.

There are many things that people can do to boost their appearance, and working one of these jobs can absolutely help.


10 Bartender

I’m not going to lie, it’s possible that part of what makes bartenders more appealing is the fact that you probably have some alcohol in your system when you're around them. This might also be increased by the fact that you know it is her that has the ability to provide you with more alcohol. Yet, whatever the reason may be, the bartender is easily one of the most appealing options when trying to find a woman that looks desirable. It can be incredibly hard to get to know any bartender, and as a result, it is best to try and strike up a conversation with them as the evening is winding down and not while they are being slammed with drink orders.

9 Waitress


A waitress may be a desirable option because of their approachability. While you would love to get to know someone like a bartender, sometimes it may just be too loud to talk! A waitress, on the other hand, is expected to be able to hold a conversation with their customer. This can be a great opportunity to get to know them because you get constant chances to interact throughout your meal or evening. If you’re shy, it’s never the end of the world to leave your number on the receipt. Even if she never calls you, at least you tried, and you hopefully got a fantastic meal and a good conversation out of the evening.

8 Cheerleader

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I’m pretty sure there are enough TV shows and movies that perpetuate the stereotype that cheerleaders are attractive. Cheerleaders are often in shape, and often need to be dedicated to their sport. Cheerleaders are also often outgoing by nature, and as a result may be up for going out to social events or to grab drinks, which may make getting to know them easier. They are also often friends with several pretty girls, and as a result can be incredibly desirable for both you and your friends. Plus, who doesn't love someone who is into sports (ideally) and has a solid amount of team spirit!

7 Professional Athlete


There are several reasons why a professional athlete may be a desirable person to date. For someone to become a high quality athlete, it takes an extreme level of dedication and passion for that sport. That alone can be an incredibly intriguing and rewarding quality to have in a partner. Athletes are also often in great shape, which rumor has it, can help lead to a healthy sex life. Be warned though, dating someone who is on the road or constantly training can be incredibly tough on your relationship. Not to mention that getting to know someone who is already famous is next to impossible. No matter how many times you tweet at them, they are not responding to your date invitation.

6 Actress

Who is the most attractive person that you know? While it may be someone you know personally, for many individuals they may choose a celebrity. And why not? Celebrities are often in the best shape, wearing the nicest clothes and have no shortage of photos of them in which they look amazing. Spoiler alert: You put me in a photo shoot with the level of quality that actresses get, and I’d look desirable too. That being said, who wouldn’t want to be able to say they seduced someone famous? Not only would you get super cool points with your friends, but I bet if you two took a selfie together it would get a ton of likes on Facebook.

5 Singer


Similar to an actress, a singer's level of attractiveness may increase because they are famous and you often see them in glamorized photos. Unlike an actress, singers or musicians are desired because they have a talent that can easily be shown and appreciated on an everyday basis by their partner. You start dating a singer? Awesome, now you get to hear this incredibly talented person sing as they walk around the house. Want to jam out with a guitar at home? Well now your new girlfriend is also a lead guitarist from that band you love. Talk about being able to make you swoon on an everyday basis.

4 Professor

There has always been something about the "attractive teacher." Similar to cheerleaders, sexy teachers and professors have often been a fantasy that has played out on countless TV shows and movies. Professors may also be attractive due to how intelligent they are. Call me silly, but intelligence is an incredibly attractive trait to have, especially if it is a subject that you have an interest in. Professors also hold a level of authority over you, which for some individuals may also lead to an increased appeal. Plus, all the extra tutoring time will probably not be the worst thing for your grades. Nothing says good pillow talk like chatting about Philosophy with your professor.


3 Nurses


If you do not think nurses are attractive, then you probably haven't been to many Halloween parties in past few years, because nurses tend to dominate the costume scene. That being said, I don’t think nurses in a hospital tend to wear incredibly high heels, and I hope they aren’t nearly as drunk. Nurses earn their spot on this list because of how caring and nurturing they are by nature. It can be incredibly alluring to know that the person you are trying to seduce, could also totally take care of you if you end up on the couch with food poisoning.

2 College Girls

I don’t know if it counts to label "college girls" as a profession, but it’s my list so I’m going to do it and you get to listen to my reasoning. College girls are perhaps the most appealing, because like yourself, the age demographic is probably anywhere from 18-24(ish). Not only is that prime time for meeting people, college girls can also be appealing because they have something in common with you that makes bonding with them incredibly easy. They also often want to relax and blow off steam, because everyone knows the semester doesn’t really start until the last week of classes.

1 Cops


There is absolutely nothing sexy about the thought of going to jail. It is probably cold, and there is probably nobody to cuddle (that you would want to cuddle with anyway). There is something much more attractive about the thought of a woman in a cop's uniform. This is increased by the fact that you know they have a level of power and authority over you. Plus, handcuffs are not exactly the least sexy thing on the planet. Combined with an active role in many television shows and films, as well as countless Halloween costumes, this lands cops as one of the most desirable professions for women.


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