10 Intimacy Hacks You Aren't Using, But Should Be

Almost everyone loves making love, and those that do, tend to enjoy it a lot more when they’re good at it! Or when their partner is really good at it and everything just seems to go so well.

But sometimes that just doesn’t happen. It isn’t uncommon for things to get a little stale for some couples. It just happens, repetition can do that to anything. There are plenty of factors that go into one's sex drive and on what makes a good sexual experience. This list compiles some quick tips you can employ today to help you get back on the pleasure wagon. If you want to be having some fun, but aren't, we have some great tips on how to change that as well.

Being adventurous in the bedroom can be a good way to kick things back into gear. Good bedroom communication and position experimentation can open up a new world of pleasure for you and your partner in a way you haven't experienced yet. Not everything will work for everybody, but this list gives you some good jumping-off points for switching up your mindset and your methods. No matter what you have for dinner, perhaps tonight for desert you will be having some really great action.

Sometimes in life changing a few small things can go a long way and the same is true for improving the sex you have. Keep experimenting after you try some of these out and we are sure you will find some winners.

10 Pillow Party

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We aren’t talking about pillow fights or pillow forts. Although, both of those activities are always a good time. Plus I mean, doing it in a pillow fort could be charming as long as it was spacious enough and had a nice blanket draped over the entrance.

9 Don’t Get Cold Feet

8 Pump It Pump It

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You know what else gets your body temperature rising? Physical exertion such as running, lifting and dancing. You know what benefits from strong blood flow? The parts of you that you need for a good time in bed.

7 Mind, Body, Getting Naughty

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Get that big, bad brain of yours involved. Focus on the physical sensations, the sights, the smells, the tastes. Connecting your brain to your body during your next session will heighten the whole experience. We as people are really tuned-out these days. Always thinking of the past, or worrying about the future and in the process, we miss out on spending time in the present.

6 Healthy Diet

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5 Pelvic Power's Your Friend

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4 Hold On (Loosely)

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Now that you know what’s up with the pelvic floor and kegel training, you can become a marathon man. That familiarity and control we mentioned means a better chance of stopping before you slip past the point of no return.

3 Light Up The Zones

“Light up the zones” isn’t a kids game. Although it sounds like it could be fun, especially in the dark. Instead, we’re talking about another fun thing to do in the dark, stimulating her erogenous zones!

2 Creative Kitchen

A good way to spice things up is by using your ingenuity and innate sexiness alongside the ingredients in your kitchen. Whip cream and chocolate sauce are obvious. Plant them near some pleasure zones and start licking. This might require a shower afterwards, but that doesn’t sound like a bad thing! Coconut oil is a great option for a natural lubricant. It has great medicinal benefits for your skin and general health (like antibacterial and anti-fungal properties).

1 Train The Brain

We’ve talked about including the brain for an upgrade once already, but it makes another appearance at our number one spot. Maybe you and your partner have been having a tiny bit of trouble “getting in the mood” lately. The good news is there’s a bit of conditioning you can do. You can apply this conditioning to any aspect of your love life, from getting in the mood, to orgasming. It involves picking a stimulus and making sure it’s present every time you’re doing the deed. After enough times, suddenly that stimulus will trigger arousal in you and your partner, and voila, less effort on your parts (but not your parts)! The brain is a very amazing, very trainable thing and positive reinforcement like a thumbs up also never hurts your confidence.


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