10 Innocent Compliments That Will Actually Insult Her

The thing is, you actually were trying to be nice. We know it, and you know it, but that isn't the point. What you said made her mad.  You tried to compliment her, you really did, but it came out wrong and now she is mad. And you know what that means. You will be lucky if you don't end up sleeping on the couch.

Women are not easy to figure out. Even a guy extremely skilled with women and with words is going to screw up from time to time.  And if you aren't skilled? Forget it, you are going to make her mad at you all the time.

Women want you to say a certain thing, and they want it to come off a certain way, but they will never, ever, tell you their secrets. This leaves you to bumble around, saying things that you think are nice, but in reality are just going to enrage her. Because women are a different animal altogether, and you have to be careful when you go out there into the wild.

So we at TheRichest are going to help you prepare by letting you know what not to say.  Here are 10 Innocent Compliments That Will Actually Insult Her.

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10 You Are So Cool, You Are Like A Guy In A Girl's Body

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Stay far away from this one. We get what you are trying to say here, but she doesn't want to be one of the guys, and she sure doesn't want to think that you think that she is one of the guys. If she really is cool and funny, just say that, don't throw in "you're like a guy" at the end of it. Especially if you plan on trying to get some later, and if you are getting some, well after you say this you won't be for a couple of days. Trust me on that one.

9 You Look Really Hot For Your Age

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This one kind of creep ups on you. I mean it seems like a nice thing to say right? Well no, wrong, actually. Even if it makes her feel good in the moment, what she is really thinking is that as soon as she gets older, you wont think she is hot anymore, and then she starts wondering if she has crow's feet, and then she wonders if her butt is still firm enough, and by now her mood is totally gone and it's all your fault. You might think I am exaggerating. I promise I am not.

8 You're So Awesome. How Are You Still Single?

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You might actually be wondering this, and that's okay, but never, ever say it. She could be single for a lot of reasons, maybe her ex cheated and she doesn't trust men anymore. Maybe she's been taking time for herself because of some personal tragedy. Maybe it is just because she has a hard time meeting guys.  It could be a whole bunch of things, and all you just did is remind her of them and make her feel insecure about herself. Unless that's what you're actually trying to do, don't say this one.

7 I Love A Woman With Curves

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You may be asking yourself, what is wrong with this one? A lot of guys, and I happen to be one of them, do really like a woman with something going on in the curve area. Well, the thing is, you might think she is a curvy woman, but she might think she is fat. And a lot of women don't even care if you like them the way they are. If they are even a bit overweight, they just want you to lie to them and tell them they are skinny. Confusing? Totally. Which is why we wrote this article.

6 You Look Hot. Are You Wearing Makeup?

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This one will really make her mad. She might spend an hour in front of the mirror putting on makeup.  Guess what? She knows she is wearing a ton of makeup, and you know she is wearing a ton of makeup. It is a good thing to tell her she looks great while she is wearing makeup, it's not a good thing to tell her she looks great because of the makeup. Get it? Well, I don't either really, but the point is if you say this to any woman ever, you are going to make her mad.

5 You Are So Much Prettier In Person

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This is another one that doesn't seem so bad. You are giving her a compliment right? Well, no, to her you are insulting her. Even though you are telling her she is pretty now, what she is hearing is that you didn't really think she was pretty before, and that is going to make her both doubt herself and wonder why you even hooked up with her if you didn't think she was pretty in her photos. Stay far away from compliments such as this one.

4 If I Was Drunk I Would Be All Over You

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In a woman's mind, this one is both an insult to herself and you. First off, it says that you would have to be inebriated to want to be with her, which is insulting. Secondly, it kind of insinuates that you are a coward that needs to be drunk to take action. Neither one of these things is anything that you want to throw out there. So our advice would be don't say this to a woman under any circumstances. Unless you really want to insult her of course.

3 You Really Are So Cool For A Woman

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Yeah, just don't say this or anything like it. "You're so cool for a woman", "You're so funny for a woman" and of course "You really know what you're talking about for a woman." All of these are incredibly insulting things for you to say to her. Why? Well because even though you are complimenting her in a way, you are really saying that you think women are inferior to men. Whether you believe that or not is your business, but by trying to compliment a woman in this way you are just going to make her mad. Trust me on this one.

2 I Love Your Smile - You Should Smile More

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Here is a secret. Women hate being told to smile. I don't mean they don't like it, I mean they really hate it. Ever since they were young, creepy men, ones that they know and ones that they pass by on the street, have been telling them to smile. If you want to trigger the whole 'creepy guy' thing, then by all means try and compliment her in this way, but it is best to just say she has a nice smile, and not tell her that she should do it more often. Again, this isn't really your fault. Women are complicated. We get that.

1 You're Better In Bed Than My Ex

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This one is tricky. Your girlfriend wants to think that she is the best woman you have ever had sex with.  But, with that said, she also doesn't want to think about you having sex with another woman and she definitely doesn't want to feel like you are comparing her and your ex in bed.  So... even though you think you are complimenting her, what you are really doing is getting her mind working. "How many women has he been with?" "Okay he says I am better than his ex, but what about other women, am I better than them too?" "What does that mean anyway, maybe his ex was horrible in bed and maybe he had affairs on her so if I am not good enough in bed will he have affairs on me too?"  Please - for your own sake. Just. Don't. Go. There.

You may think I am exaggerating, but that is where a woman's mind goes when you say something like that. So good luck and happy hunting out there. Just watch what you say.

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