10 Hints You're Dating A Lesbian

So, we’ve all been there before. You’re at the dance club and your girlfriend wanders over to a crowd featuring some beautiful scantily-dressed women. They start to get down and things get freaky. As a man, your first instinct is to join the party. As a boyfriend, your mind starts to wander off and wonder if your girlfriend may have an attraction to the opposite sex.

Certainly, life does not imitate porn. It is a pretty rare occurrence that your significant other is going to come and say, “hey, honey, let’s find a really hot woman and have a threesome.” Sure, there are those that may do such a thing. But it’s honestly more of a pipe dream than a reality for most men. If a woman wants to be with another woman, odds are it’s because she doesn’t want to be with you; or any other man for that matter.

This brings us to the poor souls who are engaged in a relationship with a woman but have a bad feeling; a feeling that burns inside you that says, she may be into something other than your God-given equipment. Most men just assume their women would never be interested in switching teams. Those men may be wrong.

These are series of hints you should pay attention to when gauging if your significant other may be looking to jump to the other side. Some of the hints may be so subtle. But overlook them not, for she may be a lesbian.

10 She Literally Wears Your Pants

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Let’s say you are dating a woman and she all of a sudden starts to dress more and more like a tomboy? At first, you’re thinking this is cute. She is showing some boyish charm. But the overalls and loose jeans may be somewhat a giveaway: that more than just her style senses are changing. While other women are wearing skinny jeans, your girl is wearing your jeans. This could be a key indicator your woman just may be interested in other women. Now, there is a caveat to this particular sign; she could be just bisexual. In that case, proceed as you will.

9 The Bieber Hairdo

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If your girlfriend has been going to the beauty parlor for ages and making her hair look just right, you are part of the norm. Most women stress incessantly over their appearance, and in particular, their hair. If your girlfriend all of a sudden quits the salons and comes home looking like Justin Bieber, there could be something more to it. If she also stops caring about how her hair looks in the morning, I’d start ringing some alarm bells. The combination could be a key sign of something to come.

8 Bye Bye Grooming

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Every man likes a woman with nice fingernails. She can softly scratch you like a dog with them, run her hands through your hair and even leave her own brand of markings during love making. If your woman goes from treating her nails like fine china to chopping them off, be warned. And if she starts complaining she has been getting too much grease under her nails from oil changes, something could be up. It could go like something like this, The boyfriend says, “Um, honey, why did you cut your nails?” She replies, “Cause I’m tired of all that damn grease and oil getting under them! The shop has been rough.” He replies back with confusion, “But you work at Macy’s?” It's all downhill from there.

7 The 'Man'-ly Touch

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Sure, women are taught at a young age to be lady-like and exhibit a soft touch. When they sit down, they are to cross their legs and make sure they aren’t giving too much away to prospective onlookers. It is equally important for women to keep their dresses and skirts down, protecting the goods. If you arrive at home and suddenly your girlfriend is sitting in front of the television in those loose jeans, her legs spread wide open, one hand dangling down between her legs and the other wrapped around a Budweiser, you may have a problem.

6 She's "One Of The Guys"

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Women generally will speak in kind tones using docile words that don’t dare insult others. They also tend to not curse as much as their male counterparts. While men joke about the silliest things, women normally stay above the fray. If your woman suddenly changes her tone and dives into this kind of dialogue, “Yo, I just took a massive freakin’ dump. Wanna see?”…Houston, you got yourself a big problem.

5 Bizarre Taste In Music

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If your girlfriend has long been a fan of Taylor Swift and others like her, you aren’t alone. Many women love to jam out to the soft poppy jams of T-Swift and Katy Perry. But if you step into her car and suddenly her Taylor Swift CD is bent in half on the floor and she has Insane Clown Posse raging over her speakers, you may want to look into that.

4 Ink Anyone?

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If your girlfriend goes out and gets a tiny butterfly stamp, it’s seen as cute. Many women dot various parts of their bodies with sweet tattoos. Equally cute are those little flowers strategically-inked on their ankles. But if one day your girlfriend comes home and has full tattoo sleeves on both arms with skeletons carrying bloody knives, she just may be insane, and she also may be a lesbian.

3 Masculinity

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Women in public often wait their turn to speak and have a respectful way of communicating. Then, when in groups and alone, they tend to judge everything and everyone around. But if your girlfriend suddenly starts fist-bumping other women hello and punching you in the arm with regularity, there may be something to look into there. If she starts yelling and flipping people off with regularity, buyer-beware. A more masculine vibe being given off is definitely a clue she is morphing.

2 "Ladies Night" Is Every Night

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If your girlfriend has a large number of friends, that is normal. If she likes hanging out with those friends, that, too, is normal. But if your girlfriend prefers hanging out with her girlfriends with regularity, you could have a problem. If your girlfriend likes to go drinking with those girls and then has sleepovers, you definitely are in trouble. Women who regularly flock to other women, and enjoy drinking with them, could very well be dipping in the female ink. It is not a guarantee, but think about when you and the boys drink. More often than not, heterosexual men do not engage in flirtatious kissing and groping. However, women, while drunk, have been known to migrate in that direction. If you’re not getting invited out with your girl and her friends, combining alcohol, sleepovers, and lots of pretty girls can definitely be a tell-tale sign.

1 Wiener Phobia

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Here it is. The number one in-your-face sign that your girlfriend may be a lesbian. Certainly, wieners can be quite intimidating. I’m not saying they are the prettiest body part, ladies. Even guys don’t like to look at other wieners. But when your girlfriend insists on oral or hand stimulation and states to you: “I don’t really like wieners anymore,” it’s time to call in the cavalry because she is switching teams. A woman being adverse to the male equipment is definitely a signature sign that she may not want your junk anymore. And if she don’t want your junk, you will be sunk.

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