10 Facts About Single Men And Their Love Lives That You Won't Believe

Single men are everywhere. They roam the streets, they squeeze three deep at bars, they even walk their dogs at the local parks! Society may make it seem like every thing that a man does, is with the intention to try and get laid. While the truth is, there are plenty of non-sexually-driven reasons for single men to be doing all of those things. Anyone is allowed to walk along streets to get to work! And you can do so without the idea that you are going to fall in love with a stranger. Bars can be really fun, especially with your bros. And a balmy 75 degrees when you have a pup is the perfect time to give that little beast some exercise.

Still, there are plenty of single men out there looking for women, and men. Are you one of them? Get ready to learn a little bit more about the habits of other single men. This list takes a look at some of the statistics of men, specifically surrounding intimate habits, relationship habits, and courting habits (so you better believe something like sexting also gets covered!)

Which United States city has the most intercourse in the country? How often are single men doing it? What percentage of men would lie about wanting a relationship just to get laid? All of these questions, and more, are looked at on this list of 10 facts about the love lives of single men. Some of you will be able to relate, others of you might just be thankful that you have a girlfriend!

9 Benefiting From Friends

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According to a survey, 53% of the men who were polled said they have had a “friends with benefits” relationship in the past. This particular study took place in 2013. This FwB trend has increased rapidly from 2011, when only 20% of those polled said they’d had a friends with benefits relationship (compared to 47% of the singles polled in 2013, of which 53% were men).

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While there is a rise of casual intercourse in America (exemplified partly in the friends with benefits trend above) there is also a decrease in a certain other area of love making. The amount of women willing to put out before establishing an exclusive relationship with their partners is declining! Or, to put it another way, more women want to wait longer before getting into bed with someone they’re meeting for the first time.

Men may try, but it is looking more and more like men will need to make the exclusive relationship commitment before getting it on with a growing percentage of women! Now the question is what percentage of men would lie about wanting a relationship simply to get laid? But we have that answer for you below!

8 Sext And Tell

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When it comes to sext messages (categorized in the poll as an explicit text or a sexy, scandalous photo) over half of the single men surveyed have received one (57% of the men polled). Receiving a sext is great! It’s also probably assumed by the sender that it will be kept private. That, however, is not always the case.

According to the same survey, 23% of the singles polled have shared their sext messages with other people. Within that sample group of 23%, a whole bunch of men admitted to sharing the sext with three or more other people!

7 State Of The Union

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Insidehook ran a male sex survey of ~10,000 males to see just how happy America was with their love life. It turns out that singles across the country have extreme variation in their sexual satisfaction. The singles most unsatisfied with their love lives are in Los Angeles. Maybe it’s all the terrible commuter traffic. But then again, the men in a couple that live in Los Angeles are the most satisfied. Go figure!

As far as overall satisfaction, Chicago takes the cake. What’s curious about that statistic is that Chicago is also the city with the highest percentage of men doing it once a month or less.

6 Digital Content

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A whopping 82% of the men polled admitted to watching adult entertainment and just under half of them claim it has had no effect on their love lives. Just under a third of them claim it’s actually made them better at pleasing their partner. There are certainly some “innovative” videos to excite and inspire the viewers out there. Fifteen percent of the men polled claim that it’s actually given them unrealistic expectations in regards to their lovers.

5 Might As Well Face It, You’re Addicted To Love...Making

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4 Who's Your Fantasy?


3 Would You Rather…


Getting intimate can be a great time, but the same positions over and over can make the experience a little stale. Trying new things is a great way to rectify that, but what if you couldn’t? What if you were stuck with only one position for the rest of your life?

2 Wandering-Eye Worries

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Chances are you aren’t a Greek God (and if you are, why do you want to know about the love lives of mere mortals?). Maybe you’ve spent hours in the gym so that your body looks like it’s carved from stone. Most men, however, are self-conscious in some way when they’re in the buff.

1 King Con (Man)

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People have been conning other people for years. Since the dawn of time, really. It’s a practice that still goes on and will likely never die (bummer).

So when it comes to the love department, what’s the biggest lie that the men from the survey have told to try and get laid?

To start, 48% of men claimed they lied about being interested in a relationship. This correlates with the earlier trend we saw with more women waiting to be exclusive to have intercourse. Of course some men would lie to get around that.

19% said they lied about being single. 19% also said they lied about not being interested in a relationship (friends with benefits strikes again!). 6% had lied about having more money than they actually did, and the same percentage had lied about having a better job than they really did. And finally, a low 2% lied about having a job that could help a woman with her career. Talk about getting in on the ground floor!


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10 Facts About Single Men And Their Love Lives That You Won't Believe