10 Extremely Weird Superstitions These Celebs Swear By

In England, nearly 1 million people believe in the power of lucky underwear, and nearly 3 million swear by the idea that if you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake, you will get your wish. And Stateside? Nearly 40 percent of American women believe finding a penny brings good luck, and 1 in 5 believe that walking under a ladder brings bad ju-ju.

The Germans seem like such a sensible bunch. But German folklore dictates that sex during a rainstorm can lead to problems. Why? Because a child conceived on a rainy day is more likely to be a problem child. Another German gem: not looking into the eyes of your partner as you toast will lead to 7 years of bad sex. And here's one to note from Thailand: placing a mirror near your bed will turn you into a sex fiend. We predict a run on mirrors when that gets out.

Celebrities are human. And like the rest of us, they have their lucky charms, rituals and security blankets. Glee's Kristin Chenoworth wouldn't be caught dead walking under a ladder. Rapper Missy Elliot believes black cats are bad mojo and reportedly will turn around and go back home if one crosses her path. Over in Spain, Pirates of the Caribbean actress Penelope Cruz rubs her head to ward off evil spirits.

It all seems harmless enough. But sometimes celebrities take the superstition thing a little too far. From toothbrushes to baby teeth and rubber ducks, here are 10 celebrities that take superstition to extreme.

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10 Chris Martin


Want to sing better? Brush your teeth. That's what Coldplay's Chris Martin believes. Reportedly, Martin won't go out to perform without brushing his teeth first. Apparently he believes it will help him hit the right notes on stage. Maybe he has a lucky toothbrush? He's not the only rocker with weird superstitions, though. Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, ordered an ironing board and iron for his dressing rooms because he had to iron something before a show. And Sergio Trevino, indie band Buxton's front man, thinks he will die if he sees a full moon. Come on guys. Like the Coldplay song says, it's only superstition.

9 Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal


Mega-rich tennis stars are not immune to the belief that certain things bring good or bad luck. So, when Serena Williams plays in a tournament, she wears the same pair of socks throughout. No word on whether they get washed in between. And she must tie her shoes the same way every time.On the first serve of every game? She believes she has to bounce the ball precisely 5 times. That's 5 exactly, or else bad things will happen. Think that's weird? Well, take a look at former Men's ATP Tennis Number One, Rafael Nadal. When the Spaniard crosses the lines on the court, his right foot has to go first. Also, he keeps tugging at both of his socks, which he believes must be exactly the same height. Wait, there's more. His water bottles have to be lined up in front of his chair with the labels facing the court. And, he will not drink from the same bottle twice in a row. Whew! With all that to remember, no wonder he's not Number One any longer.

8 Keith Richards


The Rolling Stones are like the great-grandads of rock, and guitarist Keith Richards was named by Rolling Stone, as the 4th best guitarist of all time. But great or not, he has a food thing. Well, maybe a control thing. In spite of the Rolling Stones song "I Ain't Superstitious", Richards is just that. He insists on Shepherds Pie being served to him on tour. And what's more, he has to be the one to break the crust in his private "tuning" room backstage. If anyone else touches it, it's reportedly back to square one and a new pie must be produced. In fact, on one occasion, when someone else got to the pie first, Richards went into a flaming, booze-fueled fit and fired the group's head of security. Security for a Shepherds Pie? Other rituals? Keith has to have a snooker table set up backstage so he can play before each show.

7 James McAvoy


X-Men star James McAvoy is Scottish, and he has a Scottish grandmother. She taught him many things, including how to insure a run of good luck. It's pretty easy. On the first of the month, you have to say "White Rabbit" to the first person you meet. Following granny's advice will apparently mean good luck for the month. With his string of hits being an ongoing thing, he must be doing the White Rabbit thing right. Just in case. It can't hurt, unless someone thinks you've lost it big time. Heaven only knows what Magneto would make of it. 

6 Meat Loaf

Rocker Meat Loaf is a big and beefy kind of guy, who just happens to have a collection of teddy bears. Teddy bears? Anyway, he will not, just will not, travel unless his beloved teddies Mani and Marietta are there with him. OK, reportedly he also believes his teddies can come alive. The Bat Out of Hell star insists the bears get backstage passes, and also maintains that their facial expressions change. We bet he is a big Toy Story fan. The bears probably inspired his 2010 "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" album.  Sweet, isn't it? And maybe a little nuts?

5 Heidi Klum


From the woman who named her breasts Hans and Franz, and who saved her son's cut hair for art projects, comes traveling with baby teeth. Yes, baby teeth. Reportedly, when she travels, the German super-model and host of Project Runway carries her baby teeth in a pouch. Why? Well, why else? She believes it will bring good luck. With a 28 year old boy toy, Vito Schnabel in tow, the 41 year old mother of four is probably going to need all the luck she can find.    

4 Axl Rose

The Gun N' Roses front man (and only original band member) has had a turbulent, controversial kind of life. Periodically, he has disappeared from sight, and was recently the subject of a death hoax. No, Axl Rose is alive, if not well. His superstition is fittingly weird: He believes the letter "M" is evil, or cursed, or whatever, and he refuses to perform in a city that begins with "M". Additionally, he reportedly travels with a psychic and believes that he and former girlfriend Stephanie, were lovers in previous lives. To top it all off, his ex-wife has gotten up in court and said he believes he is possessed by Led Zeppelin's John Bonham. Okay, that's probably enough.

3 Lady Gaga


It won't surprise you that Lady Gaga's superstition has to do with sex. But, it's not what you think. The queen of off-the-wall, who brought you memorable songs such as "Paparazzi" believes that having sex with someone who does not care about you can mess up your energy. In a nutshell, she believes casual sex saps your creativity. Reportedly, boyfriend Taylor Kinney of The Vampire Diaries' fame, cries when she sings. We are not certain if that is a good thing or a bad thing energy-wise. And what about the hickey she Tweeted about recently? Was Taylor sapping her energy through her neck?

2 Geoffrey Rush


He plays fierce, slightly comical, Barbossa in The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The winner of acting's Triple Crown (Academy Award, Tony Award, and Emmy Award) has a simple philosophy about how to insure good luck. James McAvoy may have his White Rabbit, and we all know about Heidi and her teeth, but Geoffrey Rush has a different take on the good luck thing. Reportedly, it's a rubber duck called Daffy that he stashes in his pocket when he attends award shows. Is that a duck in your pocket or are you glad . . . Hey, it's worked hasn't it?

1 Jason Terry


Move stars, rockers and models aside, some of the most superstitious celebrities on the face of this earth are athletes. Remember Nadal and Serena Williams? Tennis great Bjorn Borg grew a "lucky beard" for Wimbledon (he won 5). Michael Jordan wore his University of North Carolina basketball shorts under his game kit. But wait for the scoop on the Dallas Maverick's shooting guard, Jason Terry. Before a game, he must, must, eat chicken. During the game, he has to wear 5 pairs of socks while he's playing. And the night before a game? He sleeps wearing the opposing team's shorts. With the Mavericks near the bottom of the NBA Western Conference, maybe he should throw in a rubber duck, some teeth and a better team.

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