10 Easy Tricks To Help Improve Your Sleep

One of the most important factors that goes into someone having a good day may be the amount of sleep that they got the night before. Without a good night's sleep, many individuals may find themselves irritable or in a slowed down state of mind throughout the day.

It can be incredibly frustrating to know that you are not performing to the best of your abilities because your body does not physically have the energy to do the tasks it needs to. If you have a job that is physically demanding, a lack of proper sleep can also be incredibly detrimental to your success in your career.

No matter what you do for a living, nobody likes to go through the day feeling exhausted. It can also be tough feeling like you can fall asleep, but are unable to sleep steadily through the night. Thankfully, there are no shortage of tips and tricks that you can implement in your own day to make sleeping an easier process. This can include cutting out certain things in your life (like that caffeine at 2am...oops) as well as making sure that you are actively doing things to help make sleep less of a place of frustration.

The more you start to recognize the habits that go into you feeling well-rested, the better you can repeat them and create a really nice sleep pattern that can pay dividends in all areas of your life. Make sure that if you are sleeping and it is not going well, you take a deep breath and try and focus on different areas that you know may help calm your mind and allow you to get the sleep you need.

Everyone's body is different, and everyone may find different things that work for them. However, for all the individuals that are up and are unable to sleep (such as myself), here are 10 ways that you can help get a better sleep starting tonight!

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10 Have Magnesium

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One of the best ways to start improving your sleep at night can be making sure you are getting enough magnesium. While it is not often thought of as a sleep aid, it has been described as one of the most powerful relaxation minerals. Magnesium helps de-stress you and also make any parts of you that may feel stiff, more relaxed. Nothing can impact your night's sleep like feeling cramps, so if you can be relaxed and feel less stiff you are really talking about a win-win! Magnesium can be found in a lot of foods that we consume every day, such as garlic, parsley, beans and almonds.

9 Try Some Aromatherapy

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A successful implementation of aromatherapy in your life can help make the transition in your mind of "bed = sleep" all the easier to make. One of the most debilitating things that someone can suffer from is insomnia. While aromatherapy will not cure your insomnia, it can do wonders in helping making you feel relaxed and soothed before you go to sleep. There are also specific oils and scents that you can purchase to help make the process of sleep all the easier. It is also worth pointing out that there are also certain scents that can help energize you, if you feel you need an extra kick start in the morning but are trying to limit your caffeine intake.

8 Have Melatonin

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Melatonin is one of the more well-known ways that people can try and induce sleep. While often considered as a "sleeping pill," there is more science behind melatonin that is worth looking into. The drug tricks your body into feeling like it is nighttime, and thus starts relaxing and shutting down. This can be great if you are trying to sleep, but be careful not to take it during the day or to become too dependent on it or its effectiveness can decrease. It is recommended, if you start taking melatonin, that you don't use it for more than two consecutive weeks before taking a break.

7 Yoga/Meditation

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When you are trying to get your body ready for sleep, it can be incredibly helpful to feel like you are in a calm and relaxed state. As a result, many individuals may find doing some form of yoga or meditation to be incredibly helpful in inducing sleep. Now don't get me wrong, we aren't going to go full-out hot yoga sweatfest, but on a long day it can be jarring to go from running around so much to immediately to sleep. Yoga or meditation is a fantastic activity that always ensures you take some time out of your day to reflect and re-center your mind for the day ahead.

6 Set A Regular Sleep Schedule

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One thing that can be incredibly helpful in a healthy sleep schedule is making sure it is a consistent one. If you find yourself constantly alternating between little nights of sleep and long nights where you get more rest, your body may constantly be feeling like it is in "catch up" mode. Make sure you realize that sleep is something that is a priority too, and helping schedule it into your night (as opposed to just when you feel drop dead tired) can also make you feel like you have more control over your sleep. If you are able to know what time you need to wake up, then you can also make sure you are still getting the necessary hours that you need to be effective on your next day of work.

5 Stop Smoking (Cigarettes)

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One of the best things that you can do for your health is quitting smoking. It impacts so many different areas of your life in a negative way, it should perhaps not come as a surprise that it can also impact your sleeping patterns. It has recently been linked to throwing off your body's clock which leads to a restless sleep. This happens because the nicotine decreases a molecule in your brain known as SIRTUIN1, which helps regulate your body's natural clock. While this is damaging, it is a process that is thankfully reversible if you are able to stop smoking.

4 Watch your caffeine

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Caffeine is a necessity for many individuals to try and get through the day. You wake up, coffee. You get some pizza? Lets have some Coca-Cola with that. Yet when you were a child, I bet your parents mentioned that all that caffeine would make it hard to sleep, and they would be right. Caffeine, especially taken before bedtime, has been linked to impacting the quality of sleep as well as delaying the onset of sleep. I suppose it only makes sense that the thing that helps you feel awake and energized throughout the day is not exactly the best helper when it comes to trying to get to sleep.

3 Don’t Be Drunk

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Alcohol can be a lot of fun when it is handled in the right setting. However one of the worst places to be when you are too drunk is in your bed. You may close your eyes and start feeling like the room is spinning and it is in that moment that you know you are in for a bad time. Not only does a hangover the next day await, but alcohol also has an impact on the quality of sleep you'll be receiving. Alcohol is known to disrupt the REM cycle of your sleep, which is often when the most dreaming occurs and is a monumental part in what makes sleep feel so refreshing. No wonder you feel like a zombie the next day!

2 Get Out Of Bed (If You Can’t Sleep)

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One of the toughest things about being unable to sleep is the sense of frustration that can set in. You know you need sleep, you know it's getting later and closer to your alarm and yet you just can't will yourself to sleep. In this situation, it may be recommended that you get out of bed and go and do a low-impact activity such as reading, which will not engage your eyes too much or make you too alert. By doing this before you get to a state of extreme frustration you will also be making your transition back to the bed after your activity smoother, and this will lead to a better sleep.

1 Make Your Bedroom A Place For Sleep

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Your bedroom is a fantastic part of your home and one that should always invoke a sense of comfort. It can be only natural to want to spend as much time as you can lounging out on your comfortable bed. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes that individuals may make is when they start to use their bed for activities beyond sleep or intimacy. It can be hard to trick your body into sleep when you also use your bed as the place where you watch TV. Similarly, good luck trying to get a good night's sleep while you are battling the crumbs from last night's dinner.

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