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10 Cheapest Luxury Jets

10 Cheapest Luxury Jets

Imagine being a new member of the elite class. You now have the money to spend to buy all the luxury items that you can ever think of. And one of the first things that you have to deal with are those long and agonizing waits in the airports, from the check in to the downtime spent in the lobby. You also have to queue for passport and baggage inspection, as well as wait for your luggage to be offloaded at the point of arrival.

You can do away with all these by having your own luxury jet. It does not have to be one of those giant planes from Boeing or Airbus that oil sheikhs are fond of purchasing. An entry-level jet will do just fine. Here is a list of the top 10 cheapest entry-level luxury jets.


10. Honda HA-420 Honda Jet – $4.5 million



The Honda HA-420 Honda Jet is the first aircraft developed by Honda Motor Company of Japan. Michimasa Fujino designs this business jet. It was introduced in 2011 and four prototypes have already been built. It is still undergoing testing. It has an unusual podded engine configuration, a feature that was developed several years earlier by Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke, or VFW-614. The jet combines lightweight materials with properly-configured aerodynamics and extremely efficient engines. The result is a fuel-efficiency rating that is 35 percent better than similar aircrafts.


9. Spectrum S-33 Independence – $3.945 million


Spectrum Aeronautical is building the Spectrum S-33 Independence jet. It is still under development and only one has been built. It has been designed to cruise at 45,000 feet at speeds of 415 knots and distance of as much as 3,700 kilometers. If plans do not miscarry, it should be 50 percent more fuel efficient than other similar aircrafts. It can accommodate up to six passengers and will feature a full-sized lavatory. The maximum take-off weight will be 7,300 pounds.


8. Embraer Phenom 100 – $3.6 million


The Embraer Phenom 100 is a jet made in Brazil. Over 250 units have been built and delivered. It can carry up to six passengers, though in its normal configuration, it can only accommodate four people. Maximum flying range is at 2,182 kilometers. It can go at a maximum speed of 722 kilometers per hour.  The Canadian company called Pratt & Whitney supplies the PW617-F engine.


7. Cessna Citation Mustang – $2.65 million



The Citation Mustang is a popular light jet built by Cessna. Over 400 units have been built and delivered. It has a maximum range of 2,161 kilometers. Maximum speed of the jet is at Mach 0.63, while the cruising speed is 630 kilometers per hour. It can carry up to five passengers and is powered by a couple of PW615F turbofan engines from Pratt & Whitney. It has a low-wing cantilever monoplane design with tricycle landing gear that can be retracted.


6. Eclipse 500 – $2.15 million



The Eclipse 500 was first delivered in 2006. Around 260 units have been built and delivered. It has a maximum speed of 370 knots or 685 kilometers per hour with range of up to 2,084 kilometers. It has a capacity of up to five passengers and is powered by two PW610F turbofan engines from Pratt & Whitney. After Eclipse stopped manufacturing the planes in 2008 due to lack of funds, refurbished versions under the brand name Total Eclipse were offered. These jet planes include GPS-coupled autopilots and the Flight Into Known Icing package.


5. Stratos 714 – $2 million




The Stratos 714 is a very light jet manufactured by Stratos Aircraft. It can accommodate up to four passengers. The jet plane is powered by a single FJ44-3AP from Williams. The plane’s maximum speed is 415 knots or 769 kilometers per hour. The maximum range of the Stratos 714 is 1,975 nautical miles.


4. Diamond D-Jet – $1.89 million


The Diamond D-Jet is a single-engine jet plane manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries. The company’s main target market for this aircraft is the group of owners who have the ability to pilot their own jets. The plane is more practical for single-pilot operations than its main competitors, like the Eclipse 500 and the Cessna Citation Mustang. Maximum altitude of the plane is limited to 25,000 feet, making it a lot safer in case pressurization fails. The maximum speed of the plane is 583 kilometers per hour, with cruising speed of 444 kilometers per hour. It has the capacity to accommodate up to four passengers.


3. Cirrus Vision SF50 – $1.72 million



The Cirrus Vision SF50 is still in the prototype stage and undergoing testing. It intends to compete more with the Diamond D-Jet than with the Cessna Citation Mustang and Eclipse 500 as its target is the personal use market. The plane is being built using composite materials and will have a Ballistic Recovery Systems parachute. It has the capacity to accommodate up to six passengers. A single FJ33 engine from Williams powers the jet plane. Maximum cruise speed stands at 556 kilometers per hour.


2. Sport-Jet II – $1.2 million



The Sport-Jet II is an offering from Sport Jet, Ltd. It has the capacity to accommodate up to five passengers. A single JT15D engine from Pratt & Whitney powers the jet. It can go at a maximum speed of 380 knots or 704 kilometers per hour and its maximum range is 1,000 nautical miles. The jet is actually already in its second pre-production. It boasts of a much bigger cabin than the first one. The first model was totally destroyed in June 2006 during its testing phase.


1. Epic Victory – $1 million


The Epic Victory was originally designed and manufactured by Epic Aircraft. It can accommodate up to five passengers and is powered by a single FJ33-4 engine from Williams. It has a maximum speed of 320 knots and a maximum range of 1,200 nautical miles. Epic Aircraft went bankrupt in 2009, however. Its assets were then bought in the middle of 2010 by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, which immediately restarted production and certification of the jet aircraft.

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