10 Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Charitable

Charitable celebs have been brought to the forefront of the media in the past two weeks because of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which so far has raised over $50 million for the disease. Many celebrities have made videos to spread awareness and have opened up their check books. But what about the many generous celebs you had no idea were giving to a variety of organizations all along? There are many charitable celebs that we all know about. For example, it’s common knowledge that Elton John raises a great deal of money for AIDS through his namesake organization. We all know that Angelina Jolie is an ambassador for the UN and regularly goes on missions to help children. But what about those celebs whose efforts perhaps aren't leaked everywhere in the press? Here are ten celebs you had no idea were charitable. While some of these names aren't surprising, many will be, especially those with less than stellar reputations. But perhaps the worse the reputation, the more charitable the person. Read on and see...

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10 Justin Bieber


9 Miley Cyrus


8 Charlie Sheen


7 Chris Pratt


6 Taylor Swift


5 Dave Navarro


While he tries to come off as a cool rock star, Ink Master host and Jane’s Addiction Guitarist, Dave Navarro is just as good, as he appears to be bad. Most recently, he raised over $24,000 for Operation Smile, which is an organization that provides free surgeries to children with cleft palate and other facial deformities. $24,000 will provide approximately 100 children with free surgeries, making them smile a whole lot brighter. Navarro has also worked with pediatric AIDS charities, domestic violence awareness charities and PETA, as well as MusiCares and many others.

4 Paul Walker

You might not know it, but the late Paul Walker was one of the most charitable and giving celebrities. It was revealed after his death that many years ago, he secretly bought an engagement right for a military serviceman who couldn't afford his fiancée’s dream ring. Keeping his efforts a secret was important to Walker, who in 2011, when a tornado hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama, went to there to help out, not only with his checkbook, but also performed manual labor. Walker also donated to the Haiti relief effort and Reach Out Worldwide, among many other organizations. Walker probably performed many acts of generosity we might never know about.

3 Ian Somerholder


2 Demi Lovato


Actress, singer and X-Factor Judge, Demi Lovato is a caring celebrity who really gives back with her heart. In 2013, she founded the Demi Lovato Charity Boutique. Through E-Bay, Lovato sells clothing, purses, jewelry, sunglasses and signed memorabilia, and donates the money to Free The Children, which is an organization that “empowers youth to be agents of change.” Lovato also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and spent her birthday last year doing service work in Kenya. She also works to spread awareness of and has advocated for mental illness and eating disorders, because she’s openly struggled with these issues herself.

1 Russell Brand


Get Him To The Greek star and stand up comedian, Russell Brand is one of the most charitable celebrities, giving his cash and his time to others who are less fortunate than him. There are endless stories of Brand taking homeless people from LA’s skid row out to dinner, and taking them to 12-Step meetings for drug and alcohol addiction. A former drug addict and alcoholic himself, Brand is open about his addiction and most recently helped open a rehab center called Freehab. The center helps homeless youth suffering from drug addiction. As the name implies, the program is free. Actor Danny Trejo is also involved with the organization.

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