10 Celebs Who Were Diagnosed With Painful Diseases

Having to deal with a sickness in the privacy of your own home is bad, but try living with a painful disease that has to be played out in front of fans, photographers, and the media. It seems as if celebrities who carry diseases that are unbelievably painful, or can perhaps lead to death, are bittersweet to them. On one side, they can do some good by educating others on it, while the bad side to it is being bombarded with interviews, experiencing intrusive behavior from the paparazzi, and not finding any sort of peace of mind when the entire world is watching. Which begs the question on how these celebrities could have done it, as all ten of these famous faces are battling diseases of their own that have heavily impacted their lives. Some only found out about their conditions later on in life, while others were diagnosed with their disease from an early age. Symptoms in their cases are anything from liver inflammation, swelling in the brain, body aches, paralyzed legs, loss of vision, seizures, amongst many other scary things that one would certainly want to go through. See how these ten celebrities have dealt with their excruciatingly painful diseases below. Did you know that these celebs had been diagnosed with these conditions?

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10 T-Boz — Sickle Cell Disease


T-Boz from TLC would go on to learn that she was battling sickle cell disease, which almost caused her family to pull her out from the group. T-Boz, whose real name is Tionne Watkins, would faint before live performances, and she was even told she would never have children due to the severe condition of her disease. She would have “the worst cramps,” Tionne once explained. Even worse, doctors then found out that Watkins also had a brain tumor, causing severe headaches, difficulty in reading, writing and walking. The songstress, who has since had the tumor removed, revealed that she is doing much better these days, but stresses that sickle-cell disease will always be a part of her life.

9 Missy Elliott — Graves’ Disease

Graves’ disease, which is “a swelling of the neck and protrusion of the eyes resulting from an overactive thyroid gland” should most certainly not be looked upon as a light condition. Rapper Missy Elliott, suffers from this particular illness. She famously recalled the time when certain body parts had begun to swell up because of the disease, and what made things worse is that Missy was overweight at the time, resulting in her being told that if she doesn’t lose weight, she could potentially die. While she began dieting, she still experienced painful swelling, that she has somewhat gotten under control over the course of years thanks to medication.

8 Nick Cannon — Lupus

Nick Cannon had to quit his radio show because it was taking up so much time of his day, preventing him from getting any sleep. On top of that, the TV host suffers from lupus and acute kidney failure — this pretty much means that pushing yourself to the boundaries of no sleep and consistent work is sure to land you back in the hospital. Cannon has been hospitalized on multiple occasions in 2014, having complained of painful stomach aches because of his disease, hence why he has chosen to do less work and focus on more resting time.

7 Toni Braxton — Lupus

Toni Braxton also suffers from lupus. In fact, the Grammy award-winning artist was diagnosed with the condition back when she was just 15. Since then, Braxton has often fainted backstage before live performances. She even fainted before the start of her long-awaited comeback tour, resulting in her having to cancel all of the planned shows. Toni has admitted that because of her condition with lupus, she does require a lot of rest, otherwise she’ll blackout and potentially hurt herself from the injury.

6 Lil Wayne — Epilepsy

Many don’t know that Lil Wayne actually suffers from epilepsy — a common condition which quite a lot of musicians have been diagnosed with. But not all of them have it as bad as Wayne, who infamously suffered three seizures in the course of a month due to the disease. Doctors were convinced at the time that the rapper’s love for sizzurp (also known as purple drank) was one of the causing factors to his health downfall. It is unclear whether Wayne is still suffering seizures this often.

5 Sharon Stone — Brain Aneurysm

Sharon Stone is one lucky lady. The actress learned in 2001 that she was suffering from a brain aneurysm, which is probably one of the most painful things to be diagnosed with. Why? Well, Stone had it very bad — to the point where doctors were convinced she would die. When Sharon began bleeding in the brain for almost two weeks, it was almost certain she wouldn’t make it- the pain from the bleeding was excruciating, she said at the time. Fortunately for the actress, the bleeding eventually stopped and the doctors were able to stabilize her health, but the damages that came with the fact that Stone had to learn how to walk and read again.

4 Michael J. Fox — Parkinson’s Disease

Michael J. Fox was famously diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991. His symptoms reportedly worsened a decade after he learned about his health condition scare, leading him to fall very sick and pass out numerous times. Many people who suffer from the disease, that end up with fainting spells, are known to seriously injure themselves when it does happen. Furthermore, Fox has often stressed that the disease also brings severe pneumonia. Definitely not something anyone would enjoy living with.

3 Jack Osbourne — Multiple Sclerosis

Jack Osbourne was stunned to learn he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis — a disease known to cause a loss in one’s vision, along with excruciating pain in the legs and arms. Osbourne was said to have lost an astounding 70% in his vision following his diagnosis, and his joints were hurting him so much that a wheelchair was always at hand when the 29-year-old would ever want go anywhere with his family. If one’s condition worsens, it is known that MS can also cause paralysis in the legs, meaning that person would no longer be able to walk.

2 Cher — Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Legendary singer Cher, is said to be suffering from Myalgic encephalomyelitis, famously known as a chronic disease fatigue syndrome, causing the singer to feel drowsy and tired several times throughout the day. The disease has been branded as a severe medical condition that worsens over the years. Treating Cher’s illness is a tough one, as there are usually many side effects to it, but one thing that the ageing musician has stressed about in recent years is that she often feels pain just to get out of the bed, mainly because her body is feeling so weak.

1 Avril Lavigne — Lyme Disease

Lyme disease has become one of the most talked about diseases in recent years — in Hollywood at least. Avril Lavigne has been very vocal about her own serious condition, that once had her fearing for her life. The singer had to cancel plans on previous album sessions because she felt extremely weak, had constant body aches, headaches, joint pains and neurological problems. Avril was also said to have had liver inflammation, which all caused her to feel unbelievable pain, leaving her stuck at a hospital for weeks on end. Lavigne has since opened up about her condition, admitting that the medication she’s using is making her feel much better and that she plans on touring again very soon.

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