10 Celebs Who Went To Rehab But Came Out Worse

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can have different effects, depending on the individual. Of course, the purpose of rehab is to help people overcome their addictions. During the rehabilitation process, addicts may also undergo counselling to get to the root of their issues. They may discover that they have become dependent on substances because the tendency is hereditary. Or, rehabilitation may help addicts to see that they began destructive habits after a traumatic childhood event or a failed relationship.

After a brief or extended stint in rehab, a number of people go on to live full and happy lives, free from their former demons. However, some people have to go to rehab more than once in order to get positive results. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who don’t get the help they need while in rehabilitation. Some revert back to their former habits, and some lose their lives because they are not able to beat their addictions.

Celebrities have long relied on rehab to help them get clean and sober. Of course, news of a celebrity rehab stint is always a hot topic, and fans are relieved when a celeb is able to make changes for the better. However, there are some celebrities who actually get worse after rehab. Here are 10 celebrities that rehabilitation unfortunately didn’t work for.

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10 Joey Kovar


Joey Kovar was known for being a Real World cast member, but left the show to go to rehab for alcoholism. Kovar also had an addiction to pills. Joey Kovar then went on to appear on the show Celebrity Rehab. After leaving Celebrity Rehab, he posed for Playgirl. Joey Kovar was also seen numerous times on the red carpet while obviously under the influence of harmful substances. It was clear that rehabilitation was not enough to help Kovar turn his life around. In August of 2012, Kovar was found dead in a friend’s home. After an autopsy, it was revealed that Kovar died from opiate intoxication.

9 Chyna

Chyna, whose real name is Joanie Laurer, is a female wrestler. She appeared on season one of Celebrity Rehab. While on the show, she stated that she didn’t consider herself a drug addict, which may contribute to the reason that rehab didn’t work for her. The same year that she was on Celebrity Rehab (2008), Laurer was rushed to the hospital after she got severely drunk at her birthday party. She was too intoxicated to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Laurer was passed out when she got to the hospital, and had multiple cuts on her arms. Two years later, Chyna was hospitalized again after overdosing on sleeping pills.

8 Mary Carey

7 Jeff Conaway

6 David Arquette

5 Rodney King


Unfortunately, Rodney King is most remembered for being the Black man who was nearly beat to death during the Los Angeles riots in the early 1990s. As a result of the trauma he suffered from the incident, King became an alcoholic. After getting some assistance from Dr. Drew, it seemed that he was conquering his addictions and living a more healthy and balanced life. When he appeared on a Celebrity Rehab update show, Rodney King celebrated being sober for a year. He also admitted during the show that he smoked marijuana on a daily basis to reduce anxiety. However, in June of 2012, Rodney King was found dead in his swimming pool. He drowned after getting in the pool while intoxicated.

4 Mel Gibson

3 Andy Dick

The actor and comedian has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse. He has stated several times that he wants to be sober for the sake of his children. Andy Dick has been to rehab about 13 times, which could be an indication that he is committed to figuring out how to be sober. However, Dick did get into some trouble with the law, even after a few rehab stints. Andy Dick was also a Dancing With the Stars cast member and tried his best to remain sober during his time on the show. The actor also has a desire to help others who are going through addiction, and even offered to visit Lindsay Lohan while she was spending time in rehab.

2 Lindsay Lohan

1 Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith was one of the stars of Glee, and passed away from a drug and alcohol overdose in his hotel room in Canada. Two months before his death, he went to rehab for his addictions. After leaving rehab, Monteith seemed to be healthy and happy, and was seen going out to dinner with friends, attending a hockey game with girlfriend and Glee co-star Lea Michele, and going to a photoshoot for the show. Addiction experts have shared that the time directly following rehab is often the hardest for addicts, which is likely why Cory fell victim to his addictions again. Fellow celebrity addicts have also stated that addiction is a disease, and effective treatment for the disease varies according to the individual.

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