10 Celebs Who Walked Down The Aisle Together Twice

Committing yourself to another person for the rest of your life is a huge step. Most people take years to decide whether or not they want to go to sleep and wake up with the same person, as long as they both shall live. When you finally decide to take that next step and pledge yourself to another person, chances are, you think that the marriage is going to stand the test of time. Unfortunately for the celebrities listed below, a long and happy marriage just wasn't in the cards for them. But that didn't stop these lovesick celebrities from taking another shot at love. What’s more, having loved and lost certainly didn't stop these celebrities from trying again with the same person. All of the celebrities listed below were married to the same person more than once. Some of these second marriages did stand the test of time, while others crashed and burned just like the first time around. Whatever the result was of these celebrity relationships, one thing is sure, all of the couples listed below just can’t seem to quit one another. So to see if love can really work the second time around, below is a list of ten celebrities who married the same person twice.

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10 Melanie Griffith 


9 Larry King 


8 Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner 


Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner married in 1957, when Wood was just nineteen years old. Wood admitted that she had a crush on Wagner since she was a child, so despite the protests from Wood’s mother, the pair decided to tie the knot. However, this first marriage was not meant to last. The pair separated in 1961 and divorced in 1962. Wood went on to marry British producer Richard Gregson, but the couple separated in 1972. Just months after Gregson and Wood’s divorce was final, Wood and Wagner decided to remarry. Wood’s sister Lana, describes the pair's marriage as so, “Her marriage was considered to be one of the best in Hollywood, and there is no question that she was a devoted, loving-even adoring-mother and stepmother.” Wood and Wagner remained married until Wood’s death in 1981.

7 NeNe Leakes 


6 Barbara Walters 


5 Marie Osmond 


4 Judge Judy 


3 Eminem 


2 Pamela Anderson 


1 Elizabeth Taylor 


Elizabeth Taylor was married eight different times to seven different men. When Taylor was asked why she decided to get married so many times, Taylor said, “I don’t know, honey. It sure beats the hell out of me.” Taylor also added, “I was taught by my parents that if you fall in love, if you want to have a love affair, you get married, I guess I’m very old-fashioned.” Taylor’s fifth husband was actor Richard Burton. The pair married in 1964. The couple’s relationship was highly publicized because both of them had been married to others when they started their relationship. Ten years after the couple wed, they decided to call it quits, but it wasn't for long. Just one year after their separation, the couple remarried in a ceremony in Kasane, Botswana. Taylor and Burton divorced the next year.

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