10 Celebs Who Shockingly Went From Flab To Fit

Celebrities tend to crave for fattening junk food just like we do -- which is a good thing because it makes us feel better when we happen to feel like we want to indulge on a pizza, right? Still, it is important to note that pizza isn't something that you should be eating every day. And while that's common sense, tell that to Janet Jackson who couldn't get enough of it when she packed on 60 lbs in 2005, along with ice cream, candy and absolutely no exercise. Jackson isn't the only person who has let themselves go over the years; all of these ten celebrities eventually knew that if they were not going to do something about their weight, they could end up facing serious consequences regarding their health. Eating junk food feels good when you are in the moment, but the feeling afterward is anything but pleasant. And don't even get me started on the guilt. Here are the ten celebrities who shockingly went from flab to fit. Shocking for the fact that nobody would have thought that these famous faces could ever sport a two-piece bikini again, or be cast in roles to play hunky characters.


10 Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has never shied away from the fact that she loves eating junk food. Whenever she’s not prepping for a new album release, she eats whatever she wants. But in 2005, when she infamously packed on 50 lbs, everybody doubted the idea that she could lose the weight before the release of her album 20 Y.O just six months later. Well, thanks to a great fitness trainer and an outstanding personal chef, Janet did not only lose the flab, she gained some serious muscle and abs. Jackson stressed at the time that all of her hard work came through fitness and dieting — no surgery.

9 Khloe Kardashian

While she was always considered the ‘bigger one’ out of her Kardashian siblings, Khloe Kardashian began taking things into her own hands in 2013. Following her split from estranged husband Lamar Odom, Khloe began working out like crazy — not just to look good, but also for it to be something to do in the hopes to clear her mind from Lamar. By 2014, Khloe was rocking insane curves, her legs were insanely toned, and Khloe became so confident in her body that she started rocking two-piece bikinis. Good for her.

8 Christina Aguilera

Has anybody forgotten that time Christina Aguilera really let herself go? Nope? Neither have I. The songstress really packed on the pounds in 2013, which was inevitably the heaviest she had ever been in her life. Though it was never mentioned how much she weighed, it wasn’t hard to make out that X-tina had been enjoying fried food way too much. Fortunately, Aguilera got herself back together; eating relatively healthier, she also hired a trainer to help her get in shape. She did admit that the experience from flab to fit was excruciatingly hard but absolutely worth it.

7 Chris Pratt

The Chris Pratt everybody is seeing in movies such as Jurassic World, was not the same Chris that Anna Faris married. Anna only knew Pratt to be chubby, and maybe a little overweight, but she clearly loved him regardless of how much he weighed, otherwise she wouldn’t have married him, right? But after having landed the part in the Jurassic World blockbuster hit, Chris had to start working out like a maniac to build serious muscle mass. The before and after pictures from the actor’s journey are pretty insane. He’s worked hard to get to where he is now, and it's certainly paying off.

6 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was not finding it easy getting her body back to its usual slimmer frame following the birth of her twins. And while her children are Mariah’s biggest blessing in life, Carey did struggle coming to terms with the idea that she was going to remain heavier for years to come. That is unless she was going to do something about it. The songstress joined Jenny Craig in 2012, and within months, she began shedding the weight like it was nothing. She swore by the company’s products, saying it’s her secret to getting in the best shape one can only imagine.

5 Snooki


Nobody can forget those infamous days when MTV used to air Jersey Shore. Yes, it was trash television, but we all fell in love with the people on that program; Snooki, in particular. The reality star has been on a “health journey” for the past three years. She didn’t like the way she looked on television, stressing that she had never seen herself look so big before — which evidently led her to get up from her butt and hit the gym. Today, Snooki is rocking a much slimmer figure, to the point where one may think she has gone overboard with the workouts.

4 Kelly Osbourne

Think your teenage years were bad? Try being a former drug addict, dealing with depression, having anger management problems, and dealing with an eating problem. Kelly Osbourne was struggling to get her weight under control during one of the darkest times of her life; all the negative substances she had surrounded herself by were driving her insane. Eventually, Kelly got clean from drugs and alcohol, and with that alone, the weight began to drop. From there on, Osbourne dedicated a good amount of time to exercising and eating well.


3 Jonah Hill


The world was introduced to Jonah Hill as an overweight actor — big enough for him to realize that his overweight figure was not doing him any favors. Hill had struggled to get his eating habits under control, and many doctors feared that if the Hollywood star did not start getting his life together, he could potentially die. With his acting career taking off, Jonah made sure he could enjoy stardom for as long as possible, not letting his weight get in the way of things. In 2013, he lost 40 lbs in just one year, supposedly the slimmest he had been in years.

2 Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson struggled with her weight for a long time. It wasn’t until Weight Watchers approached the singer with a multi-million dollar deal to sponsor their company that Jennifer really started to take dieting seriously. Hudson was determined to see herself looking happy and healthy, and not overweight and depressed. From all the meals the company offered, mixed with regular sessions to the gym for some good old cardio, Jennifer was able to achieve the fit body she had always dreamed of having.

1 Timbaland


Music producer Timbaland has always been very vocal about his eating problems in the past. Timbaland, real name Timothy, once opened up about his struggle, saying that he became suicidal over his physical appearance. It took him years to finally grasp the understanding behind the fact that if you don’t do anything about it, nothing is going to change. As of today, Timbaland is in a much better place, having lost a huge amount of weight, and producing the majority of songs on the popular show, Empire.



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