10 Celebs Who Rebounded With Total Losers

Fans love to see their celeb idols in relationships that seemingly make sense; the couple understands one another, may sometimes lead to arguments, but generally, there is nothing but love and happiness. So when — what appears to be — the perfect Hollywood couple decide to call it quits, people often wonder who their rebounds are going to be. For this particular list, it is not hard to believe that all of these celebs managed to rebound from their exes with total losers. From underage girls who fell in love with men that are almost a decade older than them, to those who were constantly being cheated on by their rebound boyfriends, leading them to even more pain than before. A rebound is usually someone you fall in love with almost instantly after your last relationship falls apart, so it shouldn’t be that hard to see why so many of these stars fail to make their rebound romances last longer than their previous one. Because, in all fairness, a rebound is nothing more than a fling — at least given the impression of these celebs, who struggled in making their relationships work with these losers.


10 Kylie Jenner and Tyga

Before getting into a relationship with 25-year-old rapper Tyga, Kylie Jenner was said to have been seeing Jaden Smith. The twosome were believed to have dated for two years, before finally going their separate ways, leading Kylie to fall in love with Tyga, whom she had been friends with since she was sixteen. It is unclear at what point their romance took off, but one thing is for sure, Tyga was dating Jenner when she was still underage. Fans were stunned that a grown man would want to get into a relationship with a 17-year-old after leaving his fiancee and child for an underage girl.

9 Khloe Kardashian and French Montana

Khloe Kardashian was absolutely devastated when she finally realized she needed to move on from her marriage to Lamar Odom. The ex-NBA player’s struggles with a drug addiction were starting to taking a toll on their relationship, so when Khloe ended the marriage, she was on the hunt for a new man. But nobody expected her to announce the news that she was dating one of the worst rappers of all time: French Montana. The so-called lyricist, who is signed to Bad Boy, allegedly had multiple girlfriends at the time, including rapper Trina, who was fuming when she heard the news. How sleazy.

8 Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger

Miley Cyrus thought she had finally found the one when she began dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, only to go on to learn that he was cheating on her. According to reports at the time, Patrick was said to have started seeing an ex-girlfriend of his again — this was said to have been while Miley was busy working on her Bangerz tour. The couple started seeing each other after Liam Hemsworth ended his engagement to the songstress, reportedly overwhelmed by her attention-seeking actions, such as her infamous twerking. Can we really blame him?

7 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries


Kim Kardashian loves to call herself a hopeless romantic, which is fine, but at least make sure that the man you marry is actually someone you want to be with. After having ended her relationship with Reggie Bush, Kim went on to find love again when she met Kris Humphries. The two would go on to become engaged and marry a couple of months later. But just as fast as the relationship blossomed was around the same speed it fell apart. Just 72 days after their wedding, Kim filed for divorce. Sources said that Kris was a douchebag who often mocked Kim’s friends, such as Jonathan Cheban, over his sexuality. Furthermore, Kim stresses Kris became disconnected with her after their wedding.

6 Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill

Nicki Minaj stunned the Hip Hop industry when she hinted at a possible relationship with Meek Mill. She had ended things with her former boyfriend of 10 years Safaree Samuels, over the couple’s consistent bickering and fighting. Nicki claims that her fame drifted them apart in the end. But rebounding with Meek isn’t exactly a positive, either. Meek has so-to-say become the punching bag by rappers from the likes of Drake, who have mocked the artist’s credibility in the industry, further adding that Nicki runs the relationship and wears the pants in their household. Mill has an infamous reputation, having been to prison on numerous occasions, so this could all end up really bad.

5 Britney and Kevin Federline


After Britney Spears cheated on Justin Timberlake, their relationship was bound to be over. Timberlake was so distraught by the news, but found it in himself to allegedly dump Britney and move on with his life. And Justin was a great boyfriend to Britney, too. Months later, Spears fell in love with her backup dancer Kevin Federline, who she would publicly announce as her boyfriend months later. The twosome went on to marry and have two kids, but just a year after the wedding, rumours of Kevin cheating on Britney were circulating. Reports claimed that Kevin wasn’t treating Britney fairly, the couple would argue all the time, and it was starting to weigh in on the kids. Eventually, Brit found it in herself to divorce Federline for good.

4 Katy Perry and John Mayer

Katy Perry is so confused, she just doesn’t seem to know what she wants. Having split up with John Mayer, the singer found love again when she met music producer, Diplo. But, for whatever reason, their relationship didn't work out, and what did Katy do? She ran back to Mayer. Now, the reason as to why this was a bad move was simply down to the supposed fact that John had cheated on Katy on multiple occasions, according to reports at the time. Katy would break up with John several weeks later and reconcile early 2015. What a mess.


3 Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift has always struggled to find ‘the one’. And even she dated John Mayer, who she claimed didn’t treat her right either. But it seemed that nobody had treated her as bad as Joe Jonas did. The songstress claimed that during her romance to the musician, she thought things were going great, up until she got a text message, learning that Joe had decided to call it quits on their relationship, leaving her heartbroken. How can you dump a girl by text? That’s just horrible.

2 Rihanna and Chris Brown

Rihanna is a lost cause. Back in 2009, after she was brutally abused by Chris Brown, the Bajan-beauty would go on to start forming a relationship with Drake, who was fairly new to the industry at the time. The romance didn’t work out and they parted ways, which allowed Rihanna to get back with Brown in 2012. But then when Rihanna realized that trying to make the reconciliation with Brown work again, she opted out of the idea, dumping Chris and returning to Drake. And while the two have since split again, rebounding with Chris may as well have been one of Rihanna’s worst decisions ever made.

1 Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn


Right after Scarlett Johansson was ready to leave Ryan Reynolds and sign the divorce papers, the actress had gotten extremely close with actor, Sean Penn. Anybody who knows Sean, at least through what you read, would know that Penn is not exactly someone you’d want to introduce to your mom. Reports had claimed that during his time with Madonna, Sean was often outraged at the smallest things, which would sometimes lead to an alleged physical abuse. Yikes! Scarlett eventually broke things off with Penn. Phew!



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