10 Celebs Who Have Been Fat-Shamed By Their Co-Stars

Celebs Fat-Shamed By Co-Stars

Public shaming of any kind can be embarrassing to say the least, and completely devastating, depending on the extent of the situation. In Hollywood, and in society in general, people who are not a certain size and weight may experience ridicule and alienation. In today’s world, there is an obsession to be thin, and this obsession is often amplified for celebrities. This pressure to look perfect often drives celebrities to engage in crazy fad diets or to have surgeries that could compromise their health. The expectation to be a certain size often pushes celebs to engage in habits that could compromise their health both now and in the long run. This frightening trend could compromise the quality of life for some, and may be a matter of life and death for others.

Fortunately, there is more of an effort in society, due to social media platforms, full-figured models and everyday people speaking out about fat shaming. There’s still a long way to go, which is why some celebrities continue to be shamed for their appearance. Here are 10 celebrities who have experienced this horror despite their talent and drive.

10 Rebel Wilson

9 Kate Upton

The curvy model who is known for her ample bosom has pretty much put her fat shamers in check by not acknowledging them. A blogger described Upton a few years ago, by saying that she had huge thighs, no waist and big flat floppy boobs. The blogger even described her as a “squishy brick.” The English model responded to the pressure to be skinny by saying, “Is this what American women are striving for now?" Kate Upton continues to have the last laugh by appearing on various Sports Illustrated covers. She’s been an inspiration for lots of women and has even had some television appearances.

8 Kelly Clarkson

The first winner of American Idol has gone up and down with her weight over the years. She’s made it no secret that she loves to eat and isn’t overly concerned about being rail thin. Television hosts have made some pretty nasty comments about Clarkson’s weight, particularly since the birth of her daughter. Host Mike Gallagher and Fox anchor Chris Wallace, talked about the singer on The Mike Gallagher Show, where the host stated, “have you seen Kelly Clarkson?...holy cow, did she blow up.” Wallace then stated that Kelly had a “lovely voice” but should stay away from “deep dish pizza for a while. “ While the two men have apologized for their rude comments, Clarkson continues to be unaffected, and didn’t directly respond. Perhaps this is her way of proving to the world that she is truly unaffected by Hollywood’s outlandish weight standards.

7 Jessica Simpson

6 Kelly Osbourne

The outspoken daughter of the Osbourne family has been fat-shamed for years. She states that this has been going on all her life, even before she, her brother and her famous parents became the first family to do a reality television show. Even after Kelly Osbourne lost 70 pounds, she told Fabulous magazine that people still have negative things to say about her weight. She stated that she is the thinnest and healthiest she’s ever been, and wears a UK size 4 to 6. That’s not fat at all, so it’s kind of unclear why Hollywood expects more from her. Maybe they’re just looking for the brash former Fashion Police host to come back with her glaring and entertaining insults.

5 Jennifer Lawrence

The actress who rose to stardom for her roles in The Hunger Games movies has been shamed for her weight, even though she has a great figure by civilian (and some Hollywood) standards. Lawrence told Elle Magazine in 2012 that in Hollywood, she is considered obese and is a fat actress. She sought revenge by getting in great shape for The Hunger Games. During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, she had some pretty strong words for anyone who tried to mention the word “diet” to her these days, and suggested they “go f*&% themselves.” So, that pretty much sums up how she feels about that.

4 Christina Aguilera

The small-statured singer with the powerful voice has also been publicly humiliated for her weight gain. When Aguilera, who was part of The Mickey Mouse Club as a kid, released her first single Genie In A Bottle in the early 2000s, she was very thin. But she was younger then, and has had two children since her debut. Her weight has gone up and down. In an interview with Lucky, Christina shared that her challenge has been being too thin. As she grew into an adult, she started to develop curves, and people were uncomfortable with that for some reason. Recently, Aguilera, who is a judge on The Voice has achieved a svelte figure that no one can complain about.

3 Jennifer Aniston

When the Friends star first got into the business, her agent suggested that she lose weight. So she dropped 30 pounds. This made everyone watch her figure with a critical eye even more. Now, even if she indulges a little and has the slightest bit of stomach fat, the media rushes to assume that she’s pregnant. She hasn’t really talked too much about her weight, which may mean that she doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Aniston has been in countless movies, but when she stripped in the film We’re The Millers, she got everyone’s attention with her toned 44-year-old body. Impressive!

2 Khloe Kardashian

This member of the Kardashian clan has gotten flak for her weight for quite some time. But it doesn’t seem to bother her. She shared in a 2013 Glamour interview that she’s actually happier when she’s heavier. If she’s satisfied with her body, that’s really all that matters. So, a year later, after getting tired of people referring to her as the "fat Kardashian", Khloe started working out and lost 25 pounds. She has shared her exercise progress on social media to inspire others. Maybe now people will focus a little more on the fact that she’s a successful businesswoman and television host.

1 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, who is often polarized by the media but has millions of adoring fans, was excessively critiqued for her weight gain when she was pregnant with her daughter, North. Before pregnancy, various media outlets, including In Touch and OK magazines, accused Kim of having butt injections. Now that she’s been on the road to lose weight after having a baby, she’s being criticized for getting butt injections once again, along with fat injections. So, people are critiquing her for gaining weight, and then criticizing her for losing the weight. Kardashian took to Twitter to defend herself, claiming that she will never conform to Hollywood’s standards to be overly skinny. Good for her!

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