10 Celebs Who Destroyed The Lives Of Regular People

While it's usually other people trying to ruin the lives of famous people, the roles have switched in this article and have led to tragic endings. At the end of the day, celebrities are just people like the rest of us who make mistakes. Although, it all depends on what you may consider as a "mistake." Famous faces listed below have ruined the lives of regular people through the acts of sexual assault, car accidents, diss tracks, divorces, and careless behavior towards serious situations. While the media and tabloids have ways to ruin a celebrity's reputation by making them look bad to their fans, these stars seem to be redefining what it means to ruin someone's life -- especially when you consider the fact that innocent people were hurt by their mistakes and careless decisions. See below for the 10 celebs who ruined the lives of regular people.

10 Brandy


Brandy claims she still has nightmares of the horrific 2006 car accident that resulted in a tragic outcome. According to several outlets at the time, the songstress had been driving her car on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, completely oblivious to the fact that traffic in front of her began slowing down. The 36-year-old continued driving at a reasonably fast pace, which resulted in a collision with a 2005 Toyota. This vehicle spun to the other lane and resulted in being struck by a 1988 Acura. According to officials, the victim died before even reaching the nearby hospital.

9 O.J Simpson


O.J Simpson’s murder trial was probably one of the most fascinating things to watch on television in the ‘90s. The nation was torn on whether they found Simpson guilty or not, despite there having been a significant amount of evidence proving that the shamed athlete committed the murder. Nicole Brown and Ronald Lyle Goldman were slaughtered to death in June 1994, just months after Brown had confessed to Kris Jenner that she was convinced somebody was watching her from her kitchen window. Prior to her death, Nicole had always claimed that OJ was jealous and endlessly abused her in their Brentwood home.

8 Aaliyah

It’s hard to make out whether blame can be put on Aaliyah for the tragic plane crash that resulted in the death of eight people — including the R&B singer. Aaliyah, who was just 22 when she died, had been shooting her music video for ‘Rock the Boat’ in the Bahamas, and while she wasn’t set to return to the US for another four days, she was desperate to return home. She was allegedly told that the private jet couldn’t carry all the luggage, but she insisted the pilot to take everything along. This, of course, ended up in the plane plunging to the ground soon after takeoff.

7 Drake

Drake ruined the life of a particular frenemy: Meek Mill. The Canadian-born rapper, who famously aimed his 2015 diss track ‘Back to Back’ at the 28-year-old, has continued to enjoy success in the fields of fashion, music and technology while Meek has struggled to do the same. In case you are unfamiliar with the situation, Meek had taken shots at Drake, claiming that Drizzy does not write his own music, which led to the ‘Take Care’ rapper to unleash a Grammy-nominated diss track against his rival. Meek Mill has since become the laughingstock in the music industry, having failed to recuperate.

6 Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene left her neighbors fuming when her home caught fire in the middle of the night, which quickly spread over to homes nearby. Greene, who was alleged to have been branded as “the neighbor from hell,” had issues with her neighbors prior to the incident, so once the fire broke out, they were absolutely livid. But they had their reasons; many of their items were damaged and destroyed. Greene was slapped with a lawsuit and eventually decided to leave the neighborhood.

5 Remy Ma

How can anybody forget about Remy Ma? The rapper was locked up behind bars for seven years after she shot a former best pal in the stomach for supposedly stealing her money. The worst part about it was that the money didn’t even equal to anything more than $1,000. The former friend reportedly needed several stitches and urgent medical treatment following the attack. To this day, it is unclear how Remy even knew about the friend stealing her money — especially since the pal stressed that she never stole money from the ‘Conceited’ hitmaker.

4 Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom’s ex-wife, Liza Morales, thought she would spend the rest of her life with the NBA baller, who ended up leaving her for Khloe Kardashian, leading to the couple’s quick divorce. The former reality star, who shares two children with Odom, was devastated by the break-up and has reportedly struggled to find love ever since they parted ways years ago. Liza once stated that moving on wasn’t so easy for her; she and Lamar went through so many obstacles, such as Morales birthing a stillborn baby.

3 Bill Cosby

More than 40 women have come forward claiming they were sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby over a course of 30 years. And while it seems rather strange for these women to wait more than two decades before coming forward, one can also argue that they would’ve probably been blackballed by Hollywood for making such “ridiculous claims.” Keep in mind that the majority of these women included well-known celebrities, including Janice Dickinson. There’s no doubt that such an experience must be difficult and painful to come to terms with.

2 Nick ‘Hogan’ Bollea


In 2007, Nick ‘Hogan’ Bollea thought it was a wise decision to drive under the influence. To make matters worse, his best friend, John Graziano was in the vehicle with him. As one would expect, the twosome encountered in a terrible car crash leaving John disabled. Sources say that Graziano will never be able to be the person he was before the incident — the damages he suffered from the crash are irreversible. Nick, on the other hand, got away with a couple of bruises and scratches, while a judge served him a measly 177 days in jail.

1 Roman Polanski

Who can forget the scandalous story regarding Roman Polanski and his sexual assault on Samantha Geimer. In 1977, the famous movie director was alleged to have served the 13-year-old with alcohol and Quaalude before he allegedly sexually assaulted her. Geimer says she is traumatized by the experience, which actually sounds very similar to the incidents concerning Bill Cosby. Polanski has since fled from the United States where the sickening act happened. He knows that returning to the US will result in an immediate arrest.


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10 Celebs Who Destroyed The Lives Of Regular People