10 Celebs In Desperate Need Of A Makeover

We've all been victims when it comes to sporting looks we thought were cool, only to realize a couple of years later how bad those jeans looked with the 3XL shirt that was two sizes too big. So yes, it is common that we all make those kinds of mistakes in thinking we look great in certain outfits when we really don't. But what happens when you are someone that is pushing 50 and still haven't figured out the appropriate clothes to wear on a casual day out? And it's not necessarily just about the choice of clothing, but also about the makeup, and the hairstyles -- if all of these things are not on point, the outcome is usually going to be something very unappealing. All in all, according to thousands of users on social media, these are the 10 Hollywood celebs that the majority of people believe are in desperate need of a makeover as soon as possible.

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10 Mariah Carey

Ever since Mariah Carey birthed her twins, many people have nagged the singer to change up her style for the simple fact that a majority of the things she wears are too small on her. There’s no denying that Mariah has packed on a couple of pounds over the years, but the ageing icon is in disbelief that the outfits she tends to put on herself seem to be too small for her. Even fans have questioned themselves as to why Mariah doesn’t accept the idea that she’s a curvier woman and needs to find thing that are more fitting for her curves, as opposed to trying to keep up with the young ones in the music industry.

9 Ariana Grande

People all over the world are begging for Ariana Grande to find herself some sort of new style; the ponytail and the “sexy” outfits need to go. Here’s the thing: when you look like a 12-year-old girl, wearing clothes that you consider sexy and risky are not going to flatter anybody. And one of the reasons Ariana is often compared to a young teenager is because of that ponytail she refuses to change up. She supposedly lost a lot of hair during her Sam & Cat days, due to all the hair dying she underwent, but surely she has the money to get a hair transplant, right?

8 Kylie Jenner

She’s just 18, but she sure doesn’t look it. Kylie Jenner has been making headlines for the past year or so for her shocking new look, and it’s not quite the look you would’ve wanted to see her in. Every year, the reality star changes herself so much, she doesn’t even look like herself anymore. And at just 18, having allegedly underwent lip fillers, a breast augmentation and Botox, her youthful appearance has long disappeared. Many agree that Jenner resembles someone who is close to pushing their 40s. Ouch. She doesn’t seem to care because she’s still doing exactly what she’s been doing for the past year, which is heading out to her surgeon’s office for new procedures.

7 Raven Symone

Can you believe that Raven Symone had the nerve to say she wouldn’t hire a woman named Watermelondrea because her name sounds too ghetto? Well, maybe Raven should take some of her own advice and apply it to her wardrobe, because The View co-host has been looking anything but presentable as of late. With crazy hairstyles, the oddest choices in wardrobe, it is ironic that this actress, who openly denied identifying herself as an African-American woman, can criticize others for their names when her choice of style would never have landed her a job had she not become a household name in Hollywood.

6 Madonna

Madonna continues to try so hard in order to hang on to her youth, which is sad because everybody knows that when you get older, you’re supposed to accept it, not reverse it. And people forget that ageing doesn’t necessarily mean looking awful — there are millions of people who are ageing incredibly well and they are in their 50s. With Madonna, however, she sees one wrinkle and seemingly runs to the surgeon’s office as fast as she can, having admitted to still undergoing facelifts and fillers to give herself a younger looking appearance. Add that to the skimpy outfits she wears to feel “young”, you can tell that this woman has lost touch with reality.

5 Lil Wayne

People have been begging Lil Wayne to dress his age and drop the teenage outfits. Wayne’s loyal fans are blindsided by the fact that Wayne still dresses like he’s a teenager — the baggy jeans, the droopy t-shirts, the neon sunglasses, snapbacks and sneakers all in one. And there’s nothing wrong with wearing these sort of clothes, but at a certain point, one should be able to differentiate an urban teenage style with a more sophisticated and “gentleman” approach. But then again, if you’ve heard Wayne’s music, it may explain why he doesn’t want to dress like a gentleman.

4 Mark Zuckerberg

This man has billions of dollars in his bank account, yet people just don’t understand how this entrepreneur cannot find it in himself to dress. Thousands of people have stressed on social media that Mark Zuckerberg does not play the part he carries for Facebook. As the founder of the company, always leaving the house in a pair jeans, trainers and a standard shirt, is definitely not pushing boundaries when it comes to the businessman’s wallets. Mark should dress the way he wants to, but people argue the supposed fact that he wears the same thing over and over again — he should switch it up with a suit and tie, or something other than the boring old routine of jeans, a shirt, and a pair of trainers. After all, he can afford to wear whatever he wants.

3 Kris Jenner

Many believe that Kris Jenner’s need for a makeover is more urgent than the one that’s needed for Madonna. Why? Well, after her divorce from Caitlyn Jenner, it almost seems as if Kris lost herself in the process of getting over her ex-husband, who had announced to the world he would become a woman by the summer of this year. Now, Ms. Jenner is all over the place, wearing the most inappropriate clothes, still heading out to clubs like she’s 25 again — oh, and there’s that boyfriend of hers, who is 24 years younger than her. Kris is going through crisis mode, at least according to those who don’t agree with the recent decisions she’s made.

2 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has never really cared about his appearance or how his looks may come across to other people, having sported together the oddest choice of clothes over the years. When it’s a red carpet event, the rapper cleans up nicely, but anything other than that, and it’s usually quite disastrous. You cannot wear a pair of trainers with a suit and tie. Neither should you wear a tracksuit with formal business shoes — only Snoop has been able to get away with those kind of shenanigans, and it’s fairly reasonable to say that a makeover is needed.

1 Lindsay Lohan

If she’s not making headlines for struggling to stay sober — or out of rehab — Lindsay Lohan can be found making the fashion list of women who don’t have style. Lindsay has always been someone who could never get her styling right. While it may have been her stylist’s fault, there comes a point where one eventually realizes that the clothes aren’t adding up, so the most reasonable decision to make is fire that particular person. LiLo’s style is often considered very tacky and cheap; you can tell the quality of her clothes are bad just by looking at the photos. Yikes!

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