10 Celebrity Parents Ageing Better Than Their Kids

Just how do they do it? Many are puzzled as to how many ageing celebrities manage to keep themselves looking so young and fresh, so much so that they are even beginning to look younger than their own children. There is no denying that many of these famous stars simply opt for plastic surgery, hoping that their facelifts and tummy tucks can knock off a couple of years from their looks. And most of the time, it seems to be working wonders for them. But, then there are those certain celebs who just so happen to be ageing naturally and beautifully; those who are not looking to get surgery in order to compete with their children to look better than them. Hollywood has made it possible for celebrities to look just as young as they feel, whether it's through surgery or healthy dieting. Regardless of how they managed to look as young as they do, nobody can deny the obvious -- these 10 celebrities are definitely ageing much better than their kids.


10 Demi Moore

Yes, we are all aware of the fact that Demi Moore loves plastic surgery and seems to have a phobia of ageing. The actress, who seems to have had endless facelifts, looks simply terrific, considering the fact that she has birthed three children and underwent two failed marriages. But do you actually give credit to women who staple their bodies back together in order to look beautiful? Well, I’m going to give Demi the credit for having the bravery to go under the knife, which has evidently made her look much younger than her daughters. Because, we all know, surgeons can sometimes really mess up your face.

9 Will Smith

Will Smith is putting everybody in Hollywood to shame, simply for the fact that this A-list actor has been ageing like wine for as long as I know. The man has not aged one bit, and some can say that he could even compete with his eldest son Willard Christopher, in a battle of who looks younger. Yes, Will has started getting the salt and pepper hair, but that’s nothing a good hair dying job can’t fix — his physique and the fact that the actor has no wrinkles in sight has made him age extremely well. Smith has often stressed his good looks are down to a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

8 Tish Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ mom Tish, is ageing splendidly well, which is quite hard to believe when you consider the fact that this woman has birthed an endless amount of children. Furthermore, most of her kids have turned out to be total nutters — one could have only imagined the struggle in raising the likes of Miley during her teenage years. Yikes. But despite the hard work it must have taken her, Tish is putting her daughter to shame, showing the world how well she is ageing. With Miley starting to look a little weary, Tish could easily dethrone her daughter in the looks department.

7 Tina Knowles


Again, Tina Knowles is a huge fan of plastic surgery. But hey, if plastic surgery can make you look as good as Tina does in the ‘60s, then maybe I’m going to need some of whatever she’s getting done when I’m nearing those kind of numbers. Tina looks really good. In fact, dare I say it, Tina seems to be ageing better than her daughter Solange Knowles, who social media fanatics have often claimed to even look older than her big sister, Beyonce. Tina is really showing her girls that, no matter how old you are, you can still look as great as a woman in her late ‘20s, early ‘30s.

6 Kris Jenner

Many people have agreed that Kris Jenner is looking much younger than some of her daughters. Kim not so much, considering that she has reportedly had the most cosmetic work done. Khloe, not a chance. Kourtney? Maybe (I don’t know what it is, but ever since Kourt left Scott Disick, she has dramatically changed). Any daughter would feel some type of way if people thought that their mother was beginning to age better than them. It makes it seem as if that person is not taking care of themselves as well as their beloved mother.

5 Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan is many things, but harsh looking ain’t one of them. Now, while most people would disagree with that statement, trust me when I say that Dina just hasn’t grasped an understanding of applying make-up properly. But aside from the fact that people say her makeup is atrocious and that she’s a bad influence on her daughter Lindsay Lohan, for still going clubbing with her from time to time, Dina has proven to the world that life has been good to her. The wild partying through the ‘40s, the alleged drug battles and fights with ex-husband Michael Lohan, have all contributed to how good Dina is looking these days. Lindsay, on the other hand, not so much.

4 Jada Pinkett-Smith's Mother, Adrienne

Jada Pinkett-Smith and her husband Will Smith, are so mean. How can they be approaching their 50s and age better than the majority of the people in Hollywood? How rude (everyone is a little jealous, obviously). But what’s even crazier is the fact that Jada’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, has aged even better than her daughter. Seriously! The mother-of-two was spotted at a beach over the summer, and as she rose from the water, she displayed a toned body with an incredible pack of abs. Ridiculous.


3 Vanessa Williams


Vanessa Williams is really putting her daughters to shame, having aged extremely well over the years, despite having had to deal with a lot of ups and downs in her career. From her controversial exit as a beauty pageant to having gone through two failed marriages, it can definitely weigh on your appearance. But not for this 52-year-old Hollywood star, who could be estimated to be just a couple of years older than her daughter, Jillian Hervey, if not younger. But then again, beauty pageants usually always tend to age extremely well, seeing that they keep their bodies fit no matter if they are taking part in a contest or not.

2 Elle Macpherson

This is going to sound crazy, but Elle Macpherson looks just as young as her 17-year-old son, Arpad Flynn Busson. Extreme dieting in the modeling industry can show severe signs of wrinkling and heavy ageing, but it seems Elle was not part of a clique who practiced starvation since she looks absolutely terrific. Some have even gone on to stress that Elle’s young looks could easily have her pass for her son’s slightly older girlfriend. And by “slightly older,” they mean a couple of years or so. Do keep in mind that Mrs. Macpherson will be turning 52 early next year. Good on her.

1 Madonna


Madonna may be 57, but thanks to all the plastic surgery she is constantly getting done, her face looks almost as young as her daughter's. The pop icon, who is the mother to 19-year-old Lourdes Leon, would arguably be considered to age better than her daughter, purely on the fact that Lourdes has been looking pretty crazy in the streets of New York lately. The undergraduate student most recently dyed her hair, and social media users weighed in, saying that she looked at least 40 with that hairstyle. One could say that if Lourdes was able to figure out a style she wanted to run with, her mother wouldn't find it so easy to look younger than her.


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