10 Celebrity Kitchens That Resemble Their Owners

Kitchens have consistently been a place where food is prepared and cooked, but they have not always been the warm and welcoming spaces they are today.

For centuries, the location of the kitchen was a separate area outside the rest of the house. Up until the 18th century, food was cooked over an open fire and it just wouldn’t do to have it within the family home. Kitchens were dark, sooty and smoky places to be avoided.

With industrialization came advancements to cooking methods. The open fire needed to cook food was enclosed within cast iron stoves, which could now be placed in a room within the house without causing the smoke and soot typical in the open fire kitchen. In upper class family homes however, kitchens continued to remain as separate spaces, tucked away in either basements or first floors.

It was the middle class family who really began to make a difference in the operations of kitchens. For the well-healed, kitchens were operated by servants, with meals served in grand dining rooms. For the middle-class, kitchens were a cozy spot in the home where the family could gather around a table, enjoy a meal and also catch up on the day’s events. In short, kitchens became a place to gather.

Today’s modern kitchen is not only sleek, but incredibly sexy. It’s filled with modern amenities and gadgets that kitchen designers of a century (or two) ago, could not have even begun to imagine. We’ve come a long way from grime and dark to clean and bright. And who can do it up better than a celebrity with money to spend and a personality to shine? Here are 10 fun and fancy celebrity kitchens that are not only beautiful but somewhat resemble their owners.


10 Guida de Laurentiis

Naturally, we’d expect a celebrity chef like Guida have a professional kitchen, which it is. Designed by Toronto-based Kevin Fitzsimons, it’s filled with industrial-grade appliances—two dishwashers and four ovens. Guida’s kitchen is clean and contemporary with dark brown wenge-wood cabinets, paired with white-concrete floors and white-marble countertops. It boasts tons of space and an over-sized island perfect for those family gatherings often seen on Guida’s cooking shows. Just like Guida herself, her kitchen is sleek, elegant and sexy. And, oh so glam!

9 Sir  Elton John and David Furnish


The Los Angeles Apartment kitchen of this flamboyant pair, evokes fun, flair and pizazz, not unlike Sir Elton himself, who is famous for his parties. The colors chosen are a through back to circa 1960s with Kelly-green wall (the color of a Hermes handbag, according to David Furnish), purple and black. The chrome adds to the feel. For glamour check out the crystal chandelier above the island, which once hung above the concierge desk at the Grand Hotel in Milan. David Furnish describes the unique space as “very Boogie Nights.” Indeed. It comes as no surprise that the couple would chose a bright and colorful kitchen.

8 Christina Aguilera

Christina, who stared alongside Cher, in the movie Burlesque, might have one of the most famous kitchens around, and it might still be somewhat recognizable to many Mtv viewers. That's because Christina’s home was previously owned by the Osborne’s, with many scenes filmed in the kitchen during the run of their reality TV show. Since purchasing the home, Christina has made changes to reflect her own personality and style.

The black and while color scheme in the kitchen, with punches of vibrant color here and there, give it a rock and roll flavor. When stepping back and looking at it from a wider angle, does it look a little too burlesque-ish though?  Maybe she was inspired by the movie.

7  7. Gerard Butler


Gerard Butler’s rugged good looks combined with his Scottish accent inspires a certain je ne sais quoi. And so does his kitchen. With a look not unlike something you’d find in an old Scottish castle, but with all the modern conveniences of today, Gerard’s kitchen is rustic and masculine. It gleams in stainless steel, while the crystal chandelier adds a shimmer of glamour. Mr. Butler describes it as “bohemian old-world rustic château with a taste of baroque.” It's a perfect balance between rustic and elegance.

6 Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

This is a kitchen belonging to two strong personalities. With the chunky rich-colored wood and intricate carved panels around the large-scale island, it has the feel of a very strong masculine setting. The flowers and baskets of bright fruits add balance, and provide both color and femininity. They also add a touch elegance.  For this celebrity power couple and their active family, designer Stephen Samuelson was called upon to design their adobe-style California residence. The 25,000 square foot home is filled with intimate spaces, organic forms and handcrafted details. Will and Jada are also both very earth conscious. So it’s no surprise that the kitchen features cabinetry created from 19th-century Nirustani oak panels, while the ceiling boasts reclaimed ceiling beams. It perfectly reflects the strength and beauty that are Will and Jada.

5 Diane Keaton


How fun is this kitchen. The eye-popping colors reflect a woman who is confident, fun, is not afraid to speak her mind and has a witty sense of humor. Diane Keaton has restored more than one old California house, including her current 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival home in Bel Air. She and her New York designer Stephen Shadley, reconfigured the interior, transforming three small rooms into a spacious kitchen.  The colorful tiles covering the bar, were found by Diane at a swap meet. The quote across the arch above the bar is by Robert Frost Frost and it reads, “Home Is A Place Where When You Knock On The Door They Have To Let You In.”

4 Courtney Cox 

Courtney became famous on NBC’s long-running sitcom, Friends. Her kitchen, which is crisp, sleek and modern, is perfectly suited to gather friends, and it’s much more chic than the TV version they all hung out it.  The bar stools in front of the large island are vintage and blend in beautifully with the modern fixtures.  The large oval light fixture hanging above the island adds to the perfect symmetry of the kitchen’s design. Courtney’s kitchen also features a sitting area, with a comfy sofa and armchairs from where vast views of the Pacific Ocean can be enjoyed. It’s stylish and sophisticated like Courtney herself.


3 Bruce Willis


This is a manly man’s kitchen.  Bruce Willis’s home located in Hailey, Idaho features a beautiful, earthy, masculine kitchen loaded with plenty of modern conveniences including, two refrigerators, two dishwashers, a Viking Six burner stove with dual ovens and a wine cooler. It’s a serious kitchen designed for some serious cooking. No Moonlighting in here. The vintage lighting above the island gives it a medieval touch, and the elegant dark-wood cabinets and stone countertops, provide a rustic and rugged feel, like the character he’s played in the successful Die Hard franchise series.

2 Meg Ryan

Yes! Yes! Yes! Are  Meg’s famous three words from the movie that put her on audience’s radar, When Harry Met Sally. It’s a memorable and brilliant scene she crafted with sophisticated talent, style and simplicity. The same side of her is revealed in the design of her Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts kitchen. It blends a cottage look with sophistication; simplicity with style. The large oak island makes it the perfect spot for gathering with her children at the end of a busy day. The many windows surrounding the kitchen allow for lots of natural daylight to penetrate through. It’s a bright and visually open space, designed for simple, clean and uncomplicated living.

1 Bobby Flay


Bobby Flay's love of kitchens and restaurants (he owns eleven), is reflected in his home in Amagansett, New York, which he shares with his wife, actress Stephanie March. Their home boasts not one, but two fully functional kitchens—one indoor and one outdoor. “There’s nothing in the house that’s supposed to make people go, ‘Wow,’ except for the kitchens,” says Flay. The indoor kitchen includes a commercial 10-burner stove, two ovens, a deep fryer, a griddle, and a salamander. There’s also cold marble to roll out dough. In keeping with his love of restaurant decor, seating includes two café tables and a farm table. It’s his personal bistro.

The outdoor kitchen meanwhile, features a brick pizza oven, a charcoal grill, a Viking gas grill, four burners and a refrigeration system. “Inside it’s like a little French café, with a giant marble island and a café area with some tables and rattan chairs. Then you walk through a big door into the outdoor kitchen area. When it’s all open, you feel like you’re walking through a restaurant,” Flay says with glee. It’s his own in-house restaurant, which is exactly what we’d expect from a celebrity chef such as Bobby.

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