10 Celebrity Instagram Accounts That We Can Relate To

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the hottest social media trends, and was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. The purchase was definitely a good business decision, for Instagram grew by 23% in 2013 alone. The app is expanding exponentially and currently, it has a user base of over 200 million active users per month. People use Instagram for all kinds of photographs, but the app is notorious for selfies and pictures of meals. The app’s success was proven when ‘selfie’ was selected as word of the year by Oxford Dictionary, in 2013. Celebrity Instagrams are among the most popular accounts, often for their depictions of life in the fast lane. However, these ten celebrities have Instagram accounts that are just like ours – instead of posting pictures of private jets, designer handbags, or every possible angle of their surgery-enhanced butts, their Instagrams are rife with pictures of themselves laughing with friends, silly selfies, or even a burger that was too good not to share.

10 Jordin Sparks - @jordinsparks


The standout feature in Jordin Sparks’ Instagram account is her smile – she seems like she’s in a good mood in every photo she posts, which is probably why she’s a fan of #talksmilestome and #smilingismyfavorite. Jordin is also a fan of couple’s pictures; there are a bunch of photos of her snuggling up to her man, Jason Derulo that are absolutely adorable. Coupled with her shots of her beautiful naturally curly hair, makeup-free face, and hot yoga classes, Jordin’s account isn't one that screams celebrity. Instead, her account is easy to relate to and portrays her as a normal person who happens to be a little bit famous.

9 Ellen Degeneres - @_ellendegeneres_


If you took a look at Ellen Degeneres’ Instagram account, you could completely miss the fact that she’s a renowned celebrity. Her account features cute staples like dogs cuddling with their toys, or achieving inner peace in yoga poses, her favorite Halloween costume and hilarious photo-bombs. Ellen’s down to earth Instagram should come as no surprise, since most people are familiar with her good vibes and easygoing personality, from her self-titled hit TV show. Scrolling through Ellen’s heartwarming photographs is just like scrolling through your good family friend’s account.

8 LeBron James - @kingjames


The star of the Miami Heat has an Instagram with fewer photographs of the sport than you might expect. Instead, he fills it with snaps of his family, friends and daily life, and he isn't one to shy away from the use of Hashtags. He’s super humble and thankful as well, with captions like, “Man I’m just a kid from Akron Ohio! Can’t believe a lot of the things that happen for me.” LeBron might be one of the top athletes in the world, but his Instagram account is super easy to relate to because it doesn't overly focus on that aspect of his life.  Instead, LeBron just seems like a normal guy, albeit one who posts a lot of pictures of his shoes.

7 Snoop Dogg - @snoopdogg


Considering Snoop Dogg is one of the most famous rappers in the world, and is known for his cocky persona, Snoop’s Instagram account is surprisingly humble and down to earth.  The majority of Snoop’s posts are selfies, often complete with a staple blunt or sunglasses.  Snoop also posts a lot of inspiring or funny quotes, just like your typical laid back friends.  Bob Marley makes quite a few debuts in Snoop’s Instagram, often coupled with quotes from him like, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Snoop even posts the occasional puppy, which puts his coolness factor over the edge.

6 Maisie Williams - @maisiewills


Despite being an up and coming star after her role as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams’ Instagram looks eerily similar to any other teenagers' account. Complete with dorky selfies, funny screen-caps of text conversations, pictures of pool-side smoothies and the cute antics that she gets up to, with close friend and Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner, Maisie’s instagram looks just like ours. Maisie’s vine account is equally hilarious and easy to relate to, and although her Instagram account has a fraction of the followers of many of the other big names on this list, she still maintains a solid 343,000 followers. Maisie is only 17 and her popularity is quickly rising, so she definitely has a bright future ahead.

5 Channing Tatum - @channingtatum


4 Drew Barrymore - @drewbarrymore


3 Olivia Wilde - @oliviawilde


Besides her striking good lucks, Olivia Wilde is notorious for her humor and wit, and her Instagram account is no different. Her Instagram features shots of her baby bump, beautiful sunsets and pictures with a funnier twist, like the time she posted a young (and hilarious looking) George Clooney under the throwback Thursday Hashtag. Her pictures of her dog, Paco are equally hilarious – shots of Paco enjoying the wind with his head out of the car window, or in front of a mural of a wolf with the caption “Paco insisted” make Olivia seem like the kind of girl you could just relax and kick it with.

2 Taylor Swift - @taylorswift


Along with all the shots of Taylor Swift’s fabulous wardrobe and bold red lips, are pictures of her delicate flower watercolors and geeking out with bubble gums. Even better are the kitten pictures – after all, no Instagram account is complete without them. She’s also super supportive of her friends via her Instagram account – Taylor regularly praises her friends, like the multiple photos where she’s imploring fans to buy Ed Sheeran’s album and gushing over his talent. Her pictures and videos, making fun of her parents in a light-hearted manner, are equally adorable and we could definitely relate to them, after all, who doesn't have parents that make you roll your eyes every now and then?

1 Reese Witherspoon - @reesewitherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon's condensed Instagram bio reads, “Actress / Mother / Southern girl,” and gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect when you’re browsing through her Instagram. Highlights from her account feature adorable shots of the actress wearing flower crowns, inspiring quotes and the music she’s currently rocking out to. Her photographs of food, best friends and selfies look suspiciously similar to the kind of pictures we upload to our Instagram accounts. Reese’s Instagram is one you might want to avoid if you’re hungry, because pictures of delectable treats like beignets, cakes and ice cream are sure to pop up every now and then.

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