10 Celebrity Boob Jobs That Went Horribly Wrong

Hollywood actors and musicians often get cosmetic procedures in hopes of improving their looks, although some would argue that these surgeries are a total waste of money. This is especially the case for celebrities who are already considered beautiful and have their looks unfortunately altered by a cosmetic surgery that didn’t go well.

Breast implants have been popular in Hollywood (and just about everywhere else) for years now. There’s no denying that nice breasts get the attention of casting agents, directors and guys in general. A full bosom can also make a woman feel especially feminine, especially if she’s never had big breasts or has had children and wants to lift her breasts. But like all surgeries, there’s a chance that something could go wrong with breast implants. They could be inserted incorrectly, or the material inside of the implants could be recalled, meaning that the operation has to be reversed or repaired. Of course, some women may think they want their breasts to be a certain size, but end up changing their minds after they see the results of the surgery. Since going under the knife can be risky and there is downtime involved when it comes to breast implants, some women simply choose to live with their choice, while others wait a while in between surgeries to get the breasts they want. Here are 10 celebrity breast implants that didn’t go as planned.

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10 Kelly Bensimon


9 Tori Spelling

Lots of people likely remember Tori Spelling as Donna on the hit TV show, Beverly Hills 90210. She wore bikinis on the show often, which exposed her very noticeable chest depression. At first she denied that she got a bad breast job, but she later sued the doctor who administered the operation. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2008, she stated that she had her breasts done in her 20s, and that she’s probably had the two surgeries that every woman in Hollywood has had. We’re assuming that’s her way of confessing that she’s also had a nose job. Last year, Spelling also confessed on an episode of her reality show True Tori, that her breast implants had been recalled, but she left them in for 15 years. She expressed her embarrassment about this issue, and shared that she was scared she’d be flat-chested if she removed the implants.

8 Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girl and wife of hot soccer star David Beckham, Victoria Beckham got breast implants years ago, and they were really noticeable, since her frame is so small. The implants actually made her look even thinner, and many people started to speculate that she had an eating disorder. She got them removed, but recently got a new set of breasts. When Victoria showed up at the 2015 Paris Fashion Week, it was confirmed by cosmetic rejuvenation specialist that she indeed had some work done. The new implants look more realistic and are in proportion with Victoria’s physique, while still giving her a little something extra to catch her husband’s eye.

7 Vivica A. Fox


6 Christina Aguilera

The former Mickey Mouse Club member, pop star, mother of two and judge on The Voice, has gotten her share of body criticism. Aguilera used to be very slim, but as she got older, her body started to fill out and people labeled her as “fat.” She has since lost a considerable amount of weight and has her curves intact. Christina Aguilera also got breast implants, but they are entirely too round and too large for her petite body. The implants are also quite separated, which leaves a considerable space in the middle of the singer’s chest, further giving away the fact that her breasts are fake.

5 Lil Kim

It’s sad to see that rapper Lil Kim is basically a shell of her former self, and that shell is almost completely altered with plastic surgery procedures. Lil Kim has had a nose job, and she’s also gotten some work done to her face. The rapper also got breast implants, which many people think are way too large for her 4 ft 11 inch stature. She’s worn a lot of revealing clothing in order to show off her breast augmentation. Some fans of the former Junior M.A.F.I.A. member think that Lil Kim is addicted to plastic surgery and shouldn’t get any more procedures, especially since her breasts are starting to droop considerably.

4 Denise Richards

Former Bond Girl and ex-wife of Charlie Sheen admitted during an interview on The Howard Stern Show, that she had to have three breast augmentations before she was satisfied with her look. She got her first boob job when she was 19, because she wanted to look more like her roommates. After a while, she felt that the implants were too big, so she got them reduced, but still wasn’t satisfied. It took one last procedure to finally give her the breasts she wanted, but to the trained (or slightly untrained) eye, you can still tell that she has implants. Richards warns girls who are thinking about breast augmentation to do their research before undergoing the procedure.

3 Heidi Montag


2 Anna Nicole Smith

The late Anna Nicole Smith caught the attention of the public when she appeared on the cover of Playboy when she was 24, as the winner of a modeling contest. After Smith was discovered by a Texas photographer, she decided that breast implants were in order. She got two implants in each breast to make her bosom extra noticeable. In 1993, Anna Nicole Smith was featured as Playmate Of The Year and got a modeling contract with GUESS (her young daughter would later model for the same clothing company). Anna Nicole Smith was also known for marrying a multi-millionaire who was 63 years older than her. We’re guessing he was attracted to her magnetic personality the most.

1 Tara Reid

Actress and professional party girl, Tara Reid probably has the worst celebrity breast augmentation we’ve seen in quite some time. There are even a few pictures of her on the red carpet having a serious wardrobe malfunction. The Sharknado star also had body sculpting done, which has made her stomach look lumpy. She’s talked about this in interviews and stated her disdain regarding the procedure that was done wrong. Other plastic surgeons have also stated that Reid’s breast augmentations were not implanted correctly, which is why her breasts are sagging noticeably. How disappointing. We’re guessing the reason Tara hasn’t had this fixed is because she doesn’t want to run the risk of a surgeon doing a bad job again.

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