10 Celebrity Blogs You Need To Know About

Let's face it, we live in a world of bloggers, some successful, while others, not so much. The most successful of bloggers (commercially as well as socially), can be neatly slotted into one of three d

Let's face it, we live in a world of bloggers, some successful, while others, not so much. The most successful of bloggers (commercially as well as socially), can be neatly slotted into one of three distinct groups. While one group belongs to the entertainers and another to the original content creators, the third belongs to celebrities. No surprises there! It is obviously easier for celebrities to have popular blogs, simply because they have a pre-existing fan following, where people are already eager to get a peek into their lives, ambitions and passions. With that being said, why shouldn't a celebrity jump the bandwagon and start blogging? Several celebrities already own great blogs and more and more are starting theirs each day. Here is a list of 10 celebrity bloggers that if you didn't know about yet, you most certainly were missing out on.

10 Zooey Deschanel’s Goofy Blog

Yes, this is New Girl's Jess and her blog. Not taking anything away from her spontaneous personality, Zooey’s blog has an appropriately quirky name, ‘Zooey’s Miscellany’. Best described as having ‘a bit of everything’, this blog is a rollercoaster of Zooey’s thanksgiving leftovers, impromptu gifts and jewelry purchases.

9 Lucy Hale’s Optimistic Blog

8 Dianna Agron & Friends, A Favorites Blog

Glee star Dianna Agron prefers to be called Charlie. How do I know this? From her ‘You Me and Charlie’ blog of course! What started as a small blogging venture titled ‘Fell Down The Rabbit Hole’ soon went on to take the form of a much larger, more glamorous, and more connected venture of ‘You Me and Charlie’. Here, Dianna teams up with a whole group of friends including Melody Darlene and several others, to talk about traveling, music, art and all her favorite things. Dianna Agron is a classic Jill of all trades, for she alternates between film and television as an actress and is also an occasional dancer, singer, writer, model, director, producer and photographer. Phew! That’s a lot of trades Charlie. Dianna is also a passionate activist and supports PETA as well as gay rights.

7 Olivia Palermo’s Style Favorites Blog

Olivia Palermo’s blog of the same name is all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. From tips on styling and accessorizing, to look books and season must-haves, this blog has it all. For the real hardcore fashion enthusiasts, this blog even has a boutiques section that has all the Fendis, Valentinos and Romolis that you could ever want!

6 Ivanka Trump’s Diary Blog

Now who doesn't know Ivanka? The last name says it all, right? But apart from being Donald Trump’s daughter and an heiress, Ivanka is a great blogger. One of her many interests is jewelry designing and she even has her own line of jewelry, handbags and accessories. The ‘Ivanka Trump Collection’ is her blog and it sheds light on some of her collection pieces and inspiration behind them. Ivanka is currently the Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization but she has had multiple careers as well. Ivanka started off as a fashion model and has also appeared in several magazine covers. She is a writer in her own right and has a book to her name too. She is a corporate heiress who has inherited her father’s business acumen. It has served her well in business ventures, such as her line of footwear, eyewear, jewelry and handbags.

5 Coco Rocha’s Fashion Vogue Blog

Canadian fashion model, Mikhaila Rocha, better known a Coco Rocha, has a fabulous-looking fashion blog that must be seen. The blog is glamorous, stylish as well as entertaining, even for those who are not quite the ‘live, eat and breathe’ fashion type. Coco is a highly successful model and has appeared in several features as well as covers. She has been the face of several ad campaigns as well, including a Coca Cola Light campaign. Coco has also been a very vocal and fierce activist. She has spoken against the pressures of ‘looking anorexic’ and the prevalence of eating disorders that plague the modeling industry. She is also part of the ‘photoshop free’ campaign launched by fashion retailer Jacob.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Little Bit Of Everything’ Blog 

Yes, Gwyneth’s back again, this time in a list of blogs rather than anything unsavory or gossipy. Goop is not just her blog; it is a complete lifestyle newsletter. Gwyneth is an actress, singer and writer who has recently been bogged down by unfavorable media reporting, triggered by her recent separation from husband Chris Martin. Yet, all that apart, Gwyneth has been named ‘most beautiful woman’, she has starred in several lead roles in films and she has two cookbooks to her name. Gwyneth is also a ‘Save the Children’ artist ambassador and the face for several American and international brands.

3 Lauren Conrad’s ‘Lovely And Chic’ Blog

Lauren Conrad, the California beauty, has an amazing blog. It is self-titles and talks about fashion, hair, crafts and a lot of other things, each one being a hundred percent read worthy. Not all posts are Lauren’s but she does make significant and frequent contributions to her blog. Lauren, who is a T.V personality, fashion designer and author, has appeared in five seasons of the television series The Hills and has had several other appearances, including some guest ones. She has authored eight published books and has won two television awards. Just like her own inclinations, her blog also tends more towards fashion, style and books.

2 Keeping Up With The Kardashian Blog

The middle Kardashian sister, Kim has a self-titled blog. This ultra glam, daring and bold diva has a blog that’s fits her personality and moods. In addition to some racy pics and videos, Kim loves to post saucy updates on her sisters, or on upcoming episodes of her reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

1 Heidi Klum’s Life And Beauty Blog

With an Alexa global rank of 108, Heidi Klum’s self-titled blog is the most popular celebrity blog in the list. This German model uploads everything, right from fashion and beauty posts, to fitness, lifestyle and parenting tips. Why do people follow her you ask? Well, who wouldn’t? Aged 40 and a mother of 4, yet she still looks amazing and fit, why not learn a trick or two? Though Heidi is better known for her modeling, she has been equally successful as a television host and producer, fashion designer, actress and businesswomen. Heidi was ranked second in the Forbes ‘World’s Top Earning Models’ list in 2012.

Her blog is interesting, for lack of a better word. It is like a complete lifestyle site actually, for there’s fashion, there’s beauty of course and there’s fitness and nutrition; but there’s also lifestyle tips, food recipes, parenting advice and holiday crafts! What’s more, industry experts write all the posts on her blog and she even puts up videos for better explanations. This is one blog you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

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10 Celebrity Blogs You Need To Know About