10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Identify As Genderqueer

The subject of gender identity has been in the media a lot lately. More and more celebrities are admitting that they don’t subscribe to just one gender role, and some have even undergone the surgical and emotional process of undergoing a sex change. For instance, when Caitlyn Jenner decided to become a woman (she was formerly Bruce Jenner, ex-husband of Kris Jenner), the media went crazy. Some people were proud of Caitlyn for her decision to follow her heart, while others criticized the sex change and deemed it nothing short of ridiculous.

This, of course, has led people to wonder what it really means to be a man or a woman. Of course, people are all different, with a variety of personality traits nuances that make them original. That’s why it’s difficult to say that each gender can only subscribe to one specific set of behaviors.

You may or may not know that there are a few celebrities out there who could be classified as “genderqueer.” Some of these famous people choose to keep their sexuality in the background so that the public can focus on their creative work. Some of these celebrities would just rather be more private when it comes to this subject, but there have been instances in which they admit their preferences. Here are 10 celebrities that you may not know are genderqueer.

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10 Angel Haze

Angel Haze, whose real name is Raee’n Roes Wilson, is a rapper, and she models occasionally. Haze also would prefer to be referred to with general pronouns, recently stating in an interview that she’s “really not a girl” and is closer to the “guy side of the spectrum.” Angel Haze makes it plain that she doesn’t want to be labeled to one specific gender, and identifies as agender and pansexual. During an interview, Haze stated that she doesn’t feel that love has any boundaries, and that she wants to be with someone who can make her laugh. There have also been rumors that Angel Haze was in a relationship with Ireland Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s daughter. The rumors started swirling when Baldwin posted a picture of herself and Angel on National Girlfriend Day.

9 Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has risen to fame as one of the stars of the Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black, and she’s also a model from Australia. Rose stated in an interview with Elle that she doesn’t completely identify with one specific gender. She states that she “doesn’t really feel like a woman,” even though she was born female, and makes it plain that she also doesn’t see herself as a guy. Ruby Rose describes herself as “having the best of both sexes” and says that she’s “somewhere in the middle” when it comes to her gender. During the interview, Rose also praised Caitlyn Jenner for going through her gender transformation in the public eye.

8 JD Samson


JD Samson is a musician and producer, and is a member of the lesbian bands MEN and Le Tigre. Samson prefers to be referred to as a woman, and was classified as a woman at birth. However, she took hormones in the 1990s, which resulted in her more chiseled features and facial hair. Samson says that she is “post-gender,” and feels that the labels of “male” and “female” are outdated. When she was 15, she came out as a lesbian, and is known for her activism when it comes to LGBT rights. The 37-year-old is also a songwriter and a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, where she earned her degree in film.

7 Kate Bornstein


Kate Bornstein was born male, but in the 1980s, she realized that she identified more with being female and made the transition. Bornstein is a playwright and author, and is also an activist for LGBT rights. Kate has stated that she prefers to be referred to as a woman, but states in her book A Queer and Present Danger, that she doesn’t call herself a woman, and “knows” that she’s not a man. Kate has also written two other books, My Gender Workbook and Gender Outlaw, which suggest that the gender roles that are so prevalent in society are limited and absurd, and that gender encompasses a wide variety of characteristics.

6 Andreja Pejic

Andreja Pejic makes a very stunning woman, but the model has also done campaigns for men’s fashion lines. She has modeled for high-end designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs, and has described herself as “living in between genders”. Pejic is known for displaying edgy yet elegant styles, and is often portrayed wearing bold makeup. Andreja Pejic is also comfortable with being referred to both male and female pronouns. Director Sofia Coppola, announced that Pejic would star in Coppola’s production of The Little Mermaid. Andreja also confirmed that she recently underwent a surgical procedure, and now prefers to be called a female.

5 Miley Cyrus

It could just be another ploy for attention, but the former Hannah Montana star has stated that she’s “fluid” when it comes to her sexuality. During an interview with Paper magazine, Cyrus stated that she doesn’t really “relate to being a boy or a girl.” She also stated that she doesn’t put those labels on her romantic partners. It seems like Miley is still comfortable with people referring to her as a female, but she’s been presenting herself in more androgynous ways lately as well. She recently attended an event with Tyler Ford, an agender model, and has done photoshoots with clothing and accessories that are also associated with men. Miley has also been recently linked with Justin Bieber in a romantic way, so maybe she just likes to go with the flow.

4 Steven Tyler

The legendary rocker will always be known for being the Aerosmith frontman—and for his androgynous appearance. Tyler has been dating women only (for all we know), but of course, there may have been some male relationships along the way as well. In his memoir, Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?, Tyler clears up rumors indicating that he is more female than male. Steven makes it plain that he refers to himself as “half and half,” which can explain his style of dress and overall fashion choices. Steven is also the father of actress Liv Tyler. The two didn’t meet until Liv was older, but she states that they have a great relationship, and that Steven is a wonderful grandfather.

3 Tilda Swinton

You may remember Swinton from her role as the Ice Queen in the Narnia movies. She’s also performed in a number of other popular films like Constantine and Orlando, and been praised for her talent. Tilda Swinton, who was born female, has also described herself as pansexual and polyamorous. Swinton has stated in interviews that she’s not sure if she could really ever say that she was a girl, and that she went through a period of “being a boy” for a long time. She now says that as an adult, she is “probably a woman.” Swinton is also a mother, and is said to be in a relationship with a man who is also “friendly” with her ex-husband.

2 Elly Jackson

Elly Jackson is part of the former pop duo La Roux (which is now a solo act), and is known for her punk-rock hairstyles and hipster-chic clothing, which often has an androgynous look to it. Jackson recently told Gay Star News that she doesn’t feel like she’s male or female. Elly also expressed that she was irritated with the fact that people are constantly trying to get her to choose one gender over the other. La Roux has enjoyed significant success; the band is known for its singles “In For the Kill” and “Bulletproof.” The band’s name is also a translation for “the red-haired one” in the masculine form.

1 KeKe Palmer

Young starlet KeKe Palmer is now starring on the FOX hit Scream Queens, but she’s been enjoying success for quite some time now. Her movie credits include Akeelah and The Bee, Shrink and The Longshots, and she even starred in the Nickelodeon sitcom True Jackson, VP. Palmer has always had a “good girl” image in the media, and has often been praised for having such a good head on her shoulders and making a healthy transition into adulthood while in Hollywood. Recently, KeKe stated that she doesn’t want to define who she loves by placing gender roles on her romantic interests. She made the statement while promoting her new music video “I Don’t Belong to You,” which shows her with love interests who are both male and female.

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