10 Celebrities Who Went Overboard With Their Food Beliefs

Everyone has his or her own food beliefs (probably from some Internet article that grabbed attention and then left some lingering residue of shared ideas). Some beliefs are pretty normal, say for example ‘a balanced diet is good for you’, ‘cinnamon will aid in weight loss’ and ‘have you tried green tea for appetite suppression?’! Others are slightly more bizarre, more like ‘human placenta is like a multi-vitamin tablet!’ or ‘carrots are the only sustenance the human body really needs!’ etc.

Everyone has their own food beliefs, including big Hollywood stars. What that being said, here are ten celebrities who not only had these bizarre food beliefs, but they took them to a whole new level of crazy! And some of them are downright bonkers. Let’s start with the saner of such crazy beliefs and countdown to the craziest, most unpalatable, most unbelievable one!

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10 Hugh Hefner – Only Eats Food That Is Prepared At The Playboy Mansion


9 Elvis Presley – Only Overcooked Food That Was Cut By Someone Else

(9) Elvis Presley (Via www.facebook.com)
(9) Elvis Presley (Via www.facebook.com)

American singer and actor, Elvis Presley is well documented in the history books as a great food lover! But not many people really know the eccentricities that the man held regarding his food beliefs, likes and dislikes. In a book titled, What the Great Ate: A curious History of Food and Fame, authors Mark and Matthew Jacob reveal a secret about Elvis that very few knew about. It seems that Elvis loved his food a little overcooked and often complimented his chefs with a rather bizarre ‘That’s burnt’ exclamation. Of course, his chefs knew that it was a compliment rather than a critique and hence, often dished out slightly burnt meals to the star. Another odd thing about Elvis was that he hated to cut his own food and actually had someone do it for him. Another over-indulgent star, don’t you think?

8 Kurt Cobain – Mac And Cheese, But Only Kraft Brand

Lots of people have the dreamy mac and cheese on the favorite foods list, but Kurt Cobain’s love for it went a few steps further. Nirvana’s rock star only ate mac and cheese made with Kraft brand cheese. What's more is that he had a very low tolerance for changed or elevated recipes of the same! Once in Atlanta, his caterers served up some mac and cheese that contained jack cheese and jalapeno peppers in it (they obviously thought that he’d be impressed with their ‘little bit extra’ touch). Well, all they got to hear before their meal went in the bin was “What the f*** are jalapenos and jack cheese doing in this macaroni?” Well, one obviously can’t miss the glaring jalapenos but they could have fooled me with the cheese difference, but obviously not Kurt!

7 Steve Jobs – Obsessed With One Food Item At A Time

Talk about odd food beliefs and the name of Apple’s Steve Jobs just cannot be excluded from the list. Steve Jobs believed that he could control how much he sweated and thus, reduce or eliminate body odor (thus reducing the need to bathe more frequently) by sticking to a diet of certain foods only. Accordingly, Jobs would go on a diet that involved eating only one type of food, say apples or carrots, at one time for weeks. In Walter Isaacson’s biography of the great man, the author details out how Steve’s skin started glowing a bright orange after he had reportedly been eating only carrots for weeks! Gosh, I cannot even imagine getting a carrot down my throat after I have merely seen it all 7 days of just one single week!

6 Shailene Woodley – Foraged Food Only


Gorgeous Divergent star, Shailene Woodley might just be a 22 year old but if you just heard about her lifestyle and the profound way she thinks through all her eating decisions, you’d simply doubt her real age. To begin, Shailene is totally committed to a hunter-gatherer diet inspired by the Native Americans. So yes, it is true, she forages for her own wild food and herbs, collects her own monthly spring water supply from the mountains and makes her own medicines, lotions and stuff from wild plants and flowers! If this isn’t enough for you to take in already, here’s another one. The actress loves eating clay! Yes, you read right! She has loads of advice for people who wish to follow her down the ‘natural path’ too. For example, she insists that you must not worry too much if your s*** or even your body smells like metal when you start eating clay, it is quite natural for that to happen!

5 George W. Bush – Ban Broccoli!


Lots of people hate broccoli but still have to gulp it down their throats because it is healthy, because mommy insists that they should or because it is bad manners to leave food behind on the plate! Well of course, not everyone has the kind of power that former U.S President George W. Bush had! He too hated broccoli, but when he was President, he took his hatred for the foul, green vegetable a tad bit too far. According to some, he just went ahead and banned it completely, in the White House that is! His declaration of independence came in the form of “I’m President of the United States and I am not going to eat any more broccoli.” Well Mr. (ex) President, more power to you, we say!

4 Reese Witherspoon – Bring On The Baby Food


Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon had really odd beliefs about weight loss diets (which she unfortunately shared with several other stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow). Reese believed that baby food, as in pureed fruits and vegetables, eased digestion and helped in detoxifying the body. Additionally, with total calories that went lower 800cals, this was obviously a great way to lose weight too! Studies suggest that her beliefs were wrong, for such a diet can be harmful to overall health if followed over a period of time. We are not sure how much baby food was essentially spooned by Reese but she certainly was subsisting on it for quite a time. And this was before this mother of three actually had any reason to be near or around baby food!

3 Angelina Jolie – The Lesser Known Delicacy Of Insects


2 Nicolas Cage – Choice Of Food Based On (Its) Mating Habits


Actor Nicolas Cage likes to examine the sex life of anything that he wishes to eat before he decides to eat it. Didn’t get me? Well, I didn’t either when I first read about it! Owing to some slightly ridiculous sounding beliefs, Nicolas cage won’t touch pork. He just won’t eat it and if you pry for his reason, he insists that it is because pigs don’t have dignified sex! So, who exactly qualifies as to be having dignified sex, fish and fowl he believes. The actor has no qualms about devouring fish and poultry because he thinks that their sexual behavior is acceptably dignified. So, the next time you dig into that bacon, just give a thought to how it could have come there. Oh never mind, just forget I said that!

1 January Jones – Try Some Yummy Placenta


And to contribute to the most ‘Ugh’ moment of the day, we have January Jones. When January gave birth to her son in 2012, the actor ate up her own placenta (wait, just give me a sec to swallow my bile). January believes that our placentas are full of vitamins and in fact, human placenta is often dehydrated and made into the multivitamins that many people take. She also says that though many people find it a bit odd (to say the least), she doesn't, simply because humans are the only mammals that don’t ingest their own placentas. She goes on to recommend that other moms follow suit, as it is a healthy treat right after delivery. Another bit I’d rather pass on January!

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