10 Celebrities Who Had Affairs With Their Hired Hands

Just because you are married, does not mean that your partner is going to be faithful to you. Sometimes it seems that everyone else knows about your partner’s extramarital affairs before you do, and when it comes to celebrities, sometimes the entire world knows before they do (or at least admit that there is something going on). Celebrities are just like everyone else when it comes to dating and romance, and even though a lot of us put them on high pedestals, they still make mistakes.

The one thing that celebrities have that most people do not, is a lot of money. So they use that money to hire assistants, interns, drivers and nannies, to help out with every day chores. Some of them even take it a bit too far, and end up cheating on their spouse with those that they hired. It is unfathomable that that person you hired to take care of your children is now “taking care” of your husband, as well.

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10 David Beckham With His Personal Assistant


Even the most beautiful of couples aren't immune from the affects of cheating. In 2004, footballer David Beckham was reportedly unfaithful with Rebecca Loos, who at the time, was his personal assistant. Rebecca came out and told the world about the affair, most likely assuming it would end his marriage to his wife; the former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. The plan seemed to have backfired, because the married couple are closer than ever since the scandal. Victoria appears to be a very devoted and forgiving wife, saying that she forgives him and (despite difficulties), that they have come out “stronger and happier.”

9 Jude Law With His Nanny


8 Charlie Sheen With His Assistant


7 John Edwards With A Former Campaign Worker

Senator John Edwards was receiving funds for his campaign to run for president back in 2008, when he was found to be cheating on his wife, who just so happened to be dying of breast cancer. The former Senator admitted to having extramarital contact with a woman who was hired to work for his presidential campaign. To make matters worse, the mistress and John had a baby together, even though he denied it, until paternity tests proved that the baby was, in fact, belonging to John. He was accused for using money from his campaign to cover up the affair, as it would have been really bad for publicity, but was never found guilty of it in a court of law. His wife, Elizabeth, died of breast cancer in 2010.

6 Jon Gosselin With The Nanny


5 Ethan Hawke Cheated On Uma Thurman With The Nanny

When a wife hires a caregiver to take care of her children, the last thing on their mind should be if her husband can be trusted. Uma Thurman hired Ryan Shawhughes, when she was married to Ethan Hawke, expecting that she would not have to worry about the two of them when she was away. According to reports, Ethan began an affair with Ryan shortly after she was hired, and now Ethan and Ryan are married and have two children together.  It may just be speculation about an actual affair while Ethan was still married to star Uma Thurman, but Ethan did end up marrying Ryan, not too long after his divorce from Uma.  He even made a few peculiar statements regarding marriage and fidelity. One statement in particular being, “To act all indignant, that your world has been rocked because your lover wasn't faithful to you, is a little bit like acting rocked that your hair went grey.” He still denies the affair after making those types of statements.

4 Heidi Klum With Her Bodyguard

Normally, when we hear about a partner in a marriage being unfaithful, it usually tends to be the husband, but not in the case of Heidi Klum and her bodyguard. Heidi was married to singer, Seal, for eight years and had four children, before they settled on a divorce. She is currently dating her bodyguard, Martin Kristen, who she has known for four years. She denies ever being with anyone else while married, although her ex-husband has made several comments contrary to that statement. He accused her of “fornicating with the help before the divorce was final,” implying that she was not faithful to him during their marriage.

3 David Letterman With Workers On His Show


In 2009, David Letterman was the victim of his producer trying to extort $2 million from him when the producer found out about affairs that David had with multiple females on the show. Instead of paying the extortion fee, David decided to open up publicly and humiliate himself on the air (during his television show), instead. Robert Halderman was the producer of Late Night With David Letterman at the time, and wanted money in exchange for his silence in regards to the many affairs that David had had with his female employees. David did not see this as an option, and told his wife (and the rest of the world) about the affairs he had, and how sorry he was. He “vowed to make it up to his wife”, and they are still together, amidst the previous betrayal.

2 Arnold Schwarzenegger With His Housekeeper


1 President Bill Clinton With His Intern


Anyone who was around in the late 1990s, had to have been living under a rock if they had not heard about the presidential scandal with the former president, Bill Clinton and his intern, Monica Lewinsky. She was a mere 22 years old, working as an intern, hired into the Whitehouse in 1998 to work underneath the president. Monica disclosed the information to a co-worker about the affair, but that co-worker ended up recording the conversations which made it difficult for Monica to deny. At first, the former president denied all of the accusations of an affair with his intern, even stating, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” but eventually fessed up. Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, have since worked things out and are still together to this day.

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