10 Celebrities Who Ditched Hollywood For Regular Jobs

Being a Hollywood megastar can seem like the dream job sometimes (or oftentimes). People would idolize you, you would get paid some major bucks, and you would hopefully spend your days doing something you are truly passionate about. Considering just how many Hollywood hopefuls there are out there, it seems strange that anyone could ever turn their back on seeing their name in lights. Surprisingly, there have been many former celebrities who left their Hollywood lives behind in favor of a more modest lifestyle. All of the celebrities listed below left super stardom to follow a more average career path. Some of these celebrities chose to leave Hollywood after having a respectable career as an actor or actress. Others, appeared in one role that made them famous before deciding that acting just wasn't for them. So to prove that not everyone wants to be a Hollywood star, below is a list of ten celebrities that chose to leave Hollywood to pursue other dreams . Some of the people on this list managed to excel at their chosen career, while others are still trying to find their way. Whatever new career path these former celebrities are on, one thing is clear, life goes on after Hollywood.

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10 Jonathan Bennett


Jonathan Bennett managed to make a name for himself in Hollywood when he starred in the movie, Mean Girls. Bennett, played Aaron Samuels, the guy that every girl wanted to be with. Today, Bennett is a spin instructor at LA studio, Flywheel. When speaking about his new job, Bennett said, “I've always had a passion for fitness, and after my mom passed away last year, group fitness really helped me through it.” In addition to making people sweat, Bennett has continued to act a little on the side. Bennett’s latest project was appearing on Dancing with the Stars. The actor was eliminated in week 6 of the competition.

9 Dylan Sprouse 


8 Jack Gleeson 


7 Kel Mitchell 

When Kel Mitchell, one of the stars of the show Keenan and Kel left Hollywood, it was so sudden that some people thought the star was dead. Luckily, Mitchell’s death was not the cause of his retirement from Hollywood. Instead, Mitchell chose to leave stardom behind to become a family man. Apparently the former actor put all of his efforts into, “his Christianity and raising his family.” However as of lately, Mitchell has been slowly making his way back into the acting world. The funny man has appeared in a few Christian films and has even done some voiceover work.

6 Kevin Jonas 

5 Lark Voorhies 


4 Geena Davis 


3 Danica McKellar

2 Kirk Cameron 


1 Gene Hackman 

Gene Hackman has had an extremely successful career as an actor. The star has been nominated for five academy awards (two of which he won). In addition, Hackman has won three Golden Globes and two BAFTAs. In July 2004, in an interview with Larry King, Hackman announced that he believed his acting career was over and was therefore retiring. But that didn't stop the former actor from excelling in another field. Hackman has written three historical novels with archaeologist, Daniel Lenihan. In 2013, Hackman released his first solo novel entitled Pursuit. The novel tells the story of revenge and romance in the Old West.

Source: huffingtonpost.com

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