10 Celebrities Who Complain About Their Fame

Everyone has fantasized about fame and fortune at one point or another, while for some of us daydreaming is nearly a full time job. However, the saying “be careful what you wish for” definitely applies to the ten celebrities on this list. Each celebrity on this list has made serious complaints about his or her fame, whether their complaints are rare and ill timed, or whether the complaints happen frequently and increasingly. We can hardly blame them – constantly being scrutinized and picked apart by the public, while the entire world constantly gossips about you, would definitely get old, and fast. Plus, after long enough, even being a rock star becomes just a plain old boring job. And sometimes, it just boils down to the fact that we all just want to complain for complaining’s sake. At the same time, it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for these celebrities when they have the wealth and prestige that we all dream of.

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10 Lindsay Lohan


9 Johnny Depp


Despite his global fame, Johnny Depp has always been notorious for being one of the more reclusive celebrities. Although he is definitely appreciative of his fans, Depp hates the aspect of celebrity that requires strategizing every movement, calling it “living like a fugitive,” because even moving from a restaurant to a car is sure to be riddled with photographers and people clamoring for his attention. Not only is Depp uncomfortable with his own celebrity, he’s opposed to the general concept of celebrity. Speaking of celebrity gossip, Depp has been quoted saying that he wishes “to remain ignorant of all this,” which is probably pretty hard when you’re the subject of “this.”

8 Denzel Washington


7 Kristen Stewart


6 Miley Cyrus


5 Justin Bieber


4 Robert Pattinson


3 Jennifer Lawrence


2 Kanye West


1 Britney Spears


It’s no wonder that Britney Spears has complained about her fame – she essentially lost all rights to control her own life after she suffered from extreme bouts of mental illness and her father gained complete access to her life. In the 2008 documentary entitled, The Record, Britney was shown having a breakdown, crying and comparing her life to a jail, and uttering the simple yet poignant statement, “I’m sad.” It’s pretty clear that Britney has been over the pressures of fame for a long time, but she’s essentially locked into her fame-ridden lifestyle.

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