10 Celebrities Who Suffer From OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a disorder which effects people in different ways. It can manifest itself to cause repetitive actions, persistent thought or urges that cause intense anxiety and distress. People can feel driven to perform physical and mental acts and sometimes feel that if they don’t carry out the compulsive behavior then something bad will happen.

OCD seems to have become much more common over the past few years, but is this because the lines are blurry between what we are labeling as someone having OCD? There is a big difference between liking something done in a certain way and being annoyed or irritated if its not, and actually not being able to continue with your day unless something is done in a certain way or done a certain number of time. The latter is a more accurate description of what can be a very distressing disorder to live with. Like many other people, some celebrities use the term without really knowing the true meaning, and actually there actions are more quirky than compulsive, however some truly suffer with this disorder.

10 Charlize Theron

As one of the Charlie’s Angels, with a hard-nosed demeanor, it's difficult to imagine anything could make this lady anxious. Of course that is just a character that she is playing, behind the actress, Charlize admits that she has OCD.

She is irrationally anxious about tidy cabinets, which may seem strange as she is good with chaos and mess, just not when it's hidden! Charlize will lie in bed and think about something in the cabinet that shouldn't be there. This is just one way in which this disorder can affect someone.

9 Donald Trump

Leader of the Trump Empire, Donald Trump is a Real Estate legend, starting in large profitable projects in Manhattan and going into open the Grand Hyatt in 1980. Since then, his empire has grown and grown, making him a billionaire.

Trump has a mild OCD that causes him to fear germs. He refuses to shake hands with a person, which makes it hard to imagine how he ever got any business done in his early years, considering most deals are confirmed with a handshake. He especially refuses to shake hands with teachers, as he believes that teachers work on desk’s that have 17,000 germs per square inch. He is also reluctant to press the ground floor button on the elevators because of his fear of germs. With this OCD in particular, it must be hard to touch anything as germs are hard to avoid.

8 Jane Horrocks

Jane Horrocks is an English actress who is probably most famous for playing ‘bubble’ in Absolutely Fabulous with Jennifer Saunders. Jane played an excellent role, as Eddy’s quirky personal assistant with a wacky sense of fashion and air-head brain. She has a great background mimicking voices, with her distinctive voice and strong Lancashire Accent and has been used on the big screen in films like, Chicken Run and The Christmas Carol.

Jane suffered with OCD up until she had her children. She was obsessed with concentrating on swallowing and later on, this changed to counting how many times she blinked. Once her children came along, she found that she didn't have time to be obsessed in this way. Jane’s husband said in a recent interview that he thought Jane must have had some form of OCD, as she is an obsessive cleaner. On visits to her dressing room, everything needed to be in the same place and he often caught her with cleaning gloves and bleach.

7 Daniel Radcliffe

Of course this young man needs no introduction, being the face of Harry Potter in the movies that followed the series of best selling books, written by J.K Rowling.

Although Daniel is only 24, he admits that he has suffered with OCD since he was 5 years old, where it took him over 5 minutes to turn off a light. He also had to repeat every sentence under his breath. Daniel has already sought help, which he says was the most important step in being able to cope with the disorder.

6 Howard Stern

Howard Stern is better known for his confident DJ stature on his radio show. Stern says that OCD was a coping mechanism for the severe anxiety that he experienced whilst his career was building in the radio industry. One of the elements of his OCD included tapping his car radio a certain number of times with his right hand before he could turn it on.

To help keep his OCD under control, Howard practices transcendental meditation and Japanese Shotokan Karate.

5 Howie Mandel

Deal or No Deal? Howie is famous for asking this question in his show, however, his personal life involves telling you ‘Here’s the Deal!’ He has written a book providing details of his life with OCD and ADHD.

Howie is described as a gracious family man and loves to entertain, but lives with this debilitating disorder. Howie trades a fist bump for shaking hands to prevent germs, otherwise he would be spending the day in the bathrooms rubbing and scrubbing his hands. Off screen, his OCD goes as far as not being able to touch money unless its been washed and he would never go near a handrail. His shaved head is kept this way so that he can ‘feel more clean’.

4 David Beckham

David Beckham is arguably one of the most iconic British footballers, playing for Manchester United, Madrid and Milan. He was also Captain of the English Football team from 1998 to 2009.

There are many variations of OCD and people suffer in many different stages of severity. Beckham’s OCD displays itself as a constant need for cleanliness and perfection, which could be put down to a strong sense of control, however, he also has to have things in certain numbers. If there are 3 cans in the fridge, then one must be added or removed to complete the ‘pairs’ criteria. According to Victoria, they have 3 fridges; one for salad, one for drinks and the other for food and everything has to be symmetrical. Its predicted that only 2% of the population from this type of OCD.

3 Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple is an alternative singer/songwriter who was introduced to the industry in 1994, after giving demo tapes to a friend who babysat for a music publicist. Soon after she was signed with Slater.

Fiona has battled with OCD throughout her career and at its worst, her compulsion would compel her to leave her house at 3am to go out in the alley because she felt that the paper-towel she just threw out was sitting uncomfortably in the garbage.

The disorder has affected her ability to socialize and at one time, she would feel embarrassed about it but now, she freely says no to invitations, stating "I don’t ever go anywhere or have people over." This essentially renders her a hermit, rarely leaving her LA home except when she is touring. Fiona was actually made fun of over her condition by an interviewer, which shows that people are still confused and unsure of how serious this condition can impact someone’s life.

2 Billy Bob Thornton

OCD can be triggered in all sorts of ways. Billy’s began during his childhood because of abuse he suffered. He has an obsession with mathematics and numbers, which is the main way in which his OCD manifests itself. Numbers take on meanings that are unique to different people and circumstances.

Billy performs repetitive compulsive actions. When he collects his mail; he needs to take it in and out of the mailbox 3 times. Billy Bob Thornton is an actor turned musician and has used his OCD experiences to write a song called, “Always Countin” and says that the simple parts of his OCD are explainable but the more complex ones are not easy to tell anyone.

1 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo is probably most famous for his role in Titanic. Who can forget watching Jack silently slip into the dark cold ocean, as his newfound love held onto the plank of wood.

In Leonardo’s personal life, he suffers with OCD, where as a child he would repeatedly walk routes to purposely step on cracks and gum stains. He also felt the urge to walk multiple times through doorways. He did have it under control but let loose on controlling it during his role in The Aviator film, so that he could do an accurate portrayal of the character, who suffered with OCD, to the best of his ability. However, once the film was complete, it was reportedly hard for DiCaprio to take back his control of his OCD.

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