10 Bizarre Habits Of The Super Rich And Famous

Having money means being able to do whatever you want, at least most of the time. Being wealthy means you can live in the home you want, buy the clothes you prefer, send your children to a great school, and even help your family and friends when necessary. But some people are so rich that it seems like they find strange hobbies or lifestyle habits to take on. After all, it’s not fun being filthy rich if you can’t have “gourmet” treats every now and then, or work on your craft in a way that is sure to turn heads, right?

Maybe some wealthy celebrities and top-notch business people develop these habits in order to get even more attention. Their unconventional practices may also stem from boredom, although it’s hard to imagine that being a millionaire can be uneventful sometimes. Or perhaps money has led some people to understand that they have to do a few wacky things in order to maintain their artistic process and remain innovative. Whatever the reason, some of these habits are sure to make your jaw drop, or at least cause you to raise your brow a little. Here are 10 bizarre habits of the extremely rich.


10 Teri Hatcher - Bathing In Red Wine

Teri Hatcher, who is known for her role on Desperate Housewives and for playing Lois Lane in the 1990s TV adaptation of Superman, is a timeless beauty. That’s likely because she likes to take baths in red wine. Teri Hatcher claims that the antioxidants in red wine keep her skin soft and youthful. While this is definitely a strange habit, it’s certainly not the most outlandish thing we’ve seen celebrities do, and there may even be some truth to her claims. Most people choose to drink their red wine for its many benefits, but if you can afford enough quality red wine at one time to bathe in it, why not?

9 Jonathan Franzen - Works With A Blindfold

Famed author Jonathan Franzen wears a blindfold so he can concentrate while penning his creative masterpieces. He stated a few years ago that he was likely at the end of his career, since people were starting to approve of him. According to The Guardian, Franzen sat in his office with earplugs on for years, hoping to be inspired while trying to disconnect from the world to improve his focus. But this didn’t bring about any great written work. Later, Jonathan Franzen ended up penning the novel Freedom, that would make him the first author in 10 years to grace the cover of Time magazine. President Obama has even read the book on his vacation. Maybe the blindfold really did help. Jonathan Franzen also wrote Strong Motion, The Twenty-Seventh City and Corrections, which made Oprah’s Book Club list.

8 Jessica Simpson - Chews Nicotine Gum

Jessica Simpson, who had a lucrative music career before becoming a fashion designer and creating anything from shoes to purses to sundresses, has a crazy habit that seems a little backwards. While most people chew nicotine gum to wean themselves off of cigarettes, Jessica Simpson chews nicotine gum on a regular basis. She’s never been a smoker, so perhaps the gum is a way for her to unwind or remain calm while she’s keeping her fashion empire intact. Simpson also has two toddlers with her ex-NFL husband, which likely creates the need for a few zen moments. Perhaps nicotine gum does it for her.

7 Simon Cowell - Climbs A Tree Everyday


The man who is known as the villain of American Idol and the creator of successful TV talent competitions, has a strange way of remembering his childhood. Simon Cowell makes sure that he climbs a tree every day, just to feel like a kid again. Simon Cowell is the creator of X Factor, as well as Britain’s Got Talent and Pop Idol, and has been counted as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in both 2004 and 2010 by Time magazine. Simon Cowell is also known for being quite the ladies’ man, and for treating his exes well after a breakup. He also welcomed a child with his best friend’s ex-wife, which hopefully won’t turn into a bizarre habit of his.

6 Demi Moore - Leech Bath

Demi Moore has famous exes like Bruce Willis and Ashton Kuchter under her belt, so she likely needs a method or two for relaxation. The actress uses leeches to suck her blood and remove impurities and toxins from her body. Moore, who is an actress, filmmaker, model and former songwriter, made her big screen debut in the early 1980s movie Choices, and is still well-known for her role in the hit movie Ghost. She is also famous for shaving her head in the movie G.I. Jane, and had a reputation in Hollywood for making outrageous salary demands. Maybe she needs the money to buy more leeches.

5 Sandra Bullock - Uses Hemorrhoid Cream On Her Face


Sandra Bullock is in her 40s and still manages to maintain her youthful glow due to a bizarre beauty secret. She rubs hemorrhoid cream on her face to get rid of puffiness and redness. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense, since the cream is designed to reduce swelling. However, this skin regimen would be a little less weird if the cream were called something else. It’s hard to deny that this ritual of Bullock’s is working, since the The Blind Side actress always looks stunning on the red carpet. Sandra Bullock is also known for her roles in the Miss Congeniality movies, and was the producer for George Lopez’s sitcom, The George Lopez Show.

4 Cameron Diaz - Opens Doors With Elbows

Cameron Diaz suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, and is likely afraid that she’ll get germs on her hands if she opens a door the normal way. So, she opens them with her elbows. There’s a chance that Cameron Diaz’s affinity for marijuana comes from her need to keep calm and avoid anxiety as much as possible. Diaz was such a fan of the herb in high school that Snoop Dogg was actually her supplier. Diaz, who is now married to Benji Madden and is in-laws with Nicole Richie, is known for her roles in Charlie’s Angels, There’s Something About Mary, Bad Teacher and Gangs of New York.


3 Bill Gates - Drinks Poo Water


Bill Gates drinks poop water. The man who is the face and founder of Microsoft doesn’t exactly drink water directly from the toilet. However, Bill Gates lends his support to a project that turns waste water into safe drinking water for countries that don’t have a clean water supply. The product that makes this possible is called the Janicki Omniprocessor, and it could significantly change water conditions in a number of developing countries. The device was invented by Peter Janicki, an engineer who tried the water himself before Gates gave it a try. Gates has actually tasted the “poo water,” and says that it’s perfectly fine and doesn’t taste any different from regular drinking water. He even had a glass of the water on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Interesting to say the least.

2 Lady Gaga - Unconventional Habits

One look at Lady Gaga’s red carpet outfits, and it’s not hard to believe that she has some habits that are less than conventional. Remember that giant egg she emerged from for an awards show performance? Well, she kept the egg and uses it as her own personal meditation studio. Then there was also that dress made of actual meat that she wore on the red carpet. Lady Gaga’s hits 'Bad Romance' and 'Poker Face' are still tunes that can get a party going. These days, she’s switched gears and is performing with legendary crooner Tony Bennett. The two are preparing for a performance stint in Vegas as part of their Cheek to Cheek tour.

1 Angelina Jolie - Eats Bugs

The Jolie-Pitt clan eats bugs, including crickets. During Angelina Jolie’s Cambodia shoot for Louis Vuitton, she admitted that her kids do indeed enjoy snacking on insects. She shared that her sons enjoy crickets and that they “ate them like Doritos.” Wow. During a tour in Asia, Angelina Jolie started eating crickets, and doesn’t see it as a big deal. She says they taste like potato chips! She also stated that she hasn’t tried a tarantula on a stick yet, and isn’t sure how she’d get around the fur to actually enjoy the spider. Clearly, Jolie has quite an uninhibited appetite when it comes to food, and she’s teaching her children to feel the same.



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